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EVENT Event Details for July 07. Jul. 2020 Views 67302

Please have a look at the event notice and make sure you don't miss out any of the events! 

Note that the event notice could be updated at any time.





We Are Eager to Listen to Our Heroes!                          Sea Fishing Event

Wings Special Box Release                                             Conversion Special Armor Box Limited Deals




[Wanted] Dragon Nest Pathfinder!                                 Premium Pet Package on Sale

Conversion Armour Cap +2 Open                                  Dimension Rock Gathering Event

Conversion Armour Promotion Event                           Kathy's Fragment Hunting




   [Wanted] Dragon Nest Pathfinder!               




[Event Period]
July 7th after the Update Patch ~ until August 4th Update Patch starts (GMT+8)  / Total 29 days


[Event Details]

a. Using various methods, such as YouTube or forum, you share your own know-how and guide to Dragon Nest in the categories below.
b. Share your work (Youtube or Forum, etc) link with IGN via facebook post comments
c. A maximum of 30 people will be selected to receive the reward.

* The number of winners is subject to change in some cases.
* TIP! The more detailed and audiovisual material you have, the more likely you are to be selected for the DN Pathfinder.

[Rewards by Category]

[Announcement Date / Reward Date]
September 8th during Update Patch (GMT+8)



   Premium Pet Package on Sale  


We know that you want to grow your minion too much! The Premium Pet Package that is only available on Black Friday is back. 

Don't miss the chance!


[Event Period]

After the July 7th Update Patch ~ until the July 14th Scheduled Maintenance starts (GMT+8)  / 7 days only






   Conversion Armor Cap +2 Open  


The Conversion Armor (Helmet, Top, Bottom, Gloves, Shoes) with updated stats is back! Go to check on it at Cash Shop! 


[Event Period]

After the July 7th Update Patch ~ until the August 4th Update Patch starts (GMT+8)






   Dimension Rock Gathering Event  


[Event Period]

July 11th (Sat) 9:00 AM~ until August 4th Update Patch starts (GMT+8)  / Total 29 days





- The Dimension Rock [Gale] (1) item can be used for one day from the date of receipt.
- The world weekly mission can be done once per account.
- World Weekly missions are renewed every Saturday, so this mission will be created on Saturday, July 11.




   Conversion Armor Promotion Event  

[Event Period]

After the July 7th Update Patch ~ until the August 4th Update Patch starts (GMT+8)



[Reward Date] [Updated as of July 14th]

August 4th during Update Patch (GMT+8)



1. Please note that the conversion armor gacha box for compensation is the same as the gacha for sale, but the non-tradable item.







   Kathy's Fragment Hunting  


[Event Period]

July 14th after the scheduled maintenance ~ until August 4th Update Patch starts (GMT+8)

* The store closes after the September 8th Update Patch (GMT+8)


[Event Details] [Update as of July 14th]

a. Click on the Stage/Nest Guild Gathering icon to collect
b. Get Guild Mission Items and Kathy's Fragment (1) at 100 percentage
c. Exchange items from Storyteller Kathy







- The event is available with characters from level 1 to 95.
- Kathy's Fragment item will appear probabtablely at all the collection points in Stage/Nest.
- Please note that there will be no assistance, such as moving the attribution item.
- Kathy's Fragment items can be acquired until the August Update Patch.
- The event shop will be closed during the September 8th Update Patch.