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Meet Our Development PD from EYEDENTITY! 13. Sep. 2017 Views 5894

Hi, adventurers! 


This is PM Tasha, and I'd like to introduce our Development PD, Kyung Nam Lee (KN LEE)!




I wanted to introduce him to you because he is one of the most important person in our whole company related to the whole Dragone Nest services in every region!




So, here comes his short interview: 





Q. Hello, Can you introduce yourself briefly?



A. Hello, Adventurers from SEA. I’m so glad to have a chance to introduce myself to you! I am K.N Lee, a Development PD of Dragon Nest.





Q. Can you introduce your task briefly?



 A. I participate in every single step regarding development from A to Z. I manage general things of game factors such as developing contents, planning a new character, skills, etc.





Q. When did you join the Dragon Nest Team?



A. I joined Dragon Nest team at 2012, so it’s over 5 years by now.





Q. If so, you might have a lot of affection in Dragon Nest.



A. Sure, Dragon Nest is not just a game, to me, it’s like my child. So if users give compliments I feel proud. Dragon Nest has been launched not only in Korea but also in South East Asia, North America, China, and many other countries. This fact makes me full of pride.





Q. Do you enjoy the Dragon Nest on ordinary days too?



A. Yes, I born to be a heavy user of Dragon Nest. Therefore, I could have viewpoints as a user and as a developer and I think it is a really huge strength when taking a role of a Development PD.





Q. What is your favorite character?



A. It’s a secret. If I tell you one character, then the other characters won’t be so happy about it, so no-comment on this question.





Q. ( …… ) O..kay… So, as a user, do you think there will be any good news for SEA users soon?



A. It’s also a secret since I am a person with many secrets.





Q. (.....) If you have lots of secrets like this, we call it a day. We will find a new interviewee then.



A. Wait! Okay, one thing I can say. Hmm… I see many of SEA users have lots of interest in updates in Korea and North America servers. We’re planning to add a new content into SEA server in this October, so please be ready for it!





Q. Is there anything that you want to ask SEA users for?



A. I wish we spend more time communicating not just in the game but also outside of the game too.





Q. What you mean by “outside of the game”?



A. SEA is one of the regions where has active communications going on within various user communities. Whenever I see our SEA users’ passions and desires on Dragon Nest SEA at forum and Facebook, I get so motivated to be more creative so I can satisfy them with “good” contents. I often check our forum and Facebook, so it’s like the more the users leave feedback, the more motivations I get! So, in that sense, I want to communicate more with users through our forum and Facebook. 





Q. So nice to try to communicate with users. Do you want to add anything to this interview?



A. Oh, it’s the last question already? I got a lot to talk about though..  Let me see you on twitch too! If I have an opportunity, I will greet you on Tasha’s live stream together, and talk with you adventurers! Thank you so much for your love and interest in DN SEA. We will keep trying our best to make the game better every single time. Please keep your interest in Dragon Nest. Happy Gaming!