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Q&A with Developer K and [PM] Lisa 30. Jul. 2020 Views 16736





Hi Everyone,

We were very happy to host this [We Are Eager to Listen to Our Heroes!] event. 



Please refer to the original notice for the details




We would like to announce that Developer K answered mainly the questions that many users are curious about.

In addition, Q&A video that contains some of the questions is now up! Please refer to Youtube video.







 1) keep on with the good work

Thank you




2) Is there something you have done in which you regret? If there is, what was it?

My personality tends to be quite positive in that I don't use the word "regret" with regards to anything in my life, hahaha.




3) Additional channel for Red Lotus town?

It's good to have a lot of people around.




4) Will you add the next story after the Red Lotus?

We have a lot of storylines ready for after Red Lotus Palace. Vandar is also part of the Red Lotus Palace story.




5) Why is Red Lotus Palace (RLP) only have 2 channels ? even you are trying to make everything move to RLP.

Moreover, sometimes, player with different region from the server get trouble with unstable connection, and it will be worst when we have to go to RLP but actually RLP channels full and off course it will make disconnect from the game automatically.

Red Lotus Palace is a market where heroes gather, so it has to be crowded.




6) In the future, is there any chance that DN SEA will add an option for choosing character voice language, such as japan character voice?

No. Japanese voices should only be used for Japanese clients.




7) This might sound stupid but are the developers making something that we should look forward to? Like a new class, new skill, or new nests

I think seeing Argenta appear as a dragon would be the coolest thing. I don't know when that will happen though.




8) Is it possible to enhance the Dragon Nest game engine? Currently, it's using only 1 core in a multi core computer which is a bottleneck to improve its performance. What are your thoughts about it?

It's an old-fashioned, self-developed engine, but it also has some cool features that show Dragon Nest's charm, so we're constantly working on it.




9) After reading the recent patchnote, I changed my mind. The dream game I was waiting for is here. So my inquiry will be, how do you see Dragon Nest 5 years from now?

I suppose you could say that five years from now we'll probably release a Dragon Nest sequel using the Unreal 5 engine.




10) Is there any possibility that would be collaboration or inspired in our (PH) traditional to the costume in game? And if there's a chance that collaboration or inspired in any costume in game. That would be a honor and highly appreciation.

That might be possible if there were more people in the SEA server.




11) please consider the use of ftg is very wasteful

How would you like it to be reorganized? Can you give me some details? We don't have any plans for reorganizing the fatigue system at the moment.

The fatigue system also serves as a measure to prevent becoming overly absorbed in the game. I think players need to take care of their real life after they've used up all their fatigue.

That said, I'll be sure to request more FTG Potions be provided, at least.




12) You are the best

Thank you, ID Bellvita. I think you're the best, too!




13) How will the game improve in encouraging players to be less toxic?

I also think it's very important to be a 'less addictive/stimulating' game for long-term sustainable services, and we always care about that aspect when developing.

We plan to create an environment where players can selectively enjoy non-farming aspects, such as collectible costumes for example, rather than focusing solely on farming to improve abilities.




14) There will be unique events like sack racing and areca climbing? reference:

Me too. I'll ask my team to create a lot of events.




15) how u guys can imagine updates and balance class? and how elemental and natural attack works? how u guys work each other to select what changes to do in pve/pvp?

In fact, we should pursue a perfect balance in the long run, but since it's such a difficult goal, in the short term we are trying to make sure there won't be any characters who are left out because they're too weak.

We collect ranking data from the Sunset Training Ground Contest and identify the weakest classes to try to improve them for the sake of class balance, and as a rule try not to make any classes weaker. (I don't understand the attribute question.)




16) i hope developer add costume epic in crystal point shop

I can't promise it's going to be soon, but we'll put it in.




17) Give me costume sir please.

In your opinion, Do you think the character system is balance Mr. Developer K??




18) In your opinion, Do you think the character system is balance Mr. Developer K??

We are aware the character balance is not great. There are many structural difficulties. Let me tell you about the difficulties and how we're improving later when I get the chance.




19) Is there any chance that u guys will bring back those nostalgia bgm for Calderock or Saint haven?

Should we revert to the old BGM? I'm leery about doing that because some of you might like the new BGM.




20) i loved to play DN, I'm Kali player, maybe next time kali have white skin T_T, please DN Sea give us white skin of kali ♥♥♥

You'll realize the beauty of Kali's copper skin someday.




21) Love this latest update !! keep it up !!

We'll stay positive. Thank you.




22) Is it possible in the future you will increase the level cap?

We don't plan to increase the maximum level. We hope the loot from Dragon Nest will remain valuable for a long time.




23) Would there be level 100 cap? How long do you think dragon nest will last?

I haven't thought about unlocking to level 100, but if we do, I want it to be really special!!




24) When you want update max level? when you will give Moonlord new skill? When you will make Dragon Nest Movie again? What The News place you will make again?

What you want from Player to make this game better from now? Where you are will get inspiration place to make new place for Dragon Nest? How Many Target Player do want to play this game?

Level expansion will probably be in 2021 or 2022. I believe the new Moonlord skills were released along with Hero Skills on June 18th in Korea.
I don't know anything about a Dragon Nest movie since I'm not involved. In order for the game to improve, we need to make sure those who spend cash don't dominate the game.




25) Hi! I would like to ask about the future plans with regards to higher cap levels and what should the players expect when this happens in the future. Thank you!

Players can look forward to a Treasure Vault Nest in the next patch!




26) I started to play Dragon Nest since 24lvl cap and deciding to start over recently with some of my friends :D Is there any chance for Eyedentity Games to make content that is based on other culture folklore?

In South East Asia there are a lot of countries with different folklore. I think it will make an interesting storyline. Keep up the good work Eyedentity Games!

What a long time you've played! Thank you so much! Mixing another culture into the game is something I'm looking forward to!
The problem is that not everything goes my way!




27) With the recent updates, why push PVE players to do PVP?

I'm sorry. We're planning on making up for Fierce Battle because we think there was a lack of direction in our planning.




28) Is it possible to add another farming method for lapis as now the mats is very limited and kind of slow and take long time to get.

I'm sorry to tell you that you'll need more new items (will be newly added with future update patch), by the time Lapis become available for farming. I hope you can find a way to play at a more leisurely pace.




29) What is the most complicated patch that developed so far? And why?

That would be the Labyrinth difficulty patch. To automate the difficulty level, we had to internally recreate about 10 nests/110 stages in total!




30) Have fun





31) I have big advice for you guys, i think you really need to put a penalty for those people who are in fierce battle , because there are so many people doing AFK when they are in TEAM RED (INFLUENCE OF SPEEDCOLIE) i hope for those players who are AFK in the fierce battle will be have a penalty like , if the player is AFK for 2minutes the will not be able to find match for 5 minutes for next round , and if the same thing happen again the player will be penalty and can't find for 10minutes and so on. please that would be a great help , i hope you guys listen.

I agree. I promise you the next Fierce Battle will be improved.

1. Abuse
2. Pushing PvP on PvE players


Those two aspects.




32) Just Fight Never Give Up!

I think it's cool not to give up, but there are times when you need to let go!




33) Is There Any Additional Voice Changes Like JP/EN/RU?

It can't be done. There are technical issues preventing it!




34) Good afternoon Sir/Mams why dont you make antique/old costumes have greater stats if they are players who played the game first.

We're planning to display all the previous costumes in the cash shop! Please wish us well in doing so.




35) I assume you guys are already aware of the recent problem with fierce battle event.

In near future when you release similar features to this mode, how do you exactly handle that so the called pve player can get what they want (as in this event is limited heraldry) and pvp player can get some fun. It is invetable that currently DN is either pvp or pve.

Players will be able to collect Fierce Battle Heraldry again through mission rewards. I'm sorry again about Fierce Battle.




36) how long have you worked so hard to reach this point? Will a new hero appear?

There was no effort involved. I enjoyed it. The new hero, Vandar, was released on June 18th in Korea.




37) What kind of content do you think players will like?

Although not all players have the same preferences, I hope content that anyone can enjoy, such as missions, will become more exciting!



38) why we should play DN every day?

You don't have to play it every day! You don't have to play any game every day. Taking care of your personal life and balance are important!




39) Players are already reducing; competitors & online games are increasing. What will you do to get the upper hand and make the players stay, what will we expect from DNSEA 5 or 10 years from now?


Dragon Nest was disregarded by some gamers because it failed to satisfy them as a game. The DN development team and I lacked experience and talent.

Now we're looking at it from the same perspective as the player, and we're doing our best. I have a good feeling that we will be able to keep going for the next five years.




40) I'd like to ask what's the future plan for Wonderful Theme Park? Will it have new content?

There are no plans for Wonderful in the near future. Two new Nests are being prepared for the third and fourth quarters in Korea.




41) In DN SEA everything is quite good I kinda like the environment about DN SEA nowadays it kinda feels like home sometimes and I kinda like what Developer K has done to it.

I hope you all keep up the good work just to satisfy player and We are excited about the new Class Vandar and the Desert Dragon Time Attack Revamp here in DN SEA. Stay Safe DEV's and We Love you always.

Thank you so much. Your warm words give me energy! We're still lacking in many regards and I feel like I should apologize to SEA players. We'll work even harder.




42) Why Red lotus looks like china town?

If it looks like Chinatown, it was a success! I'm hoping to have content based on Sentosa Island in Singapore or the Chocolate Hills of the Philippines one day!




43) Why invader hates me too much?

Well... The Invader doesn't like good-looking people.




44) Why don't we have a Heal Sorceress ? It sounds legit though. Every healer from novel, movies always carrying a staff and books xD

The sorceress has to play an offensive role. If the sorceress becomes a healer, few people may end up using the class. We should respect that each class has a role to play.




45) Why dragon nest still not use the news engine and run on 64bit?

We're working on a specific 64-bit environment, but we're having a hard time because there is fifty/fifty split between 32-bit and 64-bit windows users.




46) Why must "Dragon" nest?

We're just doing what we're good at. It doesn't have to be a dragon. When we have the chance to make monsters that can be expressed more impressively than a dragon, we'll do that too.




47) Why is the High Grade Goddess plate only available for Raining Blossom Top 1 guild team? Can it be extended to other guild rank for fairness?

I wish we all could live in a world where we work together instead of competing, but we're not there yet...




48) Why did you become a game developer?

In order to develop games with people I care about!




49) Why not make it Open World action mmorpg?

If the chance ever arrives, yes.




50) of all the heroes/class which is your favorite one? :D

That would be the Assassin! I want to be like an Assassin.




51) Do you have boyfriend or girlfriend? if you have, when you married?

I'm 40 years old and married my girlfriend who I met through a game when I was 32 years old. We are living happily together.




52) Create a 1 more Hero weapon is Boomerang or event for Warrior Female Warrior PLS THANK YOU.

There are so many classes, so I think it's a good idea to increase the number of weapons for the existing classes! But there are a lot of hurdles to making a female warrior.




53) Where do you guys get the inspiration for the updates and new events?

I get ideas from playing other games and, surprisingly, I often get ideas from playing Dragon Nest!




54) How long have you been working for Eyedentity? How was your experience?

I joined Eyedentity Games as a skills team member in 2012 and created Kali, the Assassin, and the Dark Avenger! Pretty nice characters, huh? I was recognized for my passion for Dragon Nest and became a producer.




55) When is the next game optimization will be done?

We're really trying to optimize the game these days. You'll see the results within a year!




56) How can I get in touch with PM [Lisa]?

Hmm... Lisa is a mysterious figure, so wouldn't it be difficult to contact her?




57) What/Who inspired to create this game?

I began participating in development two years after the game was first produced, so I don't know much about what inspired the basis of the game!




58) What are your advice to aspiring game developers?

"They who know the truth are not equal to those who love it, and they who love it are not equal to those who delight in it." - Confucius -




59) Hello good day! If it's not too much, is it okay if u also put the corresponding Co-op floor in the notification text that appears when u enter the nest? A lot of playing have been saying that they have a different co-op floor and want to "stack it" but after clearing the nest it turns out they don't have a co-op mission. They just leave right away after getting the rewards and get away with it that easy. It's kinda sad because sometimes player would actually talk to them and befriend them and in the end those people just lie to them in the end. Thanks for hearing out my inquiry! God Game Dragon Nest!

We are aware of that problem. Sorry about that. We're planning to resolve the issue, but it's not a quick fix.




60) Hello there, Developer K, what are your visions for DN for the next decade? I as a returnee to this game felt overwhelmed when I saw the massive amount of changes being placed and didn't hesitate to install back this game. Using this platform I too would like to say my thanks to you and your team in making this game wonderful and by god's willing, DN will always be regarded as the best game for me and hopefully for those young ones coming into the gaming scene. Thank you :)

Thanks a lot for trusting us. Allow me to inform you of my grand vision for the next 10 years!
Dragon Nest will be full of adventures, and it will be the best game in your life that carries on with you. Also, it's going to be a game freed from the influence of cash.




61) Hello Dev. K!, I wanna ask.. When spin-off character for Machina release? hehe >.<

Maybe 2021?




62) Hello Sir K! I hope that you and the rest of the staff are in good health. my question is "Do you plan to max the level cap of DN Sea to level 100? and if Yes, when are you planning to implement it?... That’s all.. thank you very much for keeping this game alive, I really love this game...#staysafeeveryone

Thank you. Always take care of yourself, too.

Please refer to the duplicate question and answer.




63) buff loli :D

I could be a little devil? A donkey? I always do the opposite of what people expect!




64) Hi eyedentity !

What's up man?




65) Does ED have future plans to cross platform the game? For example, a player can play the game using Sony Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch or put it on Steam client?

If a Dragon Nest PC sequel comes out, I think it'll come out as a cross-platform game!




66) before eyedentity, cc owned this game, for what reason did you bought this game? is it for reviving the game? for profit? or you found something extraordinary that amaze your interest?

It's for the sake of better service.




67) Do you need a College Degree to be a Game Designer in EYEDENTITY??

You don't need a college degree! All you have to do is love games!




68) I heard of the new class, and I want to know what stats it needed.

Vandar is a 2nd Specialization class relying on Intelligence and Agility.




69) When do new class release.

June 18th for Korea. Still in planning for SEA.




70) When will be the new class be released? I’m so excited to try that one you're the best developers in all mmorpg game i also played WOD thank you for making such a wonderful game god bless and stay safe developers!

Thank you for enjoying Dragon Nest.




71) Are you guys Happy?

Every day is my happiest.




72) Will Dragon Nest be going onto platforms such as Steam? It will increase the playerbase.

We launched on Steam, but experienced many hurdles.



73) Will there be a content for those who are solo players like me? or content that is not hardware intensive one not like this newly fierce battle. I would be greatly happy if you just answer this question.

I'm also a solo gamer, so I think solo content is important.

That said, there's no content for solo players planned for the second half of the year.




74) just remake saint no so nice.

You're the best!




75) Is there any wish to add a new class and a gender system?

I do in my dreams, but not in reality.




76) Where did you get the idea of the new character?

30% business/30% developer's taste/30% variety/10% producer's opinion




77) About the new skill that requires Hero level 2000, isn't it too much? Can you reduce it to level 1500? Or maybe in the future there's a level potion similar to Fission maze potion?

We designed it so 2000 can be reached in one month once the Level Potion comes out. It won't be easy, but it won't be that bad either, considering that previous players worked hard for a year to reach the 2000 level.




78) Is there a possibility of DN remake into a new game engine? if so would there be and option for legacy or new game engine? thank you!

The possibility exists!




79) In future, what are those strategies you guys will use in order to balance the ability between non-cash player and cash player, and ensure non-cash player won't give up in this game?

All purchasable items should be designed to be 100% obtainable through in-game effort alone. The player who pays just gets them a little faster.




80) What are you planning to defeat the bot player.

Due to the mission system, completely unattended play is impossible. Multi-account players that only control things to a certain degree are the sole problem. I think it will be better if we constantly tweak things to eradicate BOT players. Staying power is the key.




81) Can you guys still eliminate the bot users in game which causes massive lag?

Keep going, Loren




82) Are there any plans of releasing new classes after the Vandar in the future?

There will be another big guild patch in the second half of the year. We are preparing 2 types of Nest content.




83) As we know, there's an incoming new class Bandar / Vandar. Where is the inspiration and gameplay style come from? What kind of storyline will Bandar have?

Vandar was inspired by tomb robbers (treasure hunters), and is the first Mistland-born character.




84) Barbarian and Crusader class improvement.

The Crusader is really powerful. Not reducing its ability took utmost tolerance on my part. The Barbarian was designed with powerful hero skills.




85) Is moonlord is your favorite job?

Not at all.




86) Why ED still buffing Moonlord?

I guess you don't have any Blood Moon Dragon Jade. A Moonlord equipped with Blood Moon can go 1:1 with a dragon.




87) I would like to ask if its possible in the near future to wear both Dream and Bloodmoon Jade at the same time? Because some people like the visual effects of boosted skills. Thanks in advance and More powers!

You might want to take back your thanks. Unfortunately they can't be equipped together. Not now or in the future.




88) Will there be a gender selection update for all classes?

The addition of genders is a simple and wonderful design option, but we're not planning it as of yet.




89) Will dragon nest slowly rework all the classes?

Every class has to constantly change to enable continuous and recurring play. We will continue remaking classes, but intend to do so while adding gameplay that changes according to item settings. I hope you like what we have to offer.




90) I am curious about how do the developers creative planning on adding new skills to each character (such as awakening) in the upcoming and hopefully max lvl 100? as the skill rotation of every character is very unique and enjoyable to play with :D

We can add new skills without expanding the level limit to 100!




91) Is there any plan to continue the Main Quest soon?

It will continue for a long time. There are still so many stories left to tell.




92) If you would be a Dragon Nest character, which character are you?

The Assassin. I'll sneak inside that place(?) using Fade.




93) What are the real names of all classes in Dragon Nest Main Story?

Is this a quiz?




94) Can it possible dragon nest sea will be collabotarion with another game of movie and anime? because that will be awesome!! and I want to know to that will be another function for wing that we can fly? If possible >.<

I don't know if Loren can afford to do it because it's hard to collaborate. The flying function would be totally cool. Unless there is a bug.




95) Are you happy that you're working in Dragon Nest SEA Developer K? Why?

I'm happy. Because I can work with Loren.




96) What is the thing that make's u feel proud about being the PD. of Dragon Nest?

I feel proud when I receive the support of players who love Dragon Nest.




97) What is your source of inspiration while creating Dragon Nest?

Dragon Nest was originally inspired from elsewhere, but all subsequent updates have been inspired by the Dragon Nest universe itself. It's really something.




98) Do you think dragon nest will run for another 10years for the 20th year anniversary?

No. Frankly speaking, I think the original Dragon Nest 2 will be released on its 15th anniversary (I'm not basing that on anything in particular.)




99) What is your opinion on building a Dragon Nest Theme Park? I think it will be the place where I want to spend the rest of my life.

Dragon Nest Park seems a bit too grandiose, so why don't we start with a Dragon Nest-themed cafe? If I had a lot of money, I'd set it up myself.




100) Hai Developer K! I’ve been playing dragon nest SEA since open beta and went through so many things. dragon nest is the first game that I played until now and I want to ask a few things regarding the development of dragon nest in the future. first is will be there a new level cap implemented in dragon nest? second is there going to be a remake for some classes like dark summoner and soul eater? because only a few players that using this classes in SEA because this classes have complicated gameplay for newbie. third is how far do you planning on developing Dragon Nest in the future and whether it can make Dragon Nest survive in the future? that’s all of my questions, I hope you can answer it and thank you for your willingness. sincerely your loyal player since 2010.

1) Please see my answer to another related question.
2) Dark Summoner and Soul are designed to be difficult. Newbies should start with Vandar.
3) I hope the future of Dragon Nest will be even more worthy of the Dragon Nest world.
I believe content and characters will be even more satisfying than now.




101) Are there any new projects related to Dragon Nest, is there a new project, like sequel maybe?

To be precise, today's version of my answer is "Not at all".




102) how does dragon nest sea survive? so that we as players feel calm without fear of being closed

The change of publishers and decrease in the number of players would be enough to make anyone feel insecure. I understand how you feel. But Dragon Nest SEA is now seeing an increasing number of players and the server is becoming more energetic.
 As the producer, I can assure you we will not shut down the server. That's why I'm answering 200 questions from users and I think I'm the first producer in the server to do just that.




103) How satisfied are you for being a Developer of Dragon Nest?

My satisfaction level with regards to development quality is 60%. We still have a long way to go. I tend to have a high standard when it comes to self-criticism.




104) Can we have a sneakpeak or even just a small tidbit info on what is coming to DN for Q3/Q4 2020 (and even Q1/Q2 of 2021)? Thanks, :)

1) Expansive guild content and improvement patches
2) Add two cool Nests




105) What are the greatest words from DN fans that kept you going developing this game?

"Thank you for developing Dragon Nest" < There is no greater joy than having people say this to me. It makes me feel like I've achieved my dream.




106) Dragon nest has developed very unique platforms in which various players like me enjoyed throughout its 10 years of service. A lot of stuffs happened, some progress are astonishing, and new contents are well planned. Dragon nest has become a part of my life, as a gamer I really love to see the game progress so well and would love to spend some time playing it before I go back to the real world. I couldn't forget the day I started playing DN way back cap 40, when apocalypse is the coolest thing you can get. So far my life inside DN is very remarkable and worth remembering. Hahaha it seems it will take me a couple of months just to narrate my experience, I guess just a simple question will do. What drives you the most to continue your hard work and passion for the development of the game? Can we expect greater contents in the near future? Cheers------

I'm honored to receive positive feedback about a game that is admittedly not perfect.
When I was exclusively a game player, I had games that I considered part of my life, and I know the kind of joy that brings.
I think it's meaningful for both developers and players when games exist as a part of someone's life.
I'm glad you and I were able to communicate through Dragon Nest.


I don't think passion can be sustained by any conscious effort.
If you happen to encounter the right environment and conditions, you're going to experience persisting passion without even being aware of it.
I think I'm lucky in that sense.


I've answered questions about future content, so I'm going to add one more thing in that respect:


From 2020, Dragon Nest's heyday will be continually renewed. Each new day will be the best day in the history of Dragon Nest.





107) Do you play Dragon Nest and what server xD.

I play incognito in the Korean server.




108) What is your philosophy or roadmap update for DN SEA? Are there going to be different content/events that differ us from other servers such as CDN or KDN?

Honestly, I don't think about different philosophies depending on the country. I just hope that the Korean server embodies the essential inspiration of Dragon Nest and that inspiration will reach every country in service.
I don't think the fun of a game stops at national borders. In that sense, the SEA server is becoming more worthy of Dragon Nest and I believe that only good things will happen in the future. We have Loren working with us, after all.




109) We already had Raid Nest, why don't Dragon Nest Sea / K develop with Dungeon Raid with 8 people / guild member? IT WILL MORE FUN: D

People can play games anytime, but I hope it can become an event for everyone if possible.




110) Why not add a channel to red lotus? Because 2 channels are very lacking for DN sea players

There is a lot of talk related to the Red Lotus Palace channel. I'll see if I can extend it.




111) If you have the magic to change Dragon Nest graphic and design entirely, would you change it to match the trending MMORPG games?

If we could make the graphics more like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I would consider doing so. Dragon Nest's graphics are not that great, but it's not easy to decide upon a change because they have their own unique character.




112) Do you like durian?

I love durians, but I can't eat them at work because of the smell. It's a shame.




113) What patch would Desert Dragon Release?

It will come when it comes, right? LOL




114) Will there be a decrease in the amount of fatigue used in dungeons?

I believe that buying eye cash would support the development of the game but there are multiple players that wish to play the game without spending real money and some may not be able to afford fatigue potions.

I'll tell Loren to share a lot of FTG Potions.




115) Add more Classes, fancy costume and gears.

Making costumes is becoming more difficult as the number of classes increases. We'll try to make more.




116) Is there more characters to be launched?

We're going to release as many as League of Legends.





Machina, of course!




118) How can you make the game newbie friendly?

It should be a game with a lot of content that can be enjoyed by high level and low level players alike without forcing them to spend cash.




119) I want developer to hold an event with a wing / costume weapon prize ^^ hopefully developer will be loved by all players :) (y)

I got your request.




120) Will there be a Guild War system soon? Thank you.

We're preparing a guild war, but it's not going to be a battle where players hit each other directly. More like an indirect competition?




121) After updating guild mission content, do you have another plan for guild update? (Ex: updating guild base)

We're preparing a lot for the second half of the year in Korea. There's going to be a better guild hideout.




122) I would like to ask about any future plans for the guild stores. Since now we have the guild coin missions, the items that can be bought on guild store is not so practical.

I hope there will be some addition in guild related items such as guild titles or even customized guild costumes to be released soon. Thank you very much.

That's right. We're going to make adjustments.




123) please fix your graphic, drop rate and latency issue.

A lot of technical problems were solved in June in Korea while making graphics improvements.




124) Good job





125) Any plans for an event to earn lots of gold?

Being rich is relative. When everyone gets rich, no one is rich.




126) Will you add more features like a dungeon for new players attained max level in order to catch up players with high equipment levels?

The June update in Korea includes an item "soft reset," and we're going to do a soft reset in terms of additional content and farming on a three-month basis.




127) What about added exp/drop double event more often?

Hey Loren! Are you getting all these requests?

Lisa: Sorry guys, I got your request…. But, we're going to have this event through a Main Quest Improvement/Changes!




128) Can I see the face of Mr./Mrs. Developer K.

I want to remain a bit of a mystery, but I'll give you a very, very nice photo of myself through Loren.




129) Good day Developer Kyung Nam Lee. I’m a BIG fan of Dragon nest specially in PVP mode. I know we are facing pandemic disease now but my question is my question does the dragon nest team planning for another DWC tournament after 2018 dwc tournament. and if yes when? thank you

A pandemic is a pandemic. DWC is an impossibility at this point. I'm afraid everyone's health is more important.




130) please kick AFK player on Fierce battle mode

I got your request.




131) How do you feel when you see the Fierce Battle Related Event that is used improperly by some players for their own benefit without thinking about other players.

I'm so sorry about that. It was too late to do anything so it only lasted for a month.




132) What's in your mind when u guys add the [Battlefield] Fierce Battle?

I wasn't good enough. Please don't ask me any more about that.




133) What are the hardest obstacles that you have to overcome while creating new ideas for the game?

The most difficult obstacle is my lack of "creativity", lol.




134) Please Optimize the game resolution.

I'm doing that.




135) Hello, thank you for hosting this event. My question is, have you ever thought upgrade the game engine into recent tech?

It's not the most up-to-date engine level, but we're doing our best.




136) Are the game story going to end soon? I really enjoy the game story. Wish I could know more about this game.

Game stories will stay with you forever.




137) If you are given a chance to change the name of the game, what would it be and why?

League of Dragon Nest/Because there are so many characters.




138) Pros and cons become a game developer?

Advantage: You get paid while enjoying games. Disadvantage: Lack of work-life balance.




139) Can Developer Explain Next Raid Nest After Gust? and how many dragons we fight?

The next big Nest brings with it some new changes. This time the dragons are not the drivers of the storyline. There will be another dragon next year, but I can't tell you what kind of dragon it will be.




140) What class/job do you think is the most powerful as of now? Personally.

A pious boy.




141) Do you as developers feel happy developing Dragon Nest Games? we as players are very grateful for your hard work, we hope you also feel happy, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Surprisingly, ninety percent of my life is happy. I guess you could say ten percent is fighting against things I don't want around me? I wish you long-lasting happiness also.




142) I would like to say thank you from developer of this game from the bottom of my heart I’m truly great that I meet this game cause this game is very hard to learn for beginners

but except for that this game can meet you friends and loves it could give you happiness.

Thank you very much. You always make me feel happy.




143) Who is the handsome Developer?

The guys who made the Gust Dragon.




144) What reason makes your dedication in this game?

Because of you.




145) Hello developer K, I want to ask you, which npc you like the most and why? (you can only choose 1)

NPC likes "David". I think the essence of Dragon Nest is adventure. David is the king of adventure.




146) When is your birthday Developer K?

June 19th happened just recently. It was the day after the patch in Korea, so I worked late at the office.




147) Hi, Dev K. You think what class is the most hard to make or remake? hehe

The hardest class is Arc Heretic. No matter how much we tweak it, it's not popular.




148) What does dragon nest SEA meant to developer K?

I want Dragon Nest to be your most comfortable server, like an old friend.




149) hello Developer K! I want to ask, why do I not have a Girlfriend?

You should cut down on Dragon Nest.




150) Hi Developer K, I'm a developer too, want to know about how hard you can maintain this cool game? and what you usually do when doing scheduled maintenance? haha

I don't think my devotion is because I'm particularly good at it or a result of a great deal of effort. I just think it was the right environment for me. Like a girlfriend who is a good match.
I also do the final test during maintenance, haha. I work really hard on that, too.




151) Will there be improvements by the Dev side? Like the Fierce Battle event was conducted poorly.

It's true. I'm sorry. I have nothing to say.




152) I want to know about how the developer make the story of dragon nest, based on what imagination you make many story for each character then combine them all?

Everyone is interested in what inspires and drives me.

I'll answer seriously. You might think Dragon Nest is a program made up of a collection of code, but it's actually a world where tens of thousands of users interact. After creating the world with the first wave of creative inspiration, I think we developers should continue to immerse ourselves in that world view and ourselves become adventurers in the Dragon Nest world. It's like playing a TRPG and getting into a game role. You get inspired by all the stories that unfold in the world. The inspiration that comes from that then makes the world of Dragon Nest even more unique to and worthy of Dragon Nest.

It works like this: immersion in the world of Dragon Nest > inspiration > inspiration makes Dragon Nest more worthy of Dragon Nest > which leads to more immersion > more inspiration > eventually an unlimited creative loop.

This means the most important thing is respect for and immersion into the world of Dragon Nest.




153) best game ever

Thank you




154) Dragon Nest Sea is the best game ever

Thank you, thank you




155) Dragon nest is the best Rpg game ever

Thank you, thank you, thank you




156) Can you bring back the affordable gacha event or at least Bring some joyful event in 10th anniversary of Dragon nest 😊😊😗😗

Loren will prepare a ton of events.




157) When event gachalicious come again ?

Loren will prepare a ton of events.




158) When you will have a "Meet and Greet" event again?

We can't do that because of the pandemic. But an online meeting is possible.




159) well clearly this will not be read so, I just want to say... PLEASE NOTICE ME PM LISA <3 ^_^,

Hey Lisa? Please give that person more attention.




160) What is the most challenging part of being a Developer? Is it making new contents/events or Keeping the game alive?

The challenge is not seeing games as a business. It's a contradiction that I'm getting paid for developing a game.




161) I like you, do you like me too >///<?

If it's a woman, yes. If it's a man, no.




162) Developer K. Are you single?

Not at all.




163) Have Developer K ever logged in this game as a normal gamer and what was his most memorable experience?

I try the dragons with the Dragon Nest developers. It's a thrilling experience to be immersed in the game you're creating.




164) What is the story behind forming this company called Eyedentity Games?

I wasn't involved in establishing it. I'll ask the CEO.




165) I only see the development of DN games as if they have lost innovation. During the overhaul in the game, a lot of old nests were recycled back with promising rewards. However, many players in the high-high end caste open the service of completing Nest, in fact this kills the RPG genre and makes players choose the instant way, which is to farm gold and pay services. Impression grinding last time I played (mid-2019) does not feel like the early DN was built (cap 60-70). Of course, GM makes events and changes in the NPC shop to reduce the distance between Free to Play and Pay to Play players (for example: nest points, dungeon points, etc.). On the technicals side, I've heard DN uses old engine games that are often problematic on mid-high PCs. Please answer the problem I mentioned so I can consider returning to playing Dragon Nest, because I think Dragon Nest has a very interesting gameplay in the MMORPG genre.

That's a serious question.

I sympathize in many respects. I think it's true that Dragon Nest began losing its creativity after level 60. Simply put, it was time to fight for the survival of the game service itself. Dragon Nest content before level 60 was creative, but inefficient, and didn't maintain continuity of gameplay. Behind the front of a creative game existed a crisis for the survival of continued service for the game.

To overcome this crisis, we needed a system that could inspire the continuous motivation to play the game and a structure that could increase content productivity. 2020 is the first year after having survived this crisis. I think we will be able to display the creativity that Dragon Nest has forgotten while standing on firm ground from now on. Okay, that's enough grim talk for one day.

Thank you for your opinion.




166) are you married PM Lisa?

I have no idea.

Lisa: Do you want to marry me? :D




167) Hi! I've been playing dragon nest since level 60 cap. I would like to ask are there any plans to revamp the game graphics engine?

I'm doing that.




168) Will the dwc 2020 appear?

We are in a pandemic, sorry.




169) Is it not possible for item change class 1st? why?

It's technically difficult.



170) at the first 10 anniversary teaser video from the developer documentary, what did you guys mean by "please return to Dragon Nest"?

I think it's a good time for players who were disappointed with Dragon Nest to come back. We have a lot to show you.