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NOTICE (Updated as of 14th June) Known Issue Notice after the June 2022 Update Patch 07. Jun. 2022 Views 9056





Dear Adventurers,


We would like to inform you that the following issue has come to our attention:




1. The error message which pops up when using the Frozen Helmet/Upper Body Pens contains insufficient information. 

└ The Frozen Helmet/Upper Body Pens require both 2nd Specialization and Awakening. The error message states only 2nd Specialization. 

└ The error message will be fixed as soon as possible. 



2. The abnormal damage output issue where Gladiator casts Hero Skill and Dreamy Dragon Jade Skill at a once while equipping Dreamy Dragon Jade has been confirmed. (13th June)

└We were supposed to fix this issue completely with the June 2022 Update Patch but confirmed the issue goes on. We will bring the resolution patch soon.


3. The issue where Blade Dancer cannot case Gust Dementia after using Twinkle Spin in PVP. (14th June)