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2018 DWC DNSEA-Team Selection Match REGISTERING and RULES 01. Sep. 2018 Views 5326

*Users registering to participate in the DNSEA-Team Selection Match will be considered to have fully read and consented to the rules and guidelines below.

*It is crucial for everyone to thoroughly read and understand the rules before registering.








※ PVP Tournament registering can only be done with accounts that have a max level (95 level) character.




1. The matches will be Best of 1 match, and the FINAL Match between two remaining teams will consist of 3 matches, with 2 wins needed to win (Best of 3).      


2. Matches will be held in the Storm Arena (KOF) map in the KOF mode, and matches will be 1 vs 1.


3. In the event that disconnection happens after a match starts, there will be a re-match.

    3-1. In the event that disconnection happens, and the disconnected player does not log back in for a certain amount of time,

          it will be considered a win by default for the remaining player.


4. If the player’s character class/IGN does not match the registered class/IGN info, it will be considered a no-show and therefore disqualified.

    4-1. All character classes are eligible to participate except for ‘Knightess’ types.

    4-2. If the participating character’s IGN includes inappropriate words that might be offensive to others, they will not be eligible to participate.


5. After the match begins, you cannot change your skills and equipment/weapon (If you have not learned the skills, it will be considered a lose by default.)


6. All issues that may arise during the match will be inspected by the Referee (GM) to be decided on.


7. Registries that have not followed the registration guidelines will not be eligible.


8. Teams that do not show up and are not contactable before the match will be considered disqualified and therefore a lose by default.


9. The final winning team of the DNSEA-Team Selection Match will become the DNSEA representative team to be participating in the 2018 DWC held in China. All participants must be aware that becoming the final winning DNSEA team will automatically mean that you agree to go on to 2018 DWC.









Winning Team member requirements:


- Participating teams MUST consist of four players in total. Having below or over four players will not be eligible.


- Participating teams MUST consist of four players with the same nationality and residence to be eligible. Countries other than Singapore / Philippines / Malaysia are not eligible to become a DNSEA representative team.

1.1       The one final team will be the DNSEA represent team, with a total of four players as members.

1.2       The members of the DNSEA represent team must have differing character classes from each other.

For example, a team cannot consist of members that are warrior + warrior + academic + archer.




Winning Team will be going to China:


- The final winning team MUST proceed to 2018 DWC held in China on the first week of December 2018.

    → 2018 DWC official event schedule will be five days: 6th December ~ 10th December, 2018


- During the DWC official event schedule, all four team-members must physically be in China and stay together.


- All four team-members must be gathered in their respective countries to depart on 5th December before the DWC official date, and they will be escorted by an EYEDENTITY GAMES employee. Therefore, the final team members MUST definitely be free to participate in the event during the days of 5th December ~ 10th December (total of 6 days).


- Consequently, all four team-members MUST have a valid passport ready before 20th October, 2018 at the latest, to be able to enter China during the official DWC event period in December.


- If you currently do own a passport, the passport expiration date MUST exceed June 30th, 2019. If the passport expiration date comes before this date, you must get your passport reissued before 20th October, 2018 at the latest. If you currently do not own a passport, you MUST get a passport issued before 20th October, 2018 at the latest.


- If you have reasons to be an inadmissible passenger and not be able to enter and stay in China, then you’ll not be able to participate in the 2018 DWC even if you were part of the DNSEA final winning team.


- The 2018 DWC dates are not subject to change. Therefore, arrival and departure schedule to China cannot be changed under any circumstance.


- The final winning DNSEA team are required to give their personal information needed for visiting China and applying for visa, and they must fully cooperate with the procedure to get to China. The personal information gathered at this time will strictly be only used to participate in the 2018 DWC event, and not for any other purposes. It will be deleted after the 2018 DWC event is over.  


- The final winning DNSEA team’s airport fee, lodging fee, meals, and transport fee will be entirely paid for by the hosting companies, Shanda Games and Eyedentity Games.


- The final winning DNSEA team MUST be reachable by contact at all times by the Eyedentity Games employee in charge, from the moment they win the DNSEA-Team Selection Match.  




Other factors:


- All character classes are eligible to participate in the 2018 DWC except for ‘Knightess’ types.


- Players who are under the age of 18 require their parental consent in documents to participate in the 2018 DWC in China.


- Minor changes may happen to the extent that it does not affect the official DWC schedule, and such changes may be applied without prior notice.


From the moment your team wins the DNSEA-Team Selection Match, you CANNOT suddenly cancel your DWC participation. In such cases, the individual may be held liable. Therefore, we strongly advise all players to choose cautiously before registering.


- When it is found that even one player among the four team-members is unable to go to China to participate in 2018 DWC, the whole team will be disqualified, and this will be considered a forfeit for all DNSEA server regarding the 2018 DWC IN CHINA.


- The cash prize for DWC will be given to the winning team members with exchange rate differences, transfer fee, and tax deducted from the amount. 


- The DWC hosts Shanda Games and Eyedentity Games has discretion over any matters not otherwise listed on this post.  


- The match procedure, rules, circumstances at the DWC main finals may be subject to changes, and may proceed differently compared to the team selection match.


- To reiterate, as the DWC official dates are immovable, the arrival and departure schedule to China CANNOT BE CHANGED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, no matter what it may be (Schedule: 5th December, 2018 ~ 10th December, 2018). Thus, it is important that you check and make sure you’ll be able to attend the DWC in China on the stated dates before you register.









Please follow the guidelines below to register, and ONLY 1 registration email must be sent for each team by the appointed team leader to the official DNSEA+Eyedentity Games email   →



1. Register within the register time period: 1st September, 2018 00:00 HRS ~ 20th September, 2018 23:59 HRS (GMT+8) 


2. Email title MUST be written as follows: 

                 DWC DNSEA-Team Selection Match Registration form_Team name



3. The mail contents MUST only contain the following:


  1. Team name 
  2. In-Game Names (IGN) of the four members
    (Please double check for spelling error. Please refrain from using IGNs that contains special character words (example: à, ö). If your IGN has upper/lower case "i"s or "L"s please specify what they are as it can be confusing.)
  3. Check whether the four members have passports. (don't forget to check the expiration dates as well.)
  4. The character class of the four members. 
  5. The nationality AND country of residence of the four members.
  6. Team leader's personal phone number.
  7. An answer of [yes] or [no] of the following statement:
    All four members have fully read and understood the entire [2018 DWC DNSEA-Team Selection Match Registering and RULES] contents, understood the rules and guidelines of the 2018 DWC official event, and hereby gives their consent






- Please make sure to send your team's registration form to the official EYEdentity Games email address (

- The email address that the team leader uses for registering MUST be the same email address that he/she uses to log in to their game account. 

- In order to register, all four member's consent is required.

- The character IGN and class you write on the registration email is the only IGN/class you can use in the DNSEA-Team Selection Match. 

- If even one member has their account banned due to abusing or any other reasons, then the whole team will not be eligible. 

- It will be impossible to change your registration information after the match brackets* are announced (23rd September, 2018). 

   *The chart that lists which teams will be matched up to compete. 

- The team MUST consist of members each with different character classes.

- All character classes can participate except for "Knightess" types. 

- All members of a team must be residents of the same country, and the country should be one of the followings: Singapore / Philippines / Malaysia