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Machina Fanart Contest's Work 23. May. 2019 Views 8102

Dear Adventurers,





We apologize for keeping our adventurers waiting. But we would love to intoduce those fabulous art works created by our DNSEA adventurers during the Machina Fanart Contest Event, so please enjoy!


*Please note that the list of the 15 winners is in alphabetical order.




IGN: BleuCheese



IGN: Emeelany



IGN: Etheryn



IGN: Fautsy



IGN: Jazbay



IGN: JewCleric



IGN: Kizzunna



IGN: Krusef



IGN: LanceBerg



IGN: Leizy17



IGN: Nakono



IGN: Netchan



IGN: PopcornXO



IGN: Ravurii



IGN: ShiaDoryu