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EVENT [UPDATED] Event Notice for September 30. Aug. 2019 Views 78104

Please have a look at the event notice and make sure you don't miss out any of the events! 

Note that the event notice could be updated at any time.









Female Cleric Mission Box                                     Weekly Mission Drill

Load to 95!







POWER UP GEARS! SEASON 3                                                                        2ND ANNIVERSARY EYE GACHA EVENT    UPDATED 









[Event Period]

1st September 00:00 ~ 8th September 23:59 HRS (GMT+8)


[Event Detail]

▶a.  ENHANCEMENT RATE BOOSTING : 10% boosting will be applied EVERYDAY at 18:00 - 22:00 HRS (GMT+8) during event period.

Event Period : Every 18:00 – 22:00 HRS during 1st September ~ 8th September (GMT+8)


▶b.  Final Event Day Special Title with specs Reward :   Merlin’s Disciple

 Event Period:  1st September 00:00 ~ 8th September 23:59 HRS (GMT+8)

Reward Date:  10th September during the scheduled maintenance (GMT+8)


>“Merlin’s Disciple” (90-day duration item) Title Reward Spec:



Event Detail:

If you clear one of the criteria below, you will receive the Title reward!


  Disciple type A   Players who enhanced at least 10 tries for equipment parts Skila Enhancement Level 0 and above during the event period, regardless of success/fail of enhancement.


  Disciple type B   Players who have at least one equipment part that is Skila Enhancement Level 11 or above by the end of the event period (8th September 23:59 HRS).


The due date is 8th September 23:59 HRS (GMT+8)! Let's get enhancing!




- Disciple type [A] : Whether the equipment enhancement try was successful or failed does not matter, as long as the equipment parts are Skila Enhancement Level 0 or higher

- Disciple type [A] : It does not matter which part of equipment is enhanced. Each enhancement try will be counted as 1. All players who have tried enhancing 10 times or more during the event period will receive the title reward.

- Disciple type [B] : Regardless of the event period, if you have in possession a Skila Enhancement Level 11 or higher equipment part(s) by the time of 8th September 23:59 HRS, than you will be eligible for the title reward as well.

- The title reward will be given ACCOUNT BASIS via your Special Storage on 10th September during the scheduled maintenance (GMT+8). And the title reward can be collectible by character over Level 95.

- Rewards will be collectible for one week, until 17th September 23:59 HRS (GMT+8). Rewards that are not collected and expired will not be reimbursed or resent.









Event 1: Clear Loser's exile place!

-Event period: after September 3rd (Tue) Update Patch ~ September 10th 09:59:59 (GMT+8)

-Mission: Loser's exile place 5 times clear

-Mission Box Rewarding Date: September 3rd during the Update Patch


Event 2: Clear Blue Raven Territory!

-Event period: after September 10th scheduled maintenance ~ September 17th 09:59:59 (GMT+8)

-Mission: Blue Raven Territory 5 times clear

-Mission Box Rewarding Date: September 10th during the scheduled maintenance


Event 3: Clear Great Arena!

-Event period: after September 17th scheduled maintenance ~ September 24th 09:59:59 (GMT+8)

-Mission Great Arena 5 times clear

-Mission Box Rewarding Date: September 17th during the scheduled maintenance


Event 4: Clear Red Lotus Palace Garden!

-Event period: after September 24th scheduled maintenance ~ October 1st 09:59:59 (GMT+8)

-Mission: Red Lotus Palace Garden 5 times clear

-Mission Box Rewarding Date: September 24th during the scheduled maintenance



- Mission Box will be sent for completing each week’s mission on scheduled maintenance. And all of the above events will be done with the mission boxes.

- Each week’s event rewards are 1000 Lebrium Point, 100 Item Protection Magic Jellies, and 10 Lapis. Total amount of reward you can receive: 4000 Lebrium Point, 400 Item Protection Magic Jelly, and 40 Lapis.









The submission of this topic is now closed.


Please check the details (Winner Announcement Added) on the Forum Event Page!



Celebrate the 2nd Year Anniversary of Dragon Nest SEA with Eyedentity Games!


In September 7th 2017, the Dragon Nest SEA was newly launched with Eyedentity Games.

Come join our celebration - Participate in our Anniversary Facebook event


We are announcing the Loading Screen Art Contest for the Dragon Nest SEA, and we are excited to call all artists for a chance to win the amazing prizes!


Click HERE to go to the Forum event page!




Submission Period

Tuesday, 3rd September ~ 24th September 18:00 HRS (GMT+8)



Where & How

1) All entries must be digital artwork (jpg/png/GIF), 1280x700 pixels.

2) Post your submission on the comments of the Forum page post of this event during the submission period.

3) We do not recommend to have any texts at the edges of the image because there are cases where the text may be truncated.



Contest Winner Announcement Date

26th September, 2019 18:00 (GMT+8)




1. 100,000 DNP

2. “Drawing Dead and Loving it” Cover Title

3. 100,000 Crystal Point



Reward Date

Friday, 27th September 2019 18:00 HRS (GMT+8)



 - You must leave your In-Game Name (IGN) when you submit to participate.

- Copies of other people’s work or photos will be excluded from the event, and submissions must be your original work. Accounts that have copied other people’s work may get banned from game.

- Submissions that contain contents that may upset others, such as lewd/pornographic/blood and gore depictions will be excluded. Since this page is accessible to all-ages and open to everyone, accounts with such submissions may get banned from the game in accordance with our policy.

- You must have at least one character that has achieved max level (Lv.95) to be eligible to win.

- Multiple submissions by one person is allowed, but only one will be selected as one of the winners when there are more than one submissions that have garnered the top number of likes.

- The number of Likes will be considered into the winner selection, but to avoid any unfairness that may arise and to account for uploading issue on forum, the ultimate selection will be based on GM’s choice.

- The 2 submissions that wins this event may be used for our event notices and posts, with the IGN stated. We are looking forward to working the adventurer’s awesome submissions into the event posts.

- Reward will be sent out to the IGN’s Special Storage on 27th September at 18:00 HRS (GMT+8). The reward will be collectable for 1 week, until 4th October 18:00 HRS (GMT+8).

- The number of winners may be expanded, if there are exceeding number of participants for this event.

- If you don’t have a forum account yet, please try signing in before submitting to check if the forum page works for you.










- Rewards will be given per account basis.

- Rewards that are not claimed and expired will not be reimbursed.

- Rewards are collectible for the date stated above, from 00:00 to 23:59 (GMT+8)









As of 10:00 HRS 8th October (GMT+8) :   TWO TIERS CLEARED   !!!

Please enjoy!




[Event Period]

After September 10th scheduled maintenance~ October 8 09:59 (GMT+8)



Event Detail:

For overall amount of Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Boxes bought by the whole server, rewards will be released each time the server reaches a tier.
Depending on how many tiers get cleared, you can receive up to 8 tiers of rewards!
To be eligible for the rewards, you must purchase at least 10 Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Boxes.
(DNP purchases are not eligible.)


* The Event Page is up! The amount of Red Lotus Gacha-Boxes of event page will be updated every day at 12:00 (GMT+8).

Come check in to find out how many tiers have been reached! *





1. Rewards are given per character basis.

2. Only players who have purchased at least 10 Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Boxes will be eligible for the rewards.

If you bought a total of 10 Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Boxes, then you will receive the rewards for each tier that have been reached.

3. All applicable rewards will be credited to all eligible players on 8th October during the Update Patch (GMT+8) and collectable through Special Storage until 22nd October 23:59 (GMT+8).

4. Purchases done with DNP are not eligible.

5. We do not retroactively apply any previous purchases.

6. Discounted Gacha-Box items also applies to the event.



> Aisha on the Beach W/T/D

Costume and hair accessories, etc are independent of the event rewards.




> Aisha on the Beach Transformation Set Stats




> Extracted Victory Dragon Jade Powder 1990ea



> Deep Twilight Box (Class-specific)








2019 June Special Package with changed name is back!


Package Purchase Coupon will be sent out during the scheduled maintenance on September 3rd, 2019 to your Special Storage. Please right-click of the coupon to check this out!



1. Gold Special Package (Low Grade)

2. Gold Special Package (Mid Grade)

3. Gold Special Package (High Grade)


[Event Period]

3rd September after the Update Patch~ 10th September 18:00 (GMT+8)  < 1 WEEK ONLY


  1. Gold Special Package (Low Grade) (7 times purchase limit per account)


     2. Gold Special Package (Mid Grade) (5 times purchase limit per account)



     3. Gold Special Package (High Grade) (3 times purchase limit per account)



> Gold Pouch

If 100000 Gold is achieved, there will be in-game announcement!




- DNP will not be usable to purchase the product.

- Package Coupon will be sent out during the scheduled maintenance on September 3rd, 2019 to your Special Storage. And it will be collectible for 1 week, until September 10th, 2019 18:00 (GMT+8)

- The package coupon itself can be used for 1 month after it is received.

  For example,

  If you receive the coupon September 3rd, 2019 18:00 (GMT+8), it will be expired on October 3rd, 2019 18:00 (GMT+8).






The details updated on Patchnote section.







All of the DNP will be removed on September 3rd during the Update Maintenance as a monthly DNP reset Policy. This includes the DNP Vouchers as well, so please make sure you purchase as many items as possible with your DNP before the Update date.


Reset Date: September 3rd (Tue) 2019 During Update Patch