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EVENT Event Details for May 12. May. 2020 Views 48942

Please have a look at the event notice and make sure you don't miss out any of the events! 

Note that the event notice could be updated at any time.





Unlimited Mission Box                                                          How To Play Dragon Nest Like a Pro
Sunset Training Ground Contest: Season 2                      Power Rangers Gesture Event




Grow Up Your Cleric                                                              Attendance Hot Time Event

Draw Your Dragon Nest                                                        Oath Scroll Deals for Spring

Forest Dragon Nest Debuff                                                  Conversion Accessory Box Just Arrived

Conversion Accessory Box Promotion                               FTG Fatigue Potion Package on Sale




    Grow Up Your Cleric   


[Event Period]

12th May (Tue) after Update Patch ~ 7th July (Tue) Update Patch starts (2 Months, GMT+8)


[Event Details]

  1. Cleric Promotion Mission Box






- The [Cleric Mission Box (CH.1)] item can only be received by cleric-based characters, and the [Grow Up Your Cleric] event can only be proceeded with that character.

*(PLEASE NOTE) Arch Heretic will not be eligible to participate in the event.

- Mission Box that is not claimed/ expired or deleted will not be reimbursed for any reason.

- [Cleric Mission Box (CH.1)] item will be sent per account through Special Storage, on 12th May (Tue) during Update Patch.

- Every mission boxes will be deleted from Special Storage on 7th July (Tue) during Update Patch.

- Cleric-basis character which has already cleared the main quest is unable to participate in the [Grow Up Your Cleric] event.

- In any case, there won't be no assistance with the movement of Mission boxes or rewards that have already been opened. We kindly ask you to receive the Mission Box through the character you want to receive the reward.




    Draw Your Dragon Nest - Official Website Background Design Contest   



▶▶▶  To go to the Forum Event now, click   HERE  


Let’s celebrate the 3rd Year Anniversary of Dragon Nest SEA with Eyedentity Games!


[Submission Period]

12th May (Tue) after Update Patch ~ 26th June (Fri) 18:00 (GMT+8)



1st Winner (2 players): DNP 200,000 / Crystal Point 100,000 / Custom Cover Title (Color/Title Name)

2nd Winner (2 players): DNP 100,000 / Crystal Point 50,000

3rd Winner (20 players): DNP 50,000




    Forest Dragon Nest Debuff   


[Event Period]

12th May (Tue) after Update Patch ~ 2nd June (Tue) Update Patch starts (1 Month, GMT+8)


[Event Details]



- Please note that the debuff applies during the top period, even if they are not exposed in-game.




    Attendance Hot Time Event   


[Event Period]

Every Friday to Saturday during 24th April (Fri) ~ 23th May (Sat) (1 MONTH, GMT+8)


For event details and the schedule, please refer to the Event Link.





    Oath Scroll Deals for Spring   


Welcome to spring and make an Oath with your loved one! A total of 2 oath packages are available at up to 26% off!


[Sale Period]

12th May (Tue) after Update Patch ~ 2nd June (Tue) Update Patch starts (1 Month, GMT+8)


[Package Details]




    Conversion Accessory Box Just Arrived   


[Sale Price]

12th May (Tue) after Update Patch ~ 19th May (Tue) scheduled maintenance starts (1 week, GMT+8)


For the event details, please refer to the Patchnote.





    Conversion Accessory Box Promotion   


Hooray! If you purchase a certain amount of Conversion Accessory Boxes as below, bonus rewards will be yours!


[Event Period]

12th May (Tue) after Update Patch ~ 19th May (Tue) scheduled maintenance starts (1 week, GMT+8)



[Reward Date] 26th May (Tue) during Update Patch

*The reward can be collectable for 1 week, until 2nd June (Tue) 23:59 (GMT+8)



- Rewards will be given per account basis to Special Storage

※ Rewards are accumulative.

=> If you purchase more than 300 Conversion Accessory boxes, total amount of reward you can receive: Conversion Accessory Box (25) and Trade Warranty (1)




    FTG Fatigue Potion Package on Sale   



A slightly larger FTG Fatigue Potion item will be available at Cash Shop at a discounted price!


[Sale Period]

12th May (Tue) after Update Patch ~






   DNP Reset  

 All of the DNP will be removed on May’s Update Maintenance as a monthly DNP reset Policy. So please make sure you purchase as many items as possible with your DNP before the Update date.


Reset Date: 12th May (Tue) 2020 During Update Patch