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UPDATE [Patchnote] July's Update 08. Jul. 2018 Views 107429


1. Labyrinth

2. Changes in Garden of Time and Space (Lebria Heraldry Quest details have been modified)

3. Spinoff Character Story Revamp : Black Mara



1. Changes in Level 95 Equipment

2. Discontinued Crafting of Level 95 Transfer Items

3. Daily/Weekly Tasks

4. Party Rewards

5. Beggar's Box

6. Changes in Final Damage Increments

7. Changes in Slayer Reward

8. Unification of Unique and Legend Converters

9. Unification of Powerstones

10. Gosuk's Precious Box

11. Green Dragon Nest Time Attack – Monster's Health Reduced

12. Increased Dungeon EXP after Level 90

13. Lowered HP/Attack Power for Certain Dungeons

14. Death Penalty

15. Hero EXP

16. Additional Entry Ticket

17. Hero's Battlefield Reward

18. Deactivated Nest EXP for Parties

19. Changes in Tooltips

20. Improvements in Character's Looting

21. Improvements in Cash Shop

22. Additional Polished Garnet

23. Enhanced Level 95 Epic Dragon Jade

24. Labyrinth Accessory

25. High Grade Unique Dragon Jade Added

26. Removal of Missions and Titles

27. Preview Added to Stores

28. Hero Level EXP Limit Raised

29. Changes in Cerberus Nest Beginner Rewards

30. Changes in Balancing Method for Balanced Contents

31. Others



1. Skill Balancing Changes PVE

2. Skill Balancing Changes PVP

3. Aug Skill Balancing Changes PVE

4. Aug Skill Balancing Changes PVP



1. Summer Event

2. Others



1. Summer Costume: Baywatch Costume

2. RayMechanic Spinoff Costume Re-release

3. Memory of Hats Season2

4. Altea Gacha Box Renewal + Updated 

5. Premium Pet Package Release

6. Bargain Sale



[UPDATE1: Labyrinth]





①. Currently selected difficulty level

②. Basic entry information (recommended level, party size, fatigue consumption)

③. Skill guide effect icon (on/off)

※ Guide effects are not shown from Labyrinth Lv. 21 onwards.



The higher the difficulty level, the higher the monsters’ HP and Attack Power.

You can get better rewards by clearing higher difficulty levels.


Difficulty levels you can enter


•You can only choose between Easy or Normal difficulty levels for first entry.

•Clear a level to unlock the next level.

•Party members will follow the party leader’s entry level.

•By joining a party leader who has access to a higher difficulty level and clearing the level, you can unlock the next level for yourself too.

•A character’s [Access Level] will be the same for all Nests.



Monster HP Balance


•Having more party members will reduce monsters’ HP by a greater amount.

•The increase in monsters’ HP will be slightly bigger for each level.

→ The more party members you have, the higher the levels you can go for. If your party members are at the same difficulty level as you, you can clear levels more easily by partying up.



Contents with Labyrinth


Fission Nest: 

•Volcano Nest

•Guardian Nest

•Mist Nest

•Chiron Nest

※ Labyrinth system is applied on the above 4 Nests.



Labyrinth has affected Nests and monsters as well!


Changes in Nests


Major Changes in one glance:

1. “No invincible ultimate skills"

•Monsters are no longer invulnerable when they use their [unique skills]. (Except for some monsters who are always invulnerable.)

※ What are [unique skills]? : Skills with the monster’s unique patterns such as Luga summoning Volcano Seed in Volcano Nest Stage 

2. “Collect energy to use ultimate skills”

•Monsters will not be able to use [unique skills] right after battle starts but will have to wait awhile. (Not applicable on certain monsters.)

3. “All monsters are levelled in a level”

•At the same difficulty level, all monsters in the Nest will have similar stats.

  (For example, Phoenix Lavanok will no longer be weaker than Captain Drook in Normal difficulty level.)





Stage 1 – Furious Luga 

•It takes less time for the lava seed to explode after Luga summons it.

•Now a countdown clock will be shown 5 seconds before the lava seed explodes.

•Spinning fist attack is enhanced when Luga’s health falls below 40%.

•Luga no longer charges until the end of the lava area.


Stage 2 – Flaming Flower Gemstalker

•The problem of battle not starting correctly when you travel at a fast speed has been fixed.


Stage 3 – Divine Croc Kranos

•Kranos no longer summons Flame Chilli immediately after the crystal pattern.


Stage 4 – Phoenix Lavanok

•Now you have something else to look out for other than Lavanok’s breath attack when you’re behind a Croc Defence.

•Croc Defences are no longer shown on minimap.

•Lavanok no longer trips players out of a sudden.

•Having more party members will increase the frequency of Lavanok’s attacks from the air.





Stage 1 – Arch Frogolin Augur 

•When Augur creates clones of himself, the number of real Frogolin Poison Mages increases based on the number of party members.

•A troop of Frogolins continuously charging at you now appears less frequently.


Stage 2 – Furious Aera Venom

•The pattern where Aera Venom activates all poison areas except one has been removed.

•Total time taken for Aera Venom to activate the poison area has been shortened.

•Now players will take damage only when the poison area explodes.


Stage 3 – Great Dux Arks

•Battle with Dux Arks begins faster.

•Conditions for reusing Dux Arks’ shield has become less strict.

•Now a countdown will begin 10 seconds before the shield is regenerated.

•Dux Arks no longer does super jump attacks when his shield is destroyed.

•Now Brethren Lich Mages can take damage right after they are summoned.


Stage 4 – Ignacio Gigante

•We have fixed the problem of the relic remaining occasionally even after Ignacio dies.


Stage 5 – Guardian of New Moon Fell Guardian

•Guardian uses binding skills in all difficulty levels.

•When you enter the Nest alone, the binding skill will be changed.





Stage 1 – Watcher Crow

•Now when you activate all purification switches, you can manipulate the central switch regardless of the watcher’s status.


Stage 2 – Rusty Mist Gustcry

•Now Gustcry moves to the center of the battlefield when it summons Stalker.

•Stalker gains power faster when there are more party members.


Stage 3 - Hill of Chain Wind

•Time taken for Hill of Chain Wind to open has been shortened.

•Strong gusts of wind that blow from time to time now have higher damage.

•Wind no longer blows after the hill is purified.


Stage 4 – Weeping Mist Queen

•Gustcry moves to the place where it first spawned when it summons Stalker.

•Stalker gains power faster when there are more party members.





Stage 1 – Blade Dancer Ravina

•Health of “Water Fog Spitflower” has been greatly reduced.


Stage 2 – Frost Wind Gustos

•Gustos now makes sturdier ice prisons and it has become difficult to escape without breaking the ice walls.

•Damage taken when Gustos crashes players on the stepping stone in a surprise attack has increased greatly.


Stage 3 – Piercing Saltador

•Saltador collects energy for a longer time before it makes a tornado.


Stage 4 – Red Fang Captain Drook

•The faster you successfully manipulate the cannon on the ship, the faster you can go down to the beach.

•We have fixed the tracking shots so that they do not fly only to a specific direction.

•We have fixed the problem of other skills being activated unintentionally during certain patterns.



Fission Nest Missions Added


Fission Nest category has been added to [ Mission (L) – Nest ].

※ Due to the Garden of Time and Space revamp, some of the past missions cannot be cleared and their reward titles can no longer be obtained



Mission and Titles


One mission has been added to each Nest. (4 in total)

Newly added Missions and Titles are as follows.

※ You can get points by clearing the Nests through the July event. (You cannot get rewards when the event ends.)




Fission Nest Rewards


The division of existing Nests has opened a new difficulty level, Labyrinth.

With the introduction of Fission Nests, rewards have been revamped and you can now get more rewards when you clear higher Labyrinth levels.

Some items can only be obtained when you reach a certain Labyrinth level.

※ From Labyrinth Lv. 20 onwards, LV95 Unique Dragon Jade and Mid Grade Luminous Dragon Jade Fragment will be dropped.



Labyrinth Relic


-When you clear more than 1 level of Fission Nest, you can get Fission Crystals for each Nest.

-Collect Fission Crystals and take them to Saint Haven’s Blacksmith to create [Purified Labyrinth Relic].

-Labyrinth Relic is a random item box and you can get rewards by using it.



If the items dropped in Nests are also dropped in certain levels of Labyrinth, such information on where and from which level you can get the item will be shown in the item information.


So you will be able to check what is the minimum difficulty level for getting better rewards in Labyrinth.



[UPDATE2: Changes in Garden of Time and Space]






Unified Garden of Time and Space


•Due to Labyrinth, Garden of Time and Space has gone through structural changes and it is now unified into one.
Location Map
Removed Contents

Garden of Time and Space Unification Quest


Accept the quest “Ominous Signs”



Accept the quest “Something’s Wrong with Garden of Time and Space”


Lebria Heraldry Quest                 <===== DETAILS HAVE BEEN MODIFIED


Accept Quest NPC



Lebria Store







[Update3: Master of the Game, Black Mara]




[CHANGES/ADDITIONS1: Changes in Level 95 Equipment]


Changes in all Level 95 equipment


-With the introduction of Labyrinth and the unification of Powerstones, Low, Mid, and High Grade Hero’s Powerstones that were required for the enhancement of Level 95 tiered equipment (Neris, Medea, Calypse) have been removed or replaced with “Lebrium Powerstone”.
-The amount of Polished Garnet and High Grade Essence of Life required for equipment enhancement remains unchanged.
-Level 95 Tier equipment can no longer be disassembled. (* Calypse Tier 2 +20 equipment disassembly will be made available through an update in the future.)



[Epic] Hero’s Neris Equipment


-Gold required for enhancement has been reduced by 50%. (based on the total sum for all body parts)
-Amount of Gold required for enhancement will depend on the weightage for each part. 
-Powerstones are not required for Enhancement levels from 0 to 20.
-Please refer to the tables below for more information.







[Legend] Hero’s Calypse Equipment
-Amount of Gold needed for enhancement has been reduced by 50%. (based on the total sum for all body parts)
-Amount of Gold required for enhancement will depend on the weightage for each part.
-Same amount of Lebrium Powerstones are needed for all enhancement levels from Level 0 to Level 20. (However, different amount is needed for different parts)
-Amount of Powerstones required for enhancement will depend on the weightage for each part.
-Enhancement success rate has changed from enhancement levels 8 to 20. The higher the enhancement level, the lower the enhancement success rate.
-Please refer to the tables below for more information.




Calypse Equipment Disassembly


-Hero’s Calypse Tier 2 +20 Enhancement Level equipment can now be disassembled.
-When you disassemble a Calypse tier 2 +20 equipment, you can get Origin of Calypse or Origin of Calypse (High Grade) at a set rate.
-Epic to Unique equipment, Calypse Tier 1 equipment, and Calypse Tier 2 equipment from +0 to +19 cannot be disassembled.  





Enhanced Epic and Unique Tier 1 Armours
-Max HP will be increased for Hero’s Neris Armour and Hero’s Medea Armour (Tier 1).

* Previously, Hero’s Medea Tier 1 Armour’s HP was not on par with +20 Neris Armour’s HP. We have fixed this problem and basic Max HP stats for Neris Armour and Medea Tier 1 Armour have increased so that players can enjoy the Labyrinth Nest contents more easily.




CHANGES/ADDITIONS2: Discontinued Crafting of Level 95 Transfer Items


There has been an issue of players who have reached the maximum level being led to wrong decisions about growth due to the crafting and enhancement of various items that are useless unless they are Level 95 so we have cleaned the item crafting window to improve this situation.


Cleaning up and unification has been done for Level 95 transfer equipment, gems and crafting of items.



CHANGES/ADDITIONS3: Changes in Tasks


Changes in Daily and Weekly Tasks
-Tasks and rewards for Daily and Weekly Tasks will undergo massive changes.
-Daily Tasks from now on will only serve the role of guiding the minimum daily game play.
-Rewards for regular game play will be given out through Weekly Tasks.




Weekly Tasks Added


-With the introduction of Labyrinth, new weekly tasks have been added.

You can exchange “Lebrium Points” that you can get as rewards for “Lebrium Powerstone” at Powerstone tab in Blacksmith’s Store



Daily Tasks
-“Daily Fatigue Recovery Potion (1 Day)” which fully recovers Daily Fatigue has been added to the reward for accomplishing [Clear 7 Daily Tasks].
-New costs for repair are shown in the following table and it is based on each durability deducted.
-“Adventure Key x50” will be removed from the reward for [Clear 7 Daily Tasks].
Weekly Tasks
-“Hope Flower” has been added to the reward for [Clear Garden of Time and Space’s Volcano/Guardian/Mist/Chiron Nest 10 times].
-Amount of Lebrium Points earned for [Clear Garden of Time and Space’s Volcano/Guardian/Mist/Chiron Nest 10 times] has been increased to 50 from the previous 20.




Changes in Party Rewards

With the addition of Labyrinth, changes have been made to conditions and points for tasks for party reward contents and weekly Fatigue (1500→3000).




Changes in Community Store

Some items sold at the Community Store are now only available to characters who are at least Level 95.




Changes in Beggar's Box Missions


-Changes have been made to Beggar's Box missions.
-Weekly purchase limit has been removed.
-Beggar’s Box dropped in Treasure Stage and Level 95 Nests have been removed.



Changes in Maximum Limit for Beggar's Box


-You can only have one Beggar’s Box of the same mission.
Duration for Beggar's Box Removed

- 7 days duration has been removed from Beggar's Box.





CHANGES/ADDITIONS6: Final Damage Increments


-Percentage increase in Final Damage has been changed to be the same as Critical, Critical Damage, and Physical/Magic Defence.
-The rising curve is changed as shown below.




CHANGES/ADDITIONS7: Changes in Slayer Reward


NPC Friendship Gift Removed


-You can no longer get gifts for NPC’s in Slayer Mode.

Time Attack Box


-Reward inside the box that is dropped as a reward for time attack has been changed.
Normal : 50 Slayer Points

Master : 100 Slayer Points

Abyss : 150 Slayer Points

-Now you can get 1 High Grade Essence of Life at a set rate when you kill the Slayer Nest boss.



CHANGES/ADDITIONS8: Unification of Unique and Legend Converters


-Unique and Legend grade converters will be combined.





CHANGES/ADDITIONS9: Unification of Powerstones


-A new item for enhancement, [Lebrium Powerstone] has been added.


-You can get Lebrium Powerstone from the Blacksmith by exchanging [Lebrium Points] collected in Labyrinth.


-Old Powerstones are no longer used and they can be exchanged for [Lebrium Powerstone] at the Blacksmith.



-Tooltips have changed for the old Powerstones as following:


-Old Powerstones can no longer be acquired.



CHANGES/ADDITIONS10: Gosuk’s Precious Box


Gosuk’s Precious Box


- Some of the items inside Gosuk’s Precious Box and drop rates have been changed.




CHANGES/ADDITIONS11: Green Dragon Nest Time Attack – Monster's Health Reduced


-Health of monsters in [Green Dragon Nest Time Attack] will be reduced to 70% compared to the initial update.




CHANGES/ADDITIONS12: Increased Dungeon EXP after Level 90


-After the adjustments in Fatigue, daily play count for stages below Level 95 were reduced and the speed of leveling up has unintentionally been slowed down.


-In order to resolve this problem, more EXP can be gained after Level 90 in stages located in Merca’s Heart based on the amount of Fatigue consumed.




CHANGES/ADDITIONS13: Lowered HP/Attack Power for Certain Dungeons


Monsters’ HP and Attack Power have become 50% lower for <Normal> and <Master> difficulty levels.

※ Not applied for Abyss





•Vulcanus Swamps

•Red Waste

•Black Lake



Merca’s Port

•Chiron Beach

•Abandoned Wharf

•Phantom Forest Core

•Ancient Chiron City

•Secret Seabed Cave





•When you have killed a monster, durability will not be reduced for equipped items.


•Cost of repairing equipment has increased for Level 95 players.


•Item durability will become 0 when the player dies 25 times.





Hero EXP Locations Added


-You can now get Hero EXP at Slayer Mode and Slayer’s Testing Ground.




CHANGES/ADDITIONS16: Additional Entry Ticket


•Heraldry Scholar Stas no longer runs the Additional Entry Ticket Store.


•Additional Entry Ticket cannot be obtained as Daily Mission reward as well.




CHANGES/ADDITIONS17: Hero's Battlefield Reward


•Special Box Reward has been changed to “Low Grade Luminous Dragon Jade Fragment” and “Low Grade Luminous Talisman Fragment”. The amount of Gold rewarded will remain unchanged.


•  Rewards for each rank have changed as follows.




CHANGES/ADDITIONS18: Deactivated Nest EXP for Parties


With the changes in Garden of Time and Space and Nests added with Labyrinth, Nests that provided x2 Drop Rate Event have been removed.


As a result, information on Nest EXP that was shown with a right click on the character in your party has been deactivated.



CHANGES/ADDITIONS19: Changes in Tooltips


•Enhancement Hammer

      - Information on target items the hammer can be used on has been added.



CHANGES/ADDITIONS20: Improvements in Character's Looting


•Press and hold loot button (F) in battle state to pick items up quickly and repeatedly.




CHANGES/ADDITIONS21: Improvements in Cash Shop


- “Undress All” has been added to Cash Shop preview.

- Zoom in and out range has been expanded for Cash Shop preview.

- You can now check out the Gestures at Cash Shop preview.



CHANGES/ADDITIONS22: Additional Polished Garnet


-Polished Garnet can additionally be obtained when you clear dungeons and Nests.


-When you play in a party, you can roll the dice to acquire the Garnets randomly.


-When you’re playing a Nest, Garnets will be dropped with designated ownership. 




CHANGES/ADDITIONS23: Enhanced Level 95 Epic Dragon Jade


-Basic stats will be provided for Level 95 Epic Dragon Jades.




CHANGES/ADDITIONS24: Labyrinth Accessory


Additional Items Dropped in Labyrinth


-4 accessories that can be acquired in Labyrinth have been added (Ring of New Moon, Ring of Anarchist, Crystal of Flames, Memories of Fog Queen)


-From Labyrinth Lv. 1 to 50, accessories from Level 1 to Level 5 will be dropped.


-Some of the accessory’s stats will be assigned randomly.


-This is only an example and some options will be changed when the items are acquired.



CHANGES/ADDITIONS25: High Grade Unique Dragon Jade Added


-High Grade Unique Dragon Jade has been added to Saint Haven’s [Blacksmith] – [Crafting].


-To craft High Grade Unique Dragon Jade, you need 1 Mid Grade Dragon Jade Heart and you will get 1 Mid Grade Dragon at 100% chance when you disassemble the item.



-This is only an example and some stats will change when item is acquired.



CHANGES/ADDITIONS26: Removal of Missions and Titles


Old Missions Removed


With the revamp of Garden of Time and Space, some of the missions in [ Mission (L) – Nest ] have been removed.

※ For categories that contain more than one of the removed missions that have been cleared will be shown in the list.

※ With the removal of certain missions, their corresponding Title rewards can no longer be obtained.




CHANGES/ADDITIONS27: Preview Added to Stores


Preview has been added to normal stores so that the appearance of items can be previewed.



Applicable Targets:


-[Crystal Store Helper Cherry]

-[Trainer Lindsay]




[Preview] button has been added to normal stores and it can only be used when the button is activated for the NPC.


To preview an item, left click on the item with the [Preview Window] open.

For coupon items, a list of all items they can be exchanged with will be shown and you can also see the items on other classes (own class takes priority).





-When [Preview Window] is open, left click serves to [change item model].

-When [Preview Window] is not open, you can click and drag the item as usual.

-[Preview Window] will close when you click on a new [Store Tab] in the Store.



CHANGES/ADDITIONS28: Hero Level EXP Limit Raised


Maximum limit for weekly Hero Level EXP has increased.

Now you can get up to 3,000,000 Hero Level EXP each week.


When Hero Level EXP Potion is used, you can still get EXP beyond the 3 million EXP limit.



CHANGES/ADDITIONS29: Changes in Cerberus Nest Beginner Rewards


- Low Grade Weapon/Armour Powerstone have been removed from Party Leader rewards.


- 15 Lebrium Points have been added to Party Leader reward.


Balancing method has been changed for balanced contents.

- Special active skills from various item effects can no longer be used. (Costume, Heraldry, etc.)

- Skill level up effect from various items will not be applied. (Weapon, Heraldry, Accessory, etc.)

- Unified level’s passive skills and Origin item’s stats will not be applied.

    - Summoning Minions and using Minion skills are unavailable in balanced contents. (except for Treasure Stage)

    ※ Such changes have been made so as to provide the most similar playing experience even when you are matched with party members who are very different.

■ Heraldry Crafting

-Jewels (Diamond, Alteum, etc.) are no longer needed for crafting Skill Heraldries.

-Jewels are no longer required for crafting Enhancement Heraldries and Special Enhancement Heraldries below Level 95.

-Gold required for crafting Skill Heraldries and Enhancement and Special Enhancement Heraldries below Level 95 has been increased by about 1.5 times.



■ Weekly Fatigue Increased

- Weekly Fatigue has been increased from to 3000 from the previous 1500. 



■ Faster Enhancement Completion

- Compared to enhancements in the past, the new enhancement system of Level 95 has a fixed rate with lower risk so we thought the time needed for completing enhancements was too long to satisfy our players. Thus, we have shortened the time needed for enhancement so that you can complete enhancements much faster.



■ Changes in tooltip and location of materials that are no longer available

-Tooltip and location of getting the material items have been changed.



■ Improvements in Slayer Mode Store

-The prices of Hector equipment and Hector Box item sold in Slayer Mode have been reduced by 50%.



■ Increased Minion EXP

-Minions now gain 3% of the player’s EXP.



■ More items for Special Server Storage

- Geraint’s Blessing – Necklace and Green Dragon Accessories (Unique/Legend) can now be stored in Special Server Storage.

- Commissions for Special Server Storage are as follows.

 → Geraint’s Blessing – Necklace :  1 Special Storage Ticket for each piece

 → Green Dragon Accessory (Unique) : 1 Special Storage Ticket for each piece

 → Green Dragon Accessory (Legend) : 2 Special Storage Tickets for each piece 



■ Talisman materials not dropped in Labyrinth

- To maintain the distinct characteristics of Nightmare Dungeon, Talisman materials are no longer dropped in Labyrinth difficulty levels.


■ Changes in Number of Players for Duel Dragon Nest

- Number of players allowed to enter Duel Sea Dragon Nest, Duel Green Dragon Nest, Duel Desert Dragon Nest, and Duel Black Dragon Nest has been changed to 1 player. 


■ Changes in Hero's Battlefield (Hardcore) Entry Limit

-Weekly entry limit for Hero's Battlefield (Hardcore) which was once a week has been increased to 10 times a week.

-※ Only for Hardcore level.


■ Gold Storage Limit in Inventory / TH / Storage Increase Schedule

-   Will be updated after September’s Update Patch.



[BALANCE1: Skill Balancing Changes PVE]


[BALANCE2: Skill Balancing Changes PVP]


■ PVP Skills Removed

- Dash skill can no longer be used in PVP with the exception of Warrior line of jobs.



■ Changes in Attack Skill Damage
Attack skill damage for the jobs listed below have been changed.

(E.g., Attack Power does not increase for attack skills for Light Fury’s lower jobs, Bringer and Assassin.

 However, Awakened Light Fury’s skills are included.)




■ Other Changes






[BALANCE4: Aug Skill Balancing Changes PVP]




• A new event-exclusive stage has been created for the Summer Event.

What story has Kathy prepared for you this time?


She takes out an old fairytale book covered with cookie crumbs.

Oh, it's a tale of Hantel and Gresel.


Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Hantel with his sister Gresel.

One day, they lost their way in the woods and when they discovered a sugary cottage made of cookies and sweets, they chomped it down without a second thought.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the cottage actually belonged to a scary witch!


The wicked witch locked the children up for eating her house

and started to boil a pot full of water.


Please save Hantel and Gresel from the wicked witch

before they end up boiling in the cauldron!

NEW Changes

• Irine and Kathy’s clothes have changed for the summer season.


• Level 95 players can get the entry ticket quest from Storyteller Kathy. (It can be taken only once.)



• This stage consists of two areas – the maze area and boss battle area.


When you escape the maze area within the time limit, you will enter the boss zone. After a not-so-difficult battle, you can get the final reward.


※ Artworks from formulation phase. Actual stages in game may be different.



Rules about the event stage:



Rules for the event stage:




■ 1 - Maze


> Escape the maze within the time limit. You cannot use skills.

> When you fail to escape within the time limit, the stage will end – Get failure reward

> There are 10 maze patterns. Please refer to a separate document for more details.



■ 2 – Final Boss : Wicked Witch


> When you pass through the maze zone within the time limit, you will enter the boss zone and engage in battle.

> Boss monster’s difficulty level will be the same as Hero's Battlefield (Normal) difficulty level.

> There is no time limit and the stage will end when boss monster is killed – Get success reward



• Collect “Summer Artbook Coins” from the event stages and submit them to the Artbook to complete all the 5 levels.


• You need to complete all 5 levels to get the original artwork. (A total of 50 coins is needed / 10 for each level)


• If all event stages are cleared successfully, players can complete it in 2.3 weeks.



• You can get the following rewards from this event: 



• The final reward which is a mount can be acquired in 2.3 weeks when the player participates and is successful in all event dungeons.


• You can go to NPC Storyteller Kathy for the Summer Event Rewards Store.


• For in-game rewards, there might be changes in weekly purchase limits.




[EVENT2: Others]


■ Sea Fishing Event Ended

-Sea Fishing Event has ended.





1. Summer Costume: Baywatch Costumes + Weapons




2. RayMechanic Spinoff Costume Re-release




3. Memory of Hats Season2




4. Altea Gacha Box Renewal + Updated 


* A lot of "Bummer Items" have been removed from the item list of the Altea's Gacha Box.

* July's Key Items: Blue Ocean Guardian W/T/D,  Blue Flag Pirate Volf (Spirit), Ideal mk-0 (Mount)




5. Premium Pet Package Release


This is a package that contains Special Pet's Boom Boom Drink, Pet Chat Balloon Scroll(30day), Horn of Life (30day).


In the August Update Patch next month, the Legend-grade pet accessories will be released and you will need full-level Epic pets. So do not miss out this ONLY-ONE-WEEK chance to quickly grow your epic pets, so that you can use them and earn the Legend-grade accessories for your pets!



6. Bargain Sale


Sale Items List & Discount Rate:

Item List

Discount Rate

Skill Up Heraldry


Limitless Hero’s EXP Scroll 200% (Lv90)


Potential Heraldry 3 slots (90 days)


Talisman slot Expansion coupon (90 days)


Storage Expansion (30-slot)


Adventurer’s Bag (30-slot)


Trading House Ticket (30 days)


Item Protection Magic Jelly (50ea)


Item Protection Magic Jelly (100ea)


Item Protection Magic Jelly (25ea)


Seal Stamp (50ea)


Seal Stamp (100ea)


Seal Stamp (20ea)


Unlimited Skill Initialization Scroll (1 day)


Job Change Scroll (2+3)


Furry Casper

50% > 60%

Lovely Sasha (Physical)


Lovely Sasha (Magic)


Sweet Eddie (Physical)


Sweet Eddie (Magic)


Runaway Crazy Duck (Physical)


Runaway Crazy Duck (Magic)


Innocent Hound Minion


All the EPIC-grade pets

30% >60%