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EVENT [Tier 1 cleared!] RED LOTUS PALACE EYE GACHA EVENT 09. Jul. 2019 Views 30649






Event Period: 9th July after the Update Patch ~ 2nd August 23:59 (GMT+8)



Event Detail:

For overall amount of Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Boxes bought by the whole server, rewards will be released each time the server reaches a tier. 

Depending on how many tiers get cleared, you can receive up to all 11 rewards!

To be eligible for the rewards, you must purchase at least 20 Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Boxes.

(DNP purchases are not eligible.)


* Come check in to find out how many tiers have been reached! *



[As of 10:00 HRS 15th July TIER 1 CLEARED  ]


[Tier Rewards]

 CLEARED   Tier 1   30,000 Boxes

Hats of Memory Box Season 3 1ea


 Tier 2   40,000 Boxes

Calypse Tier 3 +20 Shoes Box


 Tier 3   60,000 Boxes

Calypse Tier 3 +20 Glove Box


 Tier 4   70,000 Boxes

Gold Goblin Coin 1ea


 Tier 5   90,000 Boxes

Calypse Tier 3 +20 Helmet Box


 Tier 6   110,000 Boxes

Calypse Tier 3 +20 Lower Body (Bottom) Box


 Tier 7   120,000 Boxes

Extracted Victory Dragon Jade Powder 1990ea


 Tier 8   140,000 Boxes

Calypse Tier 3 +20 Upper Body (Top) Box


 Tier 9   170,000 Boxes

Calypse Tier 3 +20 Secondary Weapon Box


 Tier 10   190,000 Boxes

Calypse Tier 3 +20 Main Weapon Box

*Main Weapon Box can only be opened by characters who have accomplished 2nd Specialization


 Tier 11   200,000 Boxes

Deep Twilight Box (Class-specific)

* Deep Twilight Box can only be opened by characters who have accomplished 2nd Specialization




 [Reward Date]

6th August during the Update Patch






- Rewards are given per ACCOUNT basis.

- All rewards will be credited to all eligible accounts on 6th August 2019 during the update patch (GMT+8).

- Rewards will be collectable through Special Storage up until 13rd August 23:59HRS (GMT+8).

- Only players who have purchased at least 20 Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Boxes will be eligible for the rewards. If you bought a total of 20 Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Boxes, then you will receive the rewards for each tier that have been reached. 

- Purchases done with DNP are not eligible.

- Rewards that are not collected and have expired will not be reimbursed or resent.

- All timings stated are in the GMT+8 time zone.

- Any character that has been banned due to infringement of game abuse policies during the event or reward period will not be compensated.

- Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.