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NOTICE [Updated] Golden Goose Membership Changes 02. Dec. 2018 Views 9055

Dear Adventurers,






We'd like to give our adventurers a prior notice regarding an upcoming change in Golden Goose Guild Membership system that will come to effect on the December Update patch on 11th December. 


Please be noted about the information below to prevent potential disadvantage caused by the change.




◆ Golden Goose Guild Membership Changes



1. Change in Golden Goose VIP Membership after December Update

- Golden Goose Guild Membership benefit effect removed

- Tool tip description of Golden Goose Membership changed

> After the December Update Patch, equipment enhancement cost will be reduced to the same amount of the Golden Goose Guild Membership discount benefit. 



2. Change in the selling price of Golden Goose Guild Compliment Badge at the store.

- Magic rarity Badge:   1 Gold

- Normal rarity Badge:   50 Silver



3. Golden Goose Guild Compliment Badge Conversion for the Golden Goose Guild Membership remainder

- Users who can receive this reimbursement:  Characters who have more than 1 day of Golden Goose Guild Membership benefit period

- Magic rarity Golden Goose Guild Compliment Badges will be given as reimbursement via ingame mail according to your remaining period.



[Obtainable amount of Golden Goose Guild Compliment Badge per each Membership Class]

Golden Goose Bronze Membership   ▶   2 Badges per each day left
Golden Goose Silver Membership   ▶   4 Badges per each day left
Golden Goose Gold Membership   ▶   6 Badges per each day left
Golden Goose Platinum Membership   ▶   8 Badges per each day left
Golden Goose VIP Membership   ▶   11 Badges per each day left




*On 11th December after the Update Patch, players who are eligible for the Golden Goose Guild Compliment Badge reimbursement would have received the converted amount via ingame mail.

Please note that unfortunately, due to translation issue, the mail will show up filled with □□□□□□ ← these.

We are sorry for the confusion. If you received this mail, they are indeed the mail regarding the Golden Goose Membership Changes. It contains the Compliment Badge reimbursement as explained above. Thank you.