2nd Anniversary Eye Gacha Event

As of 12:00 HRS 15.Oct.2019
  1. For Tier 1 Reward, Pick ONE Gesture out of following gestures:

    1) Penalty : Draw a Heart 2) Lover Dance (Town) 3) Jumping Photogenic Gesture 4) Water Bomb Dance
  2. Rewards are given per character basis.

  3. Only players who have purchased at least 10 Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Boxes will be eligible for the rewards.
    If you bought a total of 10 Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Boxes, then you will receive the rewards
    for each tier that have been reached.

  4. All applicable rewards will be credited to all eligible players on 8th October during the Update Patch
    (GMT+8) and collectable through Special Storage until 22nd October 23:59 (GMT+8).

  5. Purchases done with DNP are not eligible.