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[Winner Announcement] Sharing Well-Wishing Words Event 26. Feb. 2021 Views 2466


Good afternoon Adventurers,
this is [PM]Lisa!



We apologize for the delay in sending rewards for the [Sharing Well-Wishing Words Event] event, a small reward containing the meaning of apology will also be included on today's reward to all participants.


No more sorry time Lisa.. (;´・`)>


Now going back to the main point, we would like to thank you all who participated in [Sharing Well-Wishing Words Event] event.
We were so impressed and amazed by the warmful messages.


*Event Link:
*Facebook Link:


Here are the list of the 3 winners!


[1st Prize Winner] - Eyastra07
- Reward: DNP 20000 Voucher


[2nd Prize Winner] - Akatanyu
- Reward: Love of Friend 1ea Pouch


[3rd Prize Winner] - XKurifodoX
- Reward: Wings Box Making a Strange Sound (3)



Once again, thank you for the amazing words Adventurers!


*Reward Notice Link (Updated recently):