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Hello, this is Eyedentity Games!
We love to express our gratitude to all heroes who have played Dragon Nest for a long time through Cherry Credits.
Starting on 7th of September, 2017, we, Eyedentity Games, will be honored to keep on providing you with Dragon Nest service.
Please simply follow the steps to proceed with the Game Data Transfer from [Cherry Credits] to [Eyedentity Games].

Complete the Account Transfer and receive various rewards!

Reward A : If you complete the transfer before Aug 01, you will receive the following
5,000 DNP + ‘Reward B’

Reward B : If you complete the Account Transfer between Aug 02 – Sept 06, you will receive the following
Polished Garnet 10ea + High Grade Essence of Life 10ea + Lv. 95 Heraldry Pouch 5ea + Rune Dragon's Wrath
(Unique) 7ea + Transfer Package + Gacha (Dragon Egg) 10ea + Job Change Scroll 1ea + Manticore Minion


  • If you do not have an Eyedentity games account, you will not be able to apply for membership transfer.
    Please apply for transfer after registering.
  • Only the IDs that have not been applied for transfer can be transferred 1 to 1 (Cherry Credits : Eyedentity Games)
  • After the transfer application is completed, it is not possible to cancel the transfer.