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EVENT [GM EVENT] GET YOUR STIMPACK ! 27. Jul. 2020 Views 15484












[GM]Loren prepared some gifts with FTG recovery potions for Hot August!
Please log in from August 1st to 23rd and receive the rewards below!























*Two FTG Recovery Potions (1500, 7-days) will be given for each day of the event.

Ex) 2 potions on August 8, 2 potions on August 9





*All players have to log in to the event date to receive the item.
Ex) If you want to receive A Necessary Mask reward, you must log in from 00:00 to 23:59 (PDT) on August 15th.
































-All the above 95 level characters can collect these rewards.

-This reward will be distributed on an account basis.

-Unclaimed/Expired/Deleted items won't be reimbursed for any reason.