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UPDATE [Patchnote] October Patchnote 04. Oct. 2019 Views 59934

[1] Updates 

1. Red Lotus Maze

- Red Lotus Maze Entry Route

- Red Lotus Maze Entry Ticket

- Red Lotus Maze Shop Added

- Red Lotus Maze Reward

2. Dreamy Dragon Jade

- Labyrinth Invader

- Dreamy Dragon Jade




[2] Changes/Additions

1. Gosuk’s Precious Box

2. New Ladder Costume added 

- Magic Knight Peach Costume Added




[3] Event 

1. Halloween Event

- Kathy & Irine Costume Change

- Event Stage and Reward

- Artbook Event

2. Lagendia Continent Exploration : Season 13

3. October Attendance Reward

4. Other





[4] Cash Shop

1. October Costume: Vampire Costume 

2. October Halloween Double Gacha Box

- Bat Wings/Tail/Decal bearing fatal poison   Stats Increased 

- Halloween Accessories 

- Pegasus Mount 3.0

3. Item Protection Magic Jelly Price Discount 








[1] Updates

     1-1. Red Lotus Maze













     Red Lotus Maze Entry Route 




※ The name of the “Sunset Watchtower Gate” located in Red Lotus Palace Main Street was changed to “Crack of Time and Space Gate.”

※ You can enter the Red Lotus Maze world zone through the “Crack of Time and Space Gate” in Red Lotus Palace Main Street.









※ Red Lotus Maze can only be played on one difficulty and requires 1 “Distorted Dimension Compass” to enter.

※ After the party leader uses 1 “Distorted Dimension Compass”, all other party members can enter.





     Red Lotus Maze Entry Ticket 





     Red Lotus Maze Merchant  





     Red Lotus Maze Wandering Merchant 












     Red Lotus Maze Shop Added 

- A shop related to the [Red Lotus Maze] has been added.

- The shop is located in [Red Lotus Palace Main Street]>[Crack of Time and Space]>[Red Lotus Maze].

- You can purchase items from the NPC Merchant Farvana using points acquired within the maze.





     Red Lotus Maze Entry Ticket 


- You need a [Distorted Dimension Compass] to enter the Red Lotus Maze.
- Can be acquired rarely on all floors of [Lv 95 stage] [Division Nest] and by beating the [Stage Invader].






     Red Lotus Maze Reward 

- You have a certain chance of acquiring the following items after defeating monsters in the Red Lotus Maze.






- Origin of Maze (High Grade) details





- Engraving Scroll Collection details



※ You can acquire High Grade Unique Weapon or Armor Engraving Scrolls from Engraving Scroll Collections purchasable in the Cash Shop.





- High Grade Unique Item Information






     Red Lotus Maze Guide Quest 













     1-2. Dreamy Dragon Jade 




     Labyrinth Invader [Phantasmal] 



As the Labyrinth energy grows gradually more powerful, a phantasmal Resting Place emerges.

This phantasmal Resting Place gives rise to Cursed Souls possessing powerful strength.



Destroy the Resting Place and put a stop to these Cursed Souls.





※ Developer's Comment

   - There is a very small chance of new Resting Place invaders appearing beginning on Labyrinth 6F.

   - Cursed Souls possess much greater strength than current invaders, so caution is advised.

   - You will not be able to destroy a Resting Place until you defeat all the Cursed Souls. 

   - After defeating Cursed Souls and Resting Places you can acquire “Dream Fragments” and (very rarely) “Dreamy Dragon Jade”, both of which contain the mighty power of these beings.




     Dreamy Dragon Jade 



▶ Dreamy Dragon Jade is exclusive to your character’s second class specialization. There are 43 types in total and they can only be equipped by characters of an applicable class. 

▶ [Certain skills] per class will be enhanced upon equipping Dreamy Dragon Jade.

▶ We plan to enable Dreamy Dragon Jade enhancement in a future game update. [Certain skills] will become more powerful as this item’s enhancement level increases.

▶ We anticipate that Dreamy Dragon Jade that can be equipped for the “first specialization in which an exclusive class is included” will became able to be used as enhancement material.

    (e.g. Dreamy Dragon Jade exclusive to the Gladiator, Moon Lord, Barbarian, Destroyer, and Dark Avenger classes will be usable as enhancement material for Dreamy Dragon Jade [Gladiator])

▶ Dreamy Dragon Jade can be equipped to Lv 95 Legend Grade or higher main weapons (e.g. Calypse tier 1-3, Skila, Forest Dragon main weapons).

▶ Dreamy Dragon Jade can be traded and sent to the server storage. However, Dragon Jade must be sealed in order to be traded (it does not have to be sealed to be sent to the server storage). [5000 Seal Stamp] are required to seal Dreamy Dragon Jade.




     Acquisition Method 



▶ You can craft a [Sealed Dreamy Dragon Jade] through a village blacksmith by paying 300 [Dream Fragments], 8 [Powerful Bonding Agents], and 50,000 Gold.

▶ Right-click on [Sealed Dreamy Dragon Jade] to acquire one Dreamy Dragon Jade for a certain character.

▶ Prior to right-clicking, [Sealed Dreamy Dragon Jade] can be traded and sent to the server storage. However it will be unsealed after right-clicking, and therefore must be sealed again using a Seal Stamp to be traded.

▶ [Dream Fragments], a crafting material, can be acquired by defeating Resting Place Invaders and Cursed Souls. A maximum of 50 Dream Fragments can be acquired when a Resting Place has been summoned.

▶ There is a certain chance you will acquire [Powerful Bonding Agents], a crafting material, through the Red Lotus Palace Side Job Quest rewards “The Price of an Exhilarating Victory” and “The Price of a Bitter Defeat.”

▶ Dream Fragments and Powerful Bonding Agents cannot be traded, but they can be sent to the server storage.

▶ [Dreamy Dragon Jade] is sometimes dropped in complete form when destroying a Resting Place, but only rarely. When this happens, the character for which the Dreamy Dragon Jade is designated will be determined randomly and will come in sealed form.








[2] Changes/Additions

     2-1. Gosuk’s Precious Box 


● Gosuk’s Precious Box contents and rates have been partially changed.





     2-2. New Ladder Costume added 




     Magic Knight Peach Costume Added 

- New Ladder Costume: Magic Knight Peach Costume will be added in Ladder Point Shop. 

  Magic Knight Peach Costume can purchased by Ladder Points. 

  Please refer to required Ladder Points.  


- Magic Knight Red Ladder Costume will be removed in October target.










       Costume Apperance 










     3-1. Halloween Event   REVISED  



      Kathy & Irine Costume Change

The outfits of NPC Storytellers Kathy and Irine have been changed.






      Halloween Event – Event Stage 

A special Halloween event stage has been activated.

(From October 2019 update to November 2019 update)


You can enter the stage once a day through the NPC Saint Haven Storyteller Kathy.






Enter the event stage and find the skeleton NPC inside within the 3-minute time limit.

Open the boxes distributed randomly throughout the stage to obtain clues about the whereabouts of the skeleton NPC.


Wait!! Some boxes contain hidden traps not hints, so be careful!!

What kind of traps? It’s a secret!









      Halloween Event – Event Stage Rewards 


[Event Stage Reward]








      NPC Storyteller Kathy’s Event Shop 


You can purchase the following items from NPC Storyteller Kathy using 2019 Halloween Coins.






Buy the Halloween Candy Hat and Halloween Candy White Kitty to make a candy couple.








      Artbook Event  



The Artbook event will run throughout the Halloween event.

(From the October 2019 update to 23:59 the day before the November 2019 update)


Can be accessed through the event pop-up window’s (press the menu event button or V on the keyboard) “Artbook event” menu.

Quest item: [2019 Halloween Picture Fragment].






The final reward of the Artbook is the Halloween Frankenstein Spirit.

It looks scary, but you’ll find it to be an adorable buddy who loves candy once you get to know it.








      Halloween Event – Play Time Event 


There will be a Play Time Event throughout the Halloween event period.

(From the October 2019 update to 23:59 the day before the November 2019 update)


Failed the event stage? Don’t be sad! You’ll get drop rewards just for logging in.







     3-2. Lagendia Continent Exploration : Season 13


Lagendia Continent Exploration : Season 13


A super quick crash course on Lagendia for newcomer heroes!

Lagendia Continent Exploration?



[How to Play]

1. Enter once per day by clicking on the dice icon.


2. Enter Lagendia Continent Exploration, roll the dice, and access a wide variety of stages.

3. Carry out missions unique to each stage and collect Gold Keys.

4. After reaching the final treasure island you can open treasure boxs with your Gold Keys and get a bounty of rewards!


[Enter one more time!!]

Exchange to get an Entry Ticket! Get 1 Entry Ticket from another user and you can enter again.





      Guild Rank 


- Guild Ranking is based on the aggregate score of Lagendia Continent Exploration while it is open.

  (A reward based on the aggregate score and final rank from the opening to the closing of this content will be provided.)

- This is a ranking based on the total number of Gold Keys acquired in your guild.

- The aggregate sum is calculated upon entering the final island (treasure storage) and is added to your guild when you are a member of one.

- Rewards will be provided to those ranked in the top three.

 - Rewards will be sent to all guild members.




What changes have been made for the 13th season of Lagendia Continent Exploration?

 Let’s take a closer look at the 13th season!





      Basic Info 


● Season 13 time frame: from October 12, 2019 (08:00) to November 2, 2019 (Saturday, 07:30)

● Period of inaccessibility: Every Saturday from 07:30 to 09:30

● The weekly ranking aggregate score is calculated every Saturday at 09:00.



Entry Level: Can be entered at Lv 95 of higher

        - Lagendia Continent Exploration contains revised game content.


Entry conditions: 1 person entry / unlimited revival


Clear limit: Can be cleared once a day. (The entry count is shared by all your characters on the server.)

   1) If you give up halfway all the Gold Keys acquired from Golden Box will disappear, but you can keep challenging again until you clear it.

   2) You can clear an additional time after receiving 1 Entry Ticket from another user.



How to get Gold Keys:

   1) Golden Box appear for completing missions on each map / wooden Box appear after failing missions.

   2) Golden Box contain at least 1 Gold Key and Golden Box from any area on the map indicated with a gold box icon contain double the amount of Gold Keys.





      Board Info 







      Reward Info 

- You can acquire the following items from the two types of ‘Golden Treasure Boxes’ on the Festive Treasure Warehouse island.

- You need 1 Gold Key to open the normal Golden Box and 7 Gold Keys to open the Jackpot Golden Box.

- Take the [Lagendia Coupon] obtained as an additional reward from the Festive Treasure Warehouse island to Loffy, the beggar in Saint Haven, to get a special quest.






[Lagendia Exchange Coupon]

- Amass 20 and bring to Loffy in the village to obtain a ‘Navy Pirate Hat.’

- Lagendia Coupon usage period: Oct 12, 2019 - Nov 6th, 2019 (update maintenance time)








     3-3. October Attendance Reward




     3-4. Other


■ Best Hero Tournament Closed

- The Best Hero Tournament has come to an end, meaning the Entry Tickets have been removed from the World Daily Task rewards inventory.










[4] Cash Shop

     4-1. October Costume: Innocent Vampire Costume 


* Vampire Costume is back with updated status and a free hero title!







     4-2. October Halloween Double Gacha Box


▶ Bat Wings/Tail/Decal bearing fatal poison 





▶ Halloween Accessories 






▶ Pegasus Mount 3.0


[Step 1]


[Step 3]







     4-3. Item Protection Magic Jelly Price Discount 


Please check the details (Price, etc) at Cash Shop after Update Patch!