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NOTICE Guideline on EYET and EYEC 07. Sep. 2017 Views 11099

Hello Adventurers,



To clarify virtual points that is newly introduced, we would like you to refer to the following.

Your previous CC balance cannot be transferred to our new virtual points (EYET and EYEC).




In order to buy new EYE vitual points to buy cash item, please click the "EYE Cash" button top right of main page.




- EYET (Eye Total) : Can be obtained by Cherry Credit payment. 1,000 CC = 1,000 EYET


- EYEC (Eye Credit) : Can be obtained by Paypal payment. 1SGD = 1,000 EYEC




EYET has no limitation on purchasing yet, EYEC has its limitaion on purchasing with some cash items.



Thank you,


Eyedentity Games