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UPDATE [Patchnote] April Patchnote 05. Apr. 2020 Views 97428

[1] Update

1. Labyrinth Depths & Fission Maze

2. Minos Equipment

3. Goddess Heraldry

4. Blood Moon Dragon Jade

5. Forest Dragon Nest Hard

6. Craft Item – Skila Equipment


[2] Changes/Additions

1. Beginner Guide Content and Reward Changes

2. Skilled Hero Equipment Added

3. Easier and Faster Specialization!

4. Deep Abyss of Nightmare (Labyrinth) Expansion

5. Dreamy Dragon Jade

6. Ladder Reward Restructuring

7. Warrior Dragon Jade Enhancement Material Acquisition Area Added

8. Division Nest

9. Hero Mission Changes

10. Item Guide Tool Tip Improvements

11. Gosuk’s Precious Box

12. Crystal Point Shop Changes

13. World Daily Task Reward Changes

14. Mission Bulletin Board Shop Expansion

15. Other


[3] Balance

1. Balance


[4] Event

1. Saint Haven Defence

2. [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space

3. April Attendance event


[5] Cash Shop

1. April Costume: Karahan Costume remains for April

2. Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box Update

 - Hidden Flower W/T/D
 - Dreaming Fox Clouds Spirit (Growth type)

3. New Face / Eyes Color Added



[1] Update

     1-1. Labyrinth Depths & Fission Maze











     1-2. Minos Equipment






     1-3. Goddess Heraldry







     1-4. Blood Moon Dragon Jade








     1-5. Forest Dragon Nest Hard











     1-6. Craft Item – Skila Equipment






[2] Changes/Additions

     2-1. Beginner Guide Content and Reward Changes






     2-2. Skilled Hero Equipment Added






     2-3. Easier and Faster Specialization!






     2-4. Deep Abyss of Nightmare (Labyrinth) Expansion





     2-5. Dreamy Dragon Jade






     2-6. Ladder Reward Restructuring






     2-7. Warrior Dragon Jade Enhancement Material Acquisition Area Added






     2-8. Division Nest






     2-9. Hero Mission Changes


▶ The “[XX mission] underway” message displayed upon entering dungeons will now be printed in different colors according to mission type.







     2-10. Item Guide Tool Tip Improvements






     2-11. Gosuk’s Precious Box






     2-12. Crystal Point Shop Changes






     2-13. World Daily Task Reward Changes






     2-14. Mission Bulletin Board Shop Expansion






     2-15. Other


■ Sunset-tinted Silver Coins can now be used in the Warehouse Keeper [General (Server) Tab].


■ Added Battle Enhanced Heraldry (Heroic) Boxes to Battle Enhanced Heraldry (Heroic) [Obtained Location].


■ Revised the [Obtained Location] and [Usage] tool tips for Extracted Battle Jade Dust.


■ Removed Tainted Dark Feathers from the Green Dragon Nest Time Attack rewards.


■ Black Dragon Nest Time Attack


■ You no longer need entry tickets to enter Black Dragon Nest Time Attack.

- Changed Tainted Dark Feathers from entry ticket items to collection items.


■ Added the Crystal Point Shop as a location where Lapis can be acquired.


■ Made the description and obtained location information of Zephyr Dragon Equipment in the Item Guide easier to read.


■ Mounts can now be ridden in the World Zone Temple Knight Training Ground.


■ Fixed the bug in Push! Crystal Statue by which unconditional mission failure does not occur when all the statues break at the same time while defeating the final boss.


■ Colosseum Adjusted Mode Revisions

- No longer removes the setting randomly when set to Adjusted Colosseum mode.


■ Changes to Hero Info Script in the Character Window

- The names of NPCs who can be purchased will now be highlighted when a Hero is not equipped in the Character Info(P) - Hero tab.


■ Trial Nest

-The Time Attack for each stage has been changed from 5 min to 6 min.


■ [Quest] Gust Dragon Nest

- Greatly decreased the HP of monsters appearing in the [(Quest) Gust Dragon Nest] that can be accessed during Main Quest [Chapter 17. Setting a Trap].




[3] Balance

     3-1. Balance










[4] Event

     4-1. Saint Haven Defence


       Entry Info 

- Entry Level: Level 40 - 95
- Entry Item: None
- Number of Players: 4 to 16 players (cannot enter in a party)



[Related Quests]

Saint Haven Defence - Remote Quest [Saint Haven Defence]



※ Defence quests from last season which are yet to be finished, will be initialised.





 Saint Haven East/West/South Gate ▶ Saint Haven Defence








[How to enter]


Enter either by joining a waiting group or by joining a group in progress.

Entry by joining a waiting group places you on standby until a minimum number of players (4) gather.

Entry by joining a group in progress warps you directly to the battle area.





<Enter a waiting room - standby in the waiting area>                                 <Enter a battle room - warped to the battle zone>





Revival in Saint Haven Defense does not consume Life Stones or Revival Scrolls.





1) Revive Wait Time

A revival wait time will be applied after dying during Saint Haven Defence.

Because you cannot revive yourself during this waiting period, you will have to ask other characters for assistance.

If another character approaches you and presses the Revive Key (default: R), the wait time will be elapsed.










2) Revive Countdown

A countdown will begin after the revive wait time has elapsed.

You will be transfered to the town if you do not select Revive or Decline within the time limit.









[Take Note]


- Saint Haven Defence is balanced.
- Durability is not reduced in Saint Haven Defence.
- You cannot enter Saint Haven Defence in a party.
- All skill cooldown are initialised when you first enter Saint Haven Defence and they will not be initialised when you die in battle.



       Saint Haven Defence Rewards 

- The items for sale at the Seasonal Point Shop have changed to commemorate the opening of Saint Haven Defense Basilisk.





      April Saint Haven Defence Event Schedule 




     4-2. [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space



This year’s first [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space - [Bacchus x Bacchus x Bacchus]


- Take out the three Bacchus brothers.
- You can deal heavy damage using Meteor.
- An Explosive Goblin Technician will appear.
- Success: Defeat every Bacchus within 5 minutes
- Failure: 5 minutes pass or just 1 person dies


- Bacchus HP constantly regenerates.
- Rumor has it that a lot of praise can produce a strong wind.



- [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space -replaced by Bacchus x Bacchus x Bacchus.





     4-3. April Attendance event


You can earn 1 'Goddess Coin’ each time you attend before the next update.
30 Goddess Coins allow the exchange of 'Deep Twilight Box (Class-specific-Armour)' from 'Priestess of Darkness Canele' located in 'Sunset Watchtower'.
[5] Cash Shop

     5-1. April Costume: Karahan Costume remains for April

Please refer to March Patchnote





     5-2. Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box Update

 - Hidden Flower W/T/D




 - Dreaming Fox Clouds Spirit (Growth type)






     5-3. New Face / Eyes Color Added


New  Face (1)


- Smiling Warrior Face
- Valiant Archer Face
- Antique Sorceress Face
- Valiant Cleric Face
- Innocent Academic Face
- Smiling Kali’s Face
- Serious Assassin Face
- Serious Lancea Face
- Cold-hearted Machina Face


 New   Eye Colour (3)


- Eyes : Olive Green

- Eyes: Aqua

- Eyes: Silver