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EVENT [GM EVENT] The Nightmare On Christmas 01. Dec. 2020 Views 19934






[GM EVENT 1 : Eagle Eye, We Need You!]













Please report any unintentional typos, mistranslations, or mistakes while the localization process.

We will give a small gift to those who find the typo in Dragon Nest!















[Event Period]








2020.12.03 ~ 12.10 (GMT+8) Total 7 days















[How To Participate]








① The event will be held on the Official Facebook page.






[Go To Event Post (Click)]











② In the event post comment, please leave a screenshot and a description of where you found the scene.

Of course, you must write the IGN together to receive the rewards!













③  All of your reports will be reviewed by the SEA service personnel.

We plan to distribute the following compensation by selecting a maximum of 30 winners,

and we promise to correct the submission you have reported between January and February 2021.
















The important point is that we receive reports of confirmed typos during the only event period.

Any typos confirmed before the event period will not be recognized as normal participation! Please remember!
















[Event Reward]




DNP 30,000

Lindsay Token 100

[GM] Magnifying Glass 50





















 (Revised) -The event reward will be delivered on 18th December 00:00

and can be collectible until 25th December 23:59. (GMT+8),







- This event reward will be sent on an account basis

and only above 60 characters can receive rewards.




-  In the case of [Help] tab, not updated in real-time or following update circulation

 so that some texts may be displayed abnormally.

For this reason, submissions related to the [Help] Tab at this event are not accepted.

















[GM EVENT 2 :  Christmas NightMare !]









(Updated as of 11th January)






If you have any queries about the event reward delivery,

please submit a ticket with account information through 1:1 inquiry via the website.







Inquiries will only be accepted until 23:59 (GMT+8) on January 13th. 2021,

and please understand that it would be difficult to provide assistance after the mentioned deadline.














Christmas is a great holiday for nightmares!
I will give the following gifts to everyone who plays the [Nightmare] Mission during the event period!















[Event Period]








2020.12.21 ~ 12.28 (GMT+8) Total 7 days
















[How To Participate]










 Accounts that have cleared the [Nightmare] mission during the above event period

at least once will automatically participate.




※ The clearing criteria are counted based on the acquisition of the 'REM Sleep Memory' item

that can be acquired when clearing Gate 1 and will be patched with December Update.
















If you do not acquire the item while playing, it will not be recognized as normal participation.








Regardless of the number of plays, only one account will be sent.

Above 95 level characters can receive the rewards.
















[Event Reward]






Gold Lotus Crown 300

Lapis 100




Santa Snowman Balloon (Mount) 1





































 -The event reward will be delivered on 30th December at 00:00 (GMT+8)

and can be collectible until 6th January 2021 23:59. (GMT+8),




-GM's decision is final.