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NOTICE Action Speed Status Removal After July Update 03. Jul. 2019 Views 8020

Dear Adventurers,




We would like to inform Action Speed Status will be removed from Willpower Fragment after July update.


Modification: Remove the action speed status from Willpower Fragment.


Reason for modification: The monster's action speed in the Dragon Nest system reacts to the player's action speed, but the current player's action speed is being over applied than development purpose, and it will be modified to the safety value allowed by the system.


※ Action speed status will be remained in Willpower fragments that already purchased until the end of the period. If you purchase Willpower fragments after the July update, you will acquire Willpower fragments which Action Speed Status is removed.

Our Dragon Nest team deeply understand situation that heroes will be disappointed with this update patch.

However, we had hard decision for stable balance of Dragon Nest, we offer sincere apologies to the heroes who will be suffered the inconvenience.

This is a more stable balancing measure, we kindly ask for your understanding and we will do our best to avoid the same problem in the future.


Thank you,