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Dragon Nest Video Contest Winner Announcement 24. Dec. 2019 Views 8765

Dear Adventurers,





We would like to thank you all who participated Dragon Nest Video Contest!


As there were too many favorites to choose from, so we have selected 4 IGNs as winners.

Furthermore, Christmas Treasure Box (1) will be sent to those who have not been selected but submitted a great work as we are so surprised by all of our heroes' great works!


We would love to introduce those wonderful video works created by our DNSEA adventurers during the Dragon Nest Video Contest Event, so please enjoy!




1st Winner (150 000 DNP):

IGN: Zaelum

- Youtube Link:



2nd Winner (100 000 DNP):

IGN: Amn3Xia

- Youtube Link:



3rd Winner (50 000 DNP):

IGN: Lalinn

- Youtube Link:



4th Winner (50 000 DNP):

IGN: llKero

- Youtube Link:





- Please note that DNP reward was sent to the DNP section at Cash Shop during the 24th December during scheduled maintenance, not to the special storage.
- The given DNP will be usable until the date of the January Update Patch (7th January).
- Christmas Treasure Box reward will be awarded to all players who have not won.
- Christmas Treasure Box reward will be collectible for one week, until 31th December 23:59 HRS (GMT+8).

- For the details, please click the following link: