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Art Contest (Season2) Winners' Work 19. Jun. 2018 Views 9292

Dear Adventurers,



I would love to intoduce those fabulous art works created by our DNSEA adventurers during the Artbook Contest Event, so please enjoy! : 

*Please note that the order of those drawings is randomly listed.





IGN: Ravurii




IGN: Frauzst




IGN: Mintacka




IGN: rin194




IGN: Mistique00




IGN: Katranna




IGN: Etheryn




IGN: MortalDust




IGN: Nimfaireza




IGN: Neimina




IGN: Zingzi




IGN: Quinteslla




IGN: xNhataLie




IGN: Exaamon




IGN: ILiela




IGN: Kuraiku




IGN: Emuthoria




IGN: Cazul




IGN: Gazback




IGN: Shirozume