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EVENT [ALL CLEARED] Fission Nest Area 2 BINGO 08. Jan. 2019 Views 19186

The Fission Nest Area 2 Bingo Event is here!




Clear the Fission Nest Area 2 from any difficulty stage starting from Abyss and up to Labyrinth level 50 during the event period to score a bingo on the Bingo board below!


Everytime the whole server's clear rate reaches the number stated on the Bingo board, the box will be crossed out. 


When the crossed out boxes forms a bingo of either a vertical or horizontal line, the whole server receives rewards.



Who is brave enough to meet the challenge?


Adventurers, gather your mighty strengths and have fun with the Bingo event!



▶▶ The clear count will be updated regularly during the event period. Don't forget to check in to find out the Bingo status!







As of 28th January 00:00 HRS








[Event Period]

8th January 00:00 ~ 27th January 23:59 HRS (GMT+8)





[How to clear the BINGO board]

Clear any of the following nests of any of the stated difficulty level to make a BINGO!


 Typhoon Kim Nest   Abyss ~ Labyrinth Lv 50 


 Professor K Nest    Abyss ~ Labyrinth Lv 50


 Granom Nest    Abyss ~ Labyrinth Lv 50


 Serpentra Nest     Abyss ~ Labyrinth Lv 50







 Horizontal line Bingo Rewards 


1 line cleared:   Fortune Coin - Nest Point 10,000


2 lines cleared:   Item Protection Magic Jelly 100ea (Not Tradable) 


3 lines cleared:   Goddess' Grief 10ea


4 lines cleared:   Material Pouch (Talisman) 10ea, Flower of Hope 1ea (Not Tradable)



 Vertical line Bingo Rewards 


1 line cleared:   High Grade Essence of Life 20ea 


2 lines cleared:   Fortune Coin - Nightmare Point 10,000


3 lines cleared:   Fortune Coin - Stage (Dungeon) Point 5,000


4 lines cleared:   Cube Pouch 30ea 



 'BINGO KILLER' Rewards 

▶ For players who cleared all four Nests of any difficulty (between Abyss ~ Labyrinth Lv 50) at least once for each. 


Fortune Coin - Stage (Dungeon) Point 15,000 ,  Flower of Hope 1ea (Not tradable) ,  Lapis 20ea ,  Material Pouch (Talisman) 30ea 







1) Whole server cleared one Vertical Bingo Line – will receive High Grade Essence of Life 20ea 

2) Whole server cleared two Horizontal Bingo lines – will receive Fortune Coin - Nest Point 10,000, Item Protection Magic Jelly 100ea (Not Tradable) 




- Once Vertical/Horizontal Bingo Row is cleared, not only accounts who have participated the event, but all accounts in the server which has Lvl 95 characters will receive the rewards. 

- All rewards will be credited account basis via your Special Storage. 

- The rewards will be distributed on 31st January 2019 18:00 HRS (GMT+8).

‘Bingo Killer' Rewards will be credited only to those Lvl 95 accounts who have cleared all four nests of the stated difficulty level (at least once for each), during the event period.

 - The rewards will be collectable within a week, until 6th February 2019 23:59 HRS (GMT+8). Rewards that are not claimed and expired will not be reimbursed.