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NOTICE [UPDATED] Known Issue Which Will Be Fixed on 16th July 12. Jul. 2019 Views 10508

※ To compensate for the wait of the Unavailable Magic Conversion Key issue, compensation rewards we have sent out:


- High Grade Garnet (30)

- High Grade Essence of Life (30)

- Gold Lotus Crown (5)

- Sunset Cloister Map (5)



- The reward will be collectable for 24 hours, until 17th July 14:00 HRS.

- Rewards will be given ACCOUNT BASIS.

- Your character must be Level 95 to be achieve the rewards.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Dear Adventurers,






There have been reports that some issues/bugs occur since July Update Patch or even before.



[Issue Details]   UPDATED 


1.  Sea Dragon with Main Quest has been found to never come down in the event of a Sea Dragon flying pattern.


2.  There has been an issue that prevents the Conversion Secondary Weapon Box from being enhanced with the Magic Conversion Key obtained from the Mission Bulletin Board Store/Board Game Event. A Magic Conversion Key with a problem that our hereos currently have will be replaced as available items.


3. Heraldry Scholar NPCs located in Prairie Town, Mana Ridge, and Calderock Village expose a list of stores not used.

We've modified the list of stores that we no longer use, so that we will not see them.



[Bug Fix Date]

16th July during Scheduled Maintenance



We are very sorry for the confusion and discomfort this has caused.



Thank you very much for your understanding.