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NOTICE TOP UP SYSTEM CHANGE 01. Oct. 2018 Views 10143

Dear Adventurers,


We are here to announce that there will be some changes in the current Top Up system.


Currently, there are TWO ways to top up Cash as following: EYEC top-up with Paypal, and EYET top-up with Cherry Credits.


However, players often get confused with the two different Cash Types, since there are some restrictions on EYEC when purchasing items in Cash Shop.

Therefore, we’ve decided to remove EYEC top-up option, so starting from 1st November (Thursday), DNSEA players will only be able to top-up with EYET by Cherry Credits.

If you are a Paypal user, do not worry because Cherry Credits also supports the Paypal charge as well.


Whoever has their EYEC left over after 1st November, you will still be able to spend EYEC in game as usual until you spend them all (Please be noted that some current restriction with buying items with EYEC will remain as it is now).


So, what’s changing from 1st November?

  1. EYEC top-up will no longer be supported.
  2. Even after 1st November, players will still be able to spend their EYEC until they spend it all.
  3. Cherry Credits also supports Paypal option to top-up, so if you are a Paypal user, you can top-up EYET with paypal (through Cherry Credits top-up system)

*In order to find out more about EYET top-up with Paypal option (through Cherry Credits), please visit Cherry Credits official website.


As always, Eyedentity Games will endeavor to build policies that benefit the users of each server.


Thank you.