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UPDATE [Patchnote] November Patchnote 27. Oct. 2020 Views 103291

[1] Update

1. Division Gigantes Nest
2. Gigantes Nest Special Event
3. Devotion Minos Armor
4. Vandar Exclusive Side Quest Added


[2] Changes/additions

1. World Weekly Tasks Added
2. Dungeon Soft Renewal
3. Removed [Skill Accessories] from Blacksmith Craft Item Menu
4. Alpaca Quest Changes
5. Unused Stage, Nest, and Nightmare Point Shop Items Removed
6. Changes to Nightmare Shop Item Obtained Locations
7. Gosuk’s Precious Box Changes
8. Other


[3] Balance

1. November Balance Changes
2. Buff Skill Icon, Color Changes
3. Other


[4] Event

1. November Attendance Event
2. Other


[5] Cash Shop

1. November Costume: Animal Costume
1-1. Awakened Hero Costume (Vandar)
2. Special Lagendia Pandora Box Update
 - Colorful Balloon W/T/D
3. Pandora's Growth Spirit Box
4. Hardworking Hedgehog 2.0+Accessories
5. Other



[1] Update

     1-1. Division Gigantes Nest


◆ Gigantes Nest


- The Gigantes Nest dormant within ancient memories has appeared.



◆ Entry Information


- The Gigantes Nest can be entered and played based on the same conditions as the existing Division Nests.



◆ Gate Info

- [Gate of the Gatekeeper]: Gatekeeper Quercus




- [Gate of the Watcher]: Watcher Blanco 04



- [Gate of the Immoral]: Immoral Ghost




- [Gate of the Slave Leader]: Slave Leader Constan




- [Gigantes Nest Core]: Gigantes Maha




◆ Mission/Title Information

- Gigantes Nest-related missions have been added to [Mission (L) – Nest].




◆ A Gigantes Nest mini game!

Some changes have been detected in the long-dormant Gigantes Nest.

After defeating each gate's boss monster, you can play mini games per gate when you have accepted specific missions.





※ A special event will be held throughout November for the Gigantes Nest.

※ During the event period, all co-op/alliance missions will be changed to Gigantes Nest co-op/alliance missions.

   - Gigantes Nest co-op/alliance missions can only be completed by clearing the nest after beating the associated mini game.

※ For information on mission and event mission rewards, please refer to the <Gigantes Nest Special Event> section of these patch notes!




     1-2. Gigantes Nest Special Event





     1-3. Devotion Minos Armor


[Developer's Comment]


Greetings, heroes!

We are pleased to announce the release of [Devotion Minos], the product of another Minos Armor evolution that amplifies the effect of hero skills!


As promised earlier, the plan to “expand item farming to all content areas” will continue to be implemented,

and we will keep pursuing diverse concepts to ensure Dragon Nest continues to offer a developed gameplay experience for our heroes.


Please look out for further developments in the days ahead! :)




- Possesses an effect whereby each class’s hero skills produce [additional damage when a critical hit lands].

- This can be crafted by evolving [Minos Armor] using [Devotion Minos Souls].




[Equipment Specifications]

- With the armor patch, [Devotion Minos] has been given a specialized status. See the table below for details.
- The table below was based on an enhancement level of +0.


- The materials required for enhancement and the added effects are identical to [Minos Armor].

[Devotion Minos Soul]

- [Devotion Minos Soul] has been added to [Blacksmith - Craft Item – Set Equipment] for each character and armor part.
※ [Devotion Minos Soul] can be acquired for each character and armor part using the blacksmith Craft Item feature.

[Cube (Treasure)

※ The ability to craft Cubes (Treasure) needed for crafting [Devotion Minos Souls] has been added to [Blacksmith - Craft Item – Common Goods].
◆ [Treasure] Missions Added

※ We added a [Treasure] Mission in which [Gentle Dwarf (Treasure)] is guaranteed as a reward.






[Guild Collection] Reward Added

- When collecting in stages or nests, 1 [Constellation Stone (Treasure)] may be dropped at a very low rate.
(※ This item is different than the rare grade Constellation Stone.)

[Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace Reward Added

- There is a 100% guarantee that 1 [Catastrophe Dryobalanops] per party member will be dropped for clearing [Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace.


Rising Cliff Reward Added

-There is a 100% guarantee that a single [Cliff Fable (Treasure)] will be dropped, regardless of your party makeup, for clearing Rising Cliff.
(※ Upon clearing [Catastrophe] Red Lotus Palace or [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space, you will have a certain chance of being able to enter Rising Cliff.)


Gigantes Nest Reward Added

※ [Ancient Weapon Blueprint (Treasure)] will be dropped at a very low rate after defeating the boss in Gigantes Nest on Labyrinth 6F or higher.

     1-4. Vandar Exclusive Side Quest Added


▶ We have added 1 new side quest that can only be played by Vandar.

▶ Speak with ‘Daegwang’ in Streets of Red Lotus Palace to carry out the quest.







[2] Changes/additions

     2-1. World Weekly Tasks Added







     2-2. Dungeon Soft Renewal


◆  Dungeon Soft Renewal for Our Heroes


The annoyance of doors taking too long to open.

The inconvenience of being unable to attack until a pattern is complete.

Irritating monster attacks.


We have made improvements to eliminate these minor aspects that combine to increase the uncomfortable elements of dungeons, causing fatigue and frustration!


Our new improvements were made to ensure that our heroes can fully enjoy the fun of Dragon Nest without sacrificing the individual character of each dungeon.

We will continue to update our heroes on the improvements we make along the way through patch notes.




◆ Swamp of Dead Night


▶ Zone 1

We removed the unnecessary cut scenes that appeared at the beginning and made it so so that combat could begin quickly.

Minimized the appearance time of monsters and made monsters come as a group all at once, leading to fast-paced, explosive combat.


▶ Zone 2

We removed the unnecessarily repetitive explanatory messages and made the middle boss monster appear quickly.


▶ Zone 3

We updated the slowly appearing Spitflower to appear more quickly.





▶ Zone 4

Shortened the Ogre cut scene because it was unnecessarily long.

Reset the restricted areas that were hard to move to.

Minimized or removed messages that were repetitive or annoying.

Modified monster hordes so that they come out quickly.

Modified to be more natural and and fast-paced.


▶ Zone 5

Minimized the appearance time of monsters and made monsters come as a group all at once, leading to fast-paced, explosive combat.


▶ Zone 6

Improved to prevent abnormal boss zone entry that led to bugs.






◆ Forest of Waiting Noon


▶ Boss Zone

Improved the special attack pattern that came out too quickly and was used too frequently so that it is now used at an appropriate time.

Attacks are now possible during the special attack pattern.






 ◆ Forest Dragon Nest

▶ Boss Zone

Decreased the attack power of the Red Wisps that appear during the Forest Dragon Hirendel - Tree of Life special attack. 






     2-3. Removed [Skill Accessories] from Blacksmith Craft Item Menu


- Because Skill Accessories can no longer be crafted, we have removed the [Skill Accessories] tab and adjusted tab positions in the menu.







     2-4. Alpaca Quest Changes


▶ We have recreated the 'Alpaca, End of the Gaze' quest, which had disappeared due to Hero Skill level up improvement. It now features new content.

▶ The quest can be carried out by talking to Fargeau in Merca's Heart.

▶ This is a one-time, non-repeatable quest.






     2-5. Unused Stage, Nest, and Nightmare Point Shop Items Removed


▶ Removed items that could be purchased using Stage, Nest, and Nightmare Points.

▶ The list of items removed appears below.





     2-6. Changes to Nightmare Shop Item Obtained Locations


▶ With the removable of items that could be purchased using Stage, Nest, and Nightmare Points, the related obtained location information has been modified.

▶ The list of items with revised tool tips appears below.





     2-7. Gosuk’s Precious Box Changes


- Gosuk’s Precious Box contents and rates have been partially changed.






     2-8. Other


■ Hero’s Battlefield Ranking Board Finished

- With the removal of Hero’s Battlefield content, the related ranking board will also no longer be operated.

■ Meals will be changed from collection items to regular items. The list of affected items appears below.

■ Changed the maximum stackable amount (from 999 to 9999) of the fish type items that are required to be returned for guild missions.

■ Removed Genesis Accessory and Refined Genesis Accessory crafting from the blacksmith's Craft Item menu.

■ Removed Light Cube, Dark Cube, and Cube-related pouches from the Colosseum Shop and Colosseum Elite Shop.

■ Changed Cube-type items used as materials for Genesis Accessory and Refined Genesis Accessory crafting to collection items.


■ Hero Passive Skill Level Limit Modification

 - The level limits of all Passive Skills used by heroes have been reset to 1.





[3] Balance

     3-1. November Balance Changes











     3-2. Buff Skill Icon, Color Changes





     3-3. Other


■ Revised option making Hero Skill signal transparent.

- Modified the display of Hero Skills so that they are not affected by the Invisible Effect (Party) option in System Options.

■ Vandar Animation Improvements.

- Improved the quality of some of Vandar’s skill and social gesture animations.

■ Changed the skill effects of the Dark Avenger Hero Skill [Burst Hazard] and the Oracle Elder Hero Skill [Celerity Elder].




[4] Event

     4-1. November Attendance Event


- Players will get one 'Goddess Coin' as an attendance reward with each daily login from November maintenance until the next update.
- You can exchange 30 Goddess Coins for a ‘Deep Twilight Box (Class-exclusive Armor)’ through ‘Priestess of Darkness Canele’, located in ‘Sunset Watchtower’.
- You can exchange 3 Goddess Coins for a 'Goddess Heraldry' in the 'Skill Heraldry Shop' > 'Goddess Heraldry' tab.

     4-2. Other


■ Everyone's Banquet

- Everyone's Banquet has come to an end.





[5] Cash Shop

     5-1. November Costume: Animal Costume

- The package price is sold at a discount of 9,900 Cash.


■ Package composition

: 2 types of armor (Helmet, Suit) + 2 types of weapons (Main, Secondary) + Hero Title

Set effect is active between same grade costume.






> Hero Title





     5-1-1. Awakened Hero Costume (Vandar)

Awakened Hero Costume for Vandar ONLY will be at Cash Shop!

- The package price is sold at a discount of 9,900 Cash.

■ Package composition

: 2 types of armor (Helmet, Suit) + 2 types of weapons (Main, Secondary)


■ Awakened Hero Costume (Vandar)




     5-2. Special Lagendia Pandora Box Update


As mentioned on October patchnote, gacha guage will be reset during Update Patch on November 3rd starts.

 - Colorful Balloon W/T/D





     5-3. Pandora's Growth Spirit Box


Pandora's Growth Spirit Box will be on sale at Cash Shop after November update!





- [Storage Box] item is tradable one time ONLY.

- Potential Gauge does not exist for this item.





     5-4. Hardworking Hedgehog 2.0+Accessories

- The Snow Leopard 4.0 exchange function from Trainer Lindsay NPC has ended.


▶ Where to get Hardworking Hedgehog?


> Hedgehog Details





     5-5. Other

[Upgraded] Sale of Grubby Key Package items has ended.