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[Spec Upgrade Guide] Section 1 16. Apr. 2018 Views 13624

Hello, Adventurers!




Have you reached Max Level and been wanting to upgrade your character's attack power to the next level? 


Then you've come to right place! This is a Spec Upgrade Guide that will give you a helpful, basic guide on enhancing and upgrading your equipment specs!


If you were wondering how to utilize the equipment enhancement and equipment specs, this is the guide to see. 


Once you know the steps, it'll only be a matter of time for you to become the best Hero in Lagendia! 




■ What is Enhancement? 
Part of the game content where you can enhance your equipment by using gold and material items. 


■ Why do I have to enhance?

To enhance your character's attack power. As you enhance your character's spec, you'll be able to enjoy more and more game contents... Like going into more challenging nests and triumph over Dragons!


■ Enhancing your equipment

 Go talk to a Blacksmith NPC located in every town and click on [Blacksmith store/Item repair] → [Enhance Item] 

② Place the item you wish to enhance in the slot (right click or drag to the enhancement UI).

③ If all the required material items for enhancement are met, proceed by clicking [Enhance].

④ You can click on the [Purchase] button underneath the enhancement material to purchase the materials required.

   You can also place your cursor over the material to see the item info and its obtainable locations. 



■ Required Enhancement materials 

Items required for enhancements can be obtained in Nest/stage or purchased from NPCs. Put your cursor on the item UI to check the Obtained Location info. 

Or simply click on the [Purchase] button bellow the item during enhancement and purchase in gold.

These are the three items you need for enhancing the Hero's Neris equipments, for example. 



■ Reducing the cost of Enhancement

You can get the Enhancement fee reduced 50% if you enhance after purchasing the 'Golden Goose Guild VIP Membership.' (Sold by Dishonest Merchant Pero)



■ Item Tier

Now that you've learned how to Enhance your equipment items, let's learn about Item Tier. 

When you've accomplished Enhancement level +20 of your equipment item, you can craft a converter to convert to the next tier of the equipment. 

As your equipment reaches the next tier, your attack damage will increase significantly. 


■ Item Tier stages :

Tier 1 Hero's Neris → Tier 1 Hero's Medea → Tier 2 Hero's Medea → Tier 1 Hero's Calypse → Tier 2 Hero's Calypse. 


■ Equipment list guide 

First, you can check out the Equipment list in the [Growth Guide] icon located under the mini map on the upper-left corner of the game screen. 

The Growth Guide has information on the spec-up processes you need to achieve to grow your character.


■ How to search for Item Information

① Select a Class you wish to look up in the [Equipment Collection].

② Type in the level of the equipment (or the level of the character) you wish to look up and click [Search].

③ Click on the item icon to see the item's obtained location and item information.


How to increase your Item Tier


   I. You start by purchasing the Hero's Neris equipment from the town Blacksmith NPC's shop.


   II. Get the puchased equipment enhanced up to +20 Enhancement Level through the Blacksmith NPC.


III. Talk to the Blacksmith NPC to go to [Craft Item] → [Common Goods] → [Lv.95 Item Converter] and choose the item converter that you need for your equipment.


For +20 Hero's Neris equipment, you need the [Lv.95 Item Converter (Unique)] → 'Equipment Converter - Tier 1 Neris - Tier 1 Medea.'

This converter will upgrade your Tier 1 +20 Hero's Neris equipment to the next tier, which is Tier 1 Hero's Medea.



IV. Right click on the item converter and then place the item that has reached +20 Enhancement Level, or an item that has been upgraded to the next tier. 


V. Select the item you wish to convert to and click the [Convert] button. And you're done! 


(End of Spec Upgrade Guide Section 1. In Section 2, you can check out the increases in damage for each Item Tier.)



For more information on how to upgrade your character, please refer to the [Growth Guide] icon located under the mini map on the upper-left corner of the game screen. 

You can get basic information about the game contents, and about equipment and other items that help you enhance your character. 



Hope this guide was helpful in enhancing your game experience ;) 


Happy Gaming, everyone!