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NOTICE Permanent Account Ban for Cash Abusers Notice 21. Jul. 2021 Views 3905



Dear Adventurers,





There have been reports of players that did Cash Abuse and gained profits from the abuse from 2nd July to 22nd July.



Below is a partial list of users who are therefore subject to [Permanent Account Ban] due to such cash abuse. 




Users below have clearly obtained improper profits and attempted to acquire them by exploiting the cash charging/exchange/chargeback/trading system.







[Cash Abuser]














[Gain Benefits from Cash Abuse]


















The investigation into the viewing is always conducted in detail, and all users who have been identified and related to the investigation are informed that a permanent ban is carried out without prior notice.




Please be aware that any activities including using cash abuse or other abuse that harms the game environment and go against game policy will be subject to Account Ban, as stated in our policy.




▶ Operation policy information:




We ask for your cooperation in maintaining and building a healthy gaming environment.





Thank you for your cooperation.