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NOTICE [UPDATED] Payment Method Changes after July 16th 02. Jul. 2019 Views 13487


Dear Adventurers,





We are here to inform our heroes that payment method changes that was scheduled for July 16th, has been held for now.


However, all work including bug fixes, will be done during scheduled maintenance on July 16th.


- Want to see the details of the scheduled maintenance process?


Thank you for your patience.


We would love to continue providing great service to our heroes.

Thank you again.



Dear Adventurers,






Cherry Credits, as Dragon Nest payment method will be removed on July 16th (Tue) during the schedule service maintenance.


We apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused.



[Payment Method Changes]

The date: July 16th (Tues), 2019 during the service maintenance



If you would like to top up EYET with Cherry Credits, kindly do so before 16th July service maintenance. Thereafter only Paypal option will be available.


Please note that the current charged amount using Cherry Credits before the service maintenance on July 16th will not be affected.

We kindly request you to register Paypal in advance in order to check the Paypal payment service works for you.


In case you do not have a direct account with Paypal, you can register now on here -



Thank you for your understanding