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NOTICE Delay Notice for Event Reward Delivery of < Let's Kill This Missions > 17. Nov. 2020 Views 9611


Dear Adventurers,





First of all, we are appreciated for many interests and participation in the October event, <Let's Kill This Missions>.

▶Event Link:





During the reward delivery preparation stage, we have confirmed that the demand time for the list compilation of the event data has required more than scheduled early on.




Our team did our best to deliver the rewards on the date we originally promised (today), but inevitably, we will inform you of the reward delivery delay with an apology. 




We promise to send the winners the promised rewards on the changed date below, and once again, we sincerely apologize for this delay.






[Let's Kill This Missions Event Reward Date] 


Scheduled Maintenance on November 17th (GMT+8)

→Changed: Scheduled Maintenance on November 24th (GMT+8)







Once again, thank you very much for your enthusiastic support and interest and ask for your kind understanding.