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COLUMN [Guild Story] - Say We Loving New : Gosu (Pre: ValhaIIa) 11. Jan. 2022 Views 1363


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1. Pre-Guild Name (~until January 2022 Update Patch Start)




ValhaIIa (2 big i at the end)





2. Post- Guild Name (~After January 2022 Update Patch)










3. Please write down the reason why you want to change your guild name in English. (e.g., goals for 2022 etc.)






Guild Master: Ashukten / Duelist




The guild started mid-end 2021 with my friend GreedsGood with our goal in mind to be the next top guild of the new era of Big Bang, but then no rank reset was made, and that made him completely retire out of the game.

Now as a new Guild Leader of the guild, I plan to start the year 2022 with a new name, together with my chosen set of members, aims to solidify why Dragon Nest is one of the most compelling PvP system to ever exist,

and for SEA to experience playing with and watch the best of the best, together, in one house. What better way to begin an era than a new name.


The Aces, The Masters, The Leaders Gosu









4. For those wandering adventurers who are hesitant to join the guild, say something to promote your guild in English! (No text limit)




I want nothing but the top players in every class there is. If not Gosu, who else?