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UPDATE [17/4 ]April Update_Patch Note 15. Apr. 2018 Views 91226

[1] Update

1. Green Dragon Nest Time Attack

2. Others


[2] Event

1. Lagendia Continent Exploration

2. Board Game Battle Season 2

3. Light your heart with Sunlight


[3] Cash Shop

1. Conversion Weapons

2. Detective Costume

3. Engraving Scroll (Weapon/Armor) 

4. New Face Added






[1] <UPDATE>


[1-1] Green Dragon Nest Time Attack


Like how bright light leaves imprints

that linger even after closing your eyes, Karahan's bottomless vengeance

has merged with nightmare

to create an illusory Green Dragon Nest.


Can you see the greedy eyes of the dragon,

hear the bellows of its irate roars?

Heroes of glory, come!

Only you can sink your blade in the beast's throat before the mirage disappears!



Entry Info


Sort Details
Level Requirements At Least Lv. 95
No. of Players Minimum 5. ~ 8(Max)
Difficulty Single Difficulty Level
Weekly Clears Once (No bonus entry for premium benefits)
Gate Saint Haven -> Garden of Eternity (Lv 95) -> 12 o'clock direction
Quest [Lv 95] [Nest] Time Attack! Dragon in afterglow



Main Characteristics


1. An environment for showing off [dealing abilities]

2. A Dragon Nest for [conquering], a Dragon Nest for [challenging] yourself

[Green Dragon Nest Time Attack] has only one difficulty level but it is suitable for both hardcore and medium-core players.

For hardcore players, the last stages will be a place for testing their strength and for medium-core players, the earlier stages will be a place for gaining strength.



Core Rules


1. Time Attack

There is a time limit for each stage, not the entire nest.

When time is up, there will be 30 seconds of bonus time and it will be deemed as a failure to clear the nest.

Sort Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
Time Limit (Min) 5 5 5 7 10


2. Stage Clear Resurrection

All players who are dead will resurrect when [stage is cleared].

#For example, when 7 players in an eight-player party have died and the last standing player kills the stage boss, he or she will become the hero who resurrects all the other party members.


3. Number of Resurrections

You can use the new resurrection item - Flower of Hope to resurrect up to 25 times.


4. Growing Distrust

Whenever a party member dies, the whole party will get an attack power debuff that cannot be cancelled.

The debuff can be stacked up to 5 times. Once one debuff is applied, the next one will only be stacked after 5 seconds.

Sort Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4  Stage 5
ATK reduction for each debuff (%) 1 5 10 15 20
ATK reduction for max debuff (%) 5 25 50 75 100





Entrance Area : Bishop Ganeus

※ There is no time limit or death penalty in the entrance area and it has no stage rewards.


Stage 1 : Gloom


Stage 2 : Krakas


Stage 3 : Marsh Queen


Stage 4 : Karahan


Stage 5 : Karahan the Green Dragon



Half-way Reward


- You can get the boss’s items as rewards when you kill each round’s boss in Green Dragon Time Attack:

1. Morgon's Mushroom

2. Krakes's Tentacle

3. Zabel's Fang

4. Karahan's Hair


- Other than the above rewards, you can also get Unique Grade Accessories at a set rate:

1. Faraway Dimension Ring

2. White Eye's Green Light Ring

3. Blood Dawn Earrings

4. Imprint's Hourglass Necklace


- You can use boss’s items at [Garden of Eternity] > [Priestess of Darkness] > [Dragon Scale] shop.

- With each item, you can buy cryolites needed for buying and upgrading Unique Grade Accessory.


Dragon Scale Store
Tab Name Item Name Currency Qty Conditions

Faraway Dimension Ring

Morgon's Mushroom 4 At least Lv 95

White Eye's Green Light Ring

Krakes’s Tentacle

4 At least Lv 95

Bloody Dawn Earrings

Zabel's Fang 4 At least Lv 95

Imprint Hourglass Earrings

Karahan's Hair 4 At least Lv 95

Green Cryolite

Morgon's Mushroom

2 At least Lv 95
White Cryolite

Krakes's Tentacle

2 At least Lv 95
Red Cryolite

Zabel's Fang

2 At least Lv 95
Gold Cryolite

Karahan's Hair

2 At least Lv 95



Green Dragon Clear Reward


-You can get [Legend Grade Accessory] and [Unique Grade Dragon Jade] when you kill the Green Dragon.

-You can also get a [Green Dragon Mount] at a low rate.

-Set stats can be activated with Legend grade accessories.





Accessory Upgrade


-When you clear Green Dragon Time Attack, you can get Unique/Legend Grade Green Dragon Accessories.

-These accessories can be upgraded using the cryolites sold at the [Dragon Scale Store].

-Both Unique and Legend grade accessories can be upgraded up to level 3.

-The item cannot be upgraded anymore upon reaching the maximum level, but you can change the options using the cryolite.

-Basic stats and growth rate is the same for both Unique and Legend accessories.

-Legend accessories can be more powerful than Unique accessories with the set stats applied.





Level  Stat 1 Value 1 Stat 2 Value 2 Stat 3 Value 3
Level 1 STR 2,800 Physical ATK 3,500    
AGI 2,800 Physical ATK 3,500    
INT 2,800 Magic ATK 3,500    
Max HP 175,000        
Level 2 STR 3,600 Physical ATK 4,500    
AGI 3,600 Physical ATK 4,500    
INT 3,600 Magic ATK 4,500    
Max HP 250,000        
Level 3 STR 4,000 Physical ATK 5,000    
AGI 4,000 Physical ATK 5,000    
INT 4,000 Magic ATK 5,000    
Max HP 250,000        



 White Eye's 

Green Light


Level  Stat 1 Value 1 Stat 2 Value 2 Stat 3 Value 3
Level 1 Physical ATK 5,600 Critical 35,700    
Physical ATK 5,600 Crit Damage 35,700    
Magic ATK 5,600 Critical 35,700    
Magic ATK 5,600 Crit Damage 35,700    
Level 2 Physical ATK 7,200 Critical 45,900    
Physical ATK 7,200 Crit Damage 45,900    
Magic ATK 7,200 Critical 45,900    
Magic ATK 7,200 Crit Damage 45,900    
Level 3 Physical ATK 8,000 Critical 51,000    
Physical ATK 8,000 Crit Damage 51,000    
Magic ATK 8,000 Critical 51,000    
Magic ATK 8,000 Crit Damage 51,000    



 Bloody Dawn 


Level  Stat 1 Value 1 Stat 2 Value 2 Stat 3 Value 3
Level 1 Max HP 56,000 STR 3,150    
Max HP 56,000 AGI 3,150    
Max HP 56,000 INT 3,150    
Level 2 Max HP 72,000 STR 4,050    
Max HP 72,000 AGI 4,050    
Max HP 72,000 INT 4,050    
Level 3 Max HP 80,000 STR 4,500    
Max HP 80,000 AGI 4,500    
Max HP 80,000 INT 4,500    



Level  Stat 1 Value 1 Stat 2 Value 2 Stat 3 Value 3
Level 1 STR 4,900 AGI 1,470 INT 1,470
STR 1,470 AGI 4,900 INT 1,470
STR 1,470 AGI 1,470 INT 4,900
Level 2 STR 6,300 AGI 1,890 INT 1,890
STR 1,890 AGI 6,300 INT 1,890
STR 1,890 AGI 1,890 INT 6,300
Level 3 STR 7,000 AGI 2,100 INT 2,100
STR 2,100 AGI 7,000 INT 2,100
STR 2,100 AGI 2,100 INT 7,000





[1-2] Others


Rollback of Machina’s basic hit


- Machina’s basic hit skill will be rolled back to before the awakening changes were applied.



Daily Task – Blood Phantom, Best Hero Tournament Rewards Removed


- Blood Phantom creation and Best Hero Tournament have ended so rewards for Daily Tasks have been changed back to their original rewards.

- Reward for clearing at least 7 daily tasks:

Rewards during event Rewards after event ends

Best Hero Tournament Entry Ticket

Daily Mission Pouch

Exploration Key x50

Goddess' Sadness

Crystal Points (200)

Exploration Key x50

Goddess' Sadness



Best Hero Tournament (4-player) ends


- Best Hero Tournament (4-player) will end.

- You can no longer get entry tickets from Daily Tasks.


Blood Phantom growth event ends


- The event that rewarded Blood Phantom Begins and Blood Phantom’s Path upon reaching Level 95 with a Blood Phantom character will end.





[2] <Event>


[2-1] Lagendia Continent Exploration




How to Play


  1. You can enter by clicking on the dice button.
  2. Talk to Loffy and let the adventure begin!
  3. Roll the dice to go to various dungeons.
  4. Clear the mission in each dungeon to collect Gold Keys.
  5. When you arrive at the last area, Treasure Island, you can open Treasure Chests using the keys you have collected and get great rewards!





Entry Level: Lv 24 and above

Entry Conditions: Single Player, unlimited resurrections

Clear Count: Once a day


PLEASE NOTE that the starting day of Lagendia Continent Exploration is always the Saturday of the Update week. Therefore, even though this April's Update includes the Lagendia Continent Exploration, the DATE THAT THE LAGENDIA CONTINENT EXPLORATION BUTTON APPEARS WILL BE 21st of April (SAT) NOT 17th April (TUE). THE BUTTON WON'T BE SEEN UNTIL 21st of April.





[2-2] Board Game Season 2


The Board Game Competition is finally back again!

Using Roulette Ticket, you can compete with other players




Through Mini Game Tab in Event Window, you can start Board Game Competition.

To play Board Game, you need Roulette Coin which can be obtained from set stages.



Roulette Ticket Drop Location




Game Screen and Basic Info



1. Player’s marker is gold and you can see the portrait, attack power, player’s name, and HP information on the left. Monster’s marker is red and its information is shown on the right.

2. When monster’s HP becomes 0, you will get Monster Kill Reward and another monster will appear.

3. When the player’s HP becomes 0 and dies, you can no longer play the game but you can use [Roulette Ticket] to resurrect.

4. Progress until you’ve died will remain and it will start again with the player’s turn to spin the roulette.

5. Monsters appear in 3 levels and you will get a reward for killing monsters of each level.

6. When you have killed all 3 levels, next monster will start again from level 1.


You can acquire useful items by winning the game!



  1. You can use the [Roulette Coin] and the [Board Game Coin] from the Last Season in this Second Season again.
  2. The [Roulette Coin] is not transportable to Server Storage anymore. 
  3. There is a weekly entry limit for Board Game Battle and entry count will be reset every Saturday at 09:00AM. (This also means, the starting date of the Board Game will be 21st April, Saturday.)





1. Click [See Rewards] button on the game screen to see the rewards.

2. There are monster kill rewards and level clear rewards.

3. The rewards will be sent to your mailbox.



You can use [Board Game Coin] which is a Level 3 Clear Reward to buy special items from Storyteller Kathy.






[2-3] Light your heart with Sunlight



Essence of New Sun will be dropped in various stages and nests during the event period. Defeat all the monsters in stages and dungeons and get the Essence items to receive the rewards! Essence of New Sun will be dropped in the following dungeons:


- Lvl 95 all stages

- Slayer Mode / Slayer Stages

- Heat Wave Volcano Nest / Grievous Guardian Nest / Dark Mist Nest(all difficulty levels)

- Limit Break Nests 

- Rune Dragon Nest / Green Dragon Nest (all difficulty levels)



Use Essence of New Sun items as They are designed to create a Box of New Sun Essence, using a number of different levels. By opening the boxes, you will get special items as rewards.

PLEASE NOTE THAT the Level1 Box of New Sun Essence will be sent through Special Storage for all characters. You can receive the box and participate in the event until 15th of May. 




Box of New Sun Essence Rewards



Box of New Sun Essence Level 1:


 Required Essence

of New Sun

 7,000 Slayer Point 


Box of New Sun Essence Level 2:


 Required Essence

of New Sun

 13,000 Slayer Point 



Box of New Sun Essence Level 3:


 Required Essence

of New Sun

 20,000 Slayer Point 



Box of New Sun Essence Level 4:


 Required Essence

of New Sun

26,000 Slayer Point

 Golden Goblin Coin 1ea  



Box of New Sun Essence Level 5:


 Required Essence

of New Sun

 34,000 Slayer Point

 Iona's Heraldry Heal 




Event Mechanics


1. Essence of New Sun will be dropped after April 17 update, until May 15 update. 

2. Essence of New Sun will be dropped from various stages and Nest as described above.

3. Rewards from a Box of New Sun Essence will be distributed to your special storage, and will be credited account basis.

4. Box of New Sun Essence that has not been claimed during the above period, will be removed from your special storage. 





[3] <Cash Shop>


[3-1] Conversion Weapons



How to get a Conversion Main Weapon / Conversion Secondary Weapon?


1. Purcahse Conversion Weapon Treasure Chests through Cash Shop.


2. Open the Conversion Weapon Treasure Boxes until you get an item of either Conversion Main Weapon Box or Conversion Secondary Weapon Box. It’s much easier to open boxes if you use “Auto-open Pandora Box” item. (Both of Conversion Main and Secondary Weapon boxes can be acquired from the Conversion Weapon Treasure Box item)


3. This is what you will get as a key item of the Conversion Weapon Treasure Boxes (Conversion Secondary Weapon Box is also a key item of the Conversion Weapon Treasure Boxes). 



How to enhance the Conversion Weapons?


1. When you first acquire a Main Weapon Box or a Secondary Weapon Box, it must be +0 enhancement level.


2. You can enhance the Main/Secondary weapon box up to +8 enhancement level.

However, if you right-click on the item, it won’t open because you need a “key” to open and enhance the box.


3. How to get the "key"? 

Go to Cash Shop, and there’s an item called “Magic Conversion Key”. Each key will give you a chance to enhance your Conversion Main/Secondary Weapon Box.

Please note that the Keys and the Conversion Weapon Boxes are not tradable.

Even though the key description says you can get the key item from Disassembling Cash Weapon that is Rare Grade and above, that system hasn't been added in this April patch so pleae ignore the description, until we make a modification on the description. 



4. Once you purchased the "Key" item, right-click on the Conversion Main/Secondary Weapon box.


5. If an enhancement is succeeded, you will acquire another Conversion Min / Secondary Box with a higher enhancement level. Again, the highest level you can reach with the weapon boxes is the +8.


6. Once you have gotten up to the enhancement level that you wanted to reach, then go to Merchant Pania to exchange the box to an actual weapon item. Click [Special Store].


7. Each item listed in the tab 1 of the Conversion Weapon section has a certain Enhancement Level, so you will have to right-click on the item that is corresponding with what you have as a Conversion Main/Secondary Weapon Box in your inventory in order to exchange the box into an actual Conversion Main/Secondary Weapon item.


8. Please note that you can also exchange back the Conversion Weapon item to a Conversion Weapon Box again, however, if you’ve put an engraving scroll over the Conversion Weapon item before you proceed this, the engraving scroll will disappear and will not be retrieved back when exchanging the item to a Box at the tab 2).



How can you wear your favorite Cash Costume over the conversion costume?


1. In order to converse the design after wearing Conversion Weapon item on your character with your favorite Cash Costume, go to Magic Mirror.


2. While wearing the Conversion Weapon item on your character, choose which Cash Costume Weapon to wear over the Conversion Weapon item by a right-click over the item listed on the right side of the pop up box, and press convert button. Once a message pops up and says “Design conversion has been completed.”, it’s all done!


3. You can do the same design conversion work on the other parts with Conversion Armor items as well. 

The stats in the above picture is after the design conversion with a Conversion Main Weapon and a Cash Costume Weapon.


We will be sending out a Light Weapon exchange coupon for a reward for all users that have used the Conversion Weapon Box and the Magic Conversion Key to achieve above +3 enhancement level of their Conversion Weapons!


[Event Period and Condition]
For users that achieve +3 Enhancement Level or higher for Conversion Weapon during the event period, 17th April – 15th May (before the Update Patch), 2018.

Noble Light Weapon Exchange Coupon   or   Abyss Purple Weapon Exchange Coupon (you will get to choose one of those two)

[Reward Date] 
15th May, 2018 18:00HRS (GMT+8)

1) Rewards will be given account basis. 
2) Rewards will be given on 15th May 18:00HRS (GMT+8) through Special Storage, and can be collected within one week. 
3) Rewards that are not collected and have expired will not be reimbursed. 
4) Users with Conversion Weapons that are lower than +3 enhancement level won’t be eligible to receive the reward.





[3-2] Detective Costume






[3-3] Engraving Scroll on sale just for a month






[3-4] New Face added for all jobs



- Clumsy Warrior Face
- Cold-hearted Archer Face
- Smiley Sorceress Face
- Cold-hearted Cleric Face
- Adorable Tinkerer Face
- Sensual Kali Face
- Slender Assassin Face
- Concentrating Lancea Face
- Alluring Machina Face