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EVENT [Tier all cleared!] Capsule EYE GACHA Event Reward Sent! 12. Mar. 2019 Views 33133

Dear Adventurers, 




There has been a slight delay in sending out the rewards for the [Capsule EYE GACHA Event] rewards again.


Also, one of the event rewards that were sent out had an issue even though we have corrected it right away. Please be aware of the incorrect rewards that had been collected might be returned.


Once again, we are sincerely sorry for the lateness of the event rewards.



Thank you for your patience.



Dear Adventurers, 




The [Capsule EYE GACHA Event] rewards will be sent out today (3rd April) at 15:00 HRS (GMT+8).


We are sincerely sorry for the errors regarding rewards and non-guided announcement.



Inially Capsule EYE GACHA reward sent to: those who had purchased 10 Altea's Gacha-Boxes ONLY (Altea's Gacha-Box Package not included)


However, the rewards will be sent out to all who haven't received/collected their rightful rewards. 


For example,

if you had purchased 5 Altea's Gacha-Boxes and Altea's Gacha-Box Package (which contains Altea's Gacha-Gox 5ea)

= You will receive: all the Capsule EYE GACHA rewards



[Revised Reward Date for Capsule EYE GACHA Event] 

3rd April at 15:00 HRS (GMT+8)

*Collectible until 10th April at 23:59 HRS (GMT+8)



Thank you for your patience during the long wait. 




Dear Adventurers, 




The [Capsule Eyegacha Event] rewards will be sent out today (2nd April) at 18:00 HRS (GMT+8).



[Revised Reward Date for Capsule Eyegacha Event] 

2nd April 18:00 HRS (GMT+8)

*Collectable until 10th April 23:59 HRS (GMT+8)



AND, we would like to announce that player who purchased the most gachas is QSlashQ, 320 Altea's Gacha!



Thank you for your patience during the long wait. 







         EVENT PERIOD EXTENDED!        


It’s a mini version of the Eyegacha event!


Your chance to receive a total of 6 tiers of rewards with just the purchase of 10 altea’s gacha boxes!


Join in the fun to raise the chances of receiving all the tier rewards!



▶▶▶ Check in periodically during the event period to see how much tiers have been reached!



[Event Period]

12 March 00:00 ~ 26 March  29 March 23:59 HRS (GMT+8)  




[Event Mechanics]

Each time the total number of Altea’s Gacha Boxes bought from the Cash Shop by the whole server reaches the tier number,

the respective tier rewards will be unlocked for all who have participated!

To receive the unlocked tier rewards, purchase at least 10 altea’s gacha boxes from the cash shop with EYET to be eligible.



*For reference images of the reward items, see below. 






▶▶▶ Check in periodically during the event period to see how much tiers have been reached! 


[ As of 18:00 HRS 29th March:    SIX TIERS CLEARED   ]



 CLEARED  Tier 1 - 5,000 Boxes   Interactive Gesture 



 CLEARED  Tier 2 - 10,000 Boxes   Pick ONE out of 3 Decals



 CLEARED  Tier 3 - 20,000 Boxes   Pick ONE out of 2 Tails



 CLEARED  Tier 4 - 40,000 Boxes   Receive both Spirits 2 types



 CLEARED  Tier 5 - 60,000 Boxes   Pick ONE out of 4 Wings



 CLEARED  Tier 6 - 80,000 Boxes   Mount Treasure Box 1ea 





[Rewards Date]

29 March 2nd April during the schedule maintenance





- This event is CHARACTER BASIS. For each character in your account that participated, the rewards will be given via Special Storage.
- All rewards will be credited to all eligible characters on 29 March 2nd April during the schedule maintenance
- Rewards will be collectible for one week, until 9 April 23:59 HRS (GMT+8). Rewards that are not collected and have expire will not be resent or reimbursed.
- Only players who have purchased at least 10 Altea’s Gacha Boxes during the event period will be eligible for the rewards. If you bought a total of 10 Altea’s Gacha Boxes or more, then you will receive the rewards of each tier that have been reached.
- Purchases done with DNP are not eligible.
- All timings stated are in the GMT+8 time zone.
- Any character that has been banned due to infringement of game abuse policies during the event or reward period will not be compensated.
- Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.




























> [Comback eyegacha item!]  DAZZLING SPACE CONSTELLATION W/T/D (Epic)







> Reckless Monkey Spirit (Rare) & Cutie Water Buffalo Spirit (Rare)






> MOUNT TREASURE BOX containing a total of 37 types of mounts


Which mount will you get out of 37 types of amazing mounts?

Here are some of the mounts that you can receive from the box!