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SALES [CLOSED] High Purity Core Special Sale ★ 19. Jul. 2021 Views 5613







 We hope that our brilliant adventurers are enjoying all of the July arrivals and events!

 Today, our team is pleased to preface our special surprise sale plan for adventurers so that can enhance DN power much more.





 A golden chance to get High Purity Core with up to 33% discount rate!

 This special sale will begin after the upcoming Scheduled Maintenance and continue until the July 27th Scheduled Maintenance starts before.






 Don't ever miss this discount benefit!







[Sale Period]




After finish 20th, July 2021 Scheduled Maintenance ~ before start 27th, July Scheduled Maintenance   / 1 week
























DNP is unable to purchase these promotional products and the 1:1 Inquiry service / GMs does not provide refund/exchange assistance for wrong charges and purchases for any reason.

② Any mistake/accident cases caused by a lack of comprehending of these promotion details shall be interpreted as attributable to the buyer/player.

③ The promotion period and details may be extended or reduced and changed in consideration of the operational circumstance.






Happy Nesting with Special Sale ♥