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COLUMN [Guild Story] - Say We Loving New : C00LKnights1NT (Pre: C00LKnights) 11. Jan. 2022 Views 1568



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1. Pre-Guild Name (~until January 2022 Update Patch Start)















2. Post- Guild Name (~After January 2022 Update Patch)














3. Please write down the reason why you want to change your guild name in English. (e.g., goals for 2022 etc.)






Guild Master: DarkKn16hT / Dark Avenger





It was the year 2010 when I started playing Dragon Nest (SEA). I also founded my own and former guild 3Kooletz during the level 40 cap with members from different countries. And so, when I left the game last 2013, I also left my family in Dragon Nest behind. It was too late when I learned that the game was to be handled by the developers of the game, sad to say I was not able to retrieve my old accounts together with the guild. I have tried multiple games but I still keep coming back to Dragon Nest SEA without knowing why, but maybe it is because of the intensity and fun of this game… For almost 3 years that I have returned in DN and since the day I created this new guild, THE *C00LKnights, we have been known for our name that have led us to create beautiful friendships, alliances and connections within the guild and with those who are in different guilds as well. We build trust that makes us stronger during our dungeon or nest runs, and most especially during dragon raids that needs presence of mind, unity of skills and strengths. This change would indicate a fresh start and new look without losing the original name that we have been known for. There are so much to look forward in the next years to come and so with a new guild name we strengthen those connections we have made and make new memories in DN Sea. For with the diversity in our guild there is unity. I can say DN is part of my life, I am looking forward to more years of fun playing and challenges with you “WE’LL GROW OLD TOGETHER WITH DRAGON NEST SEA”.









4. For those wandering adventurers who are hesitant to join the guild, say something to promote your guild in English! (No text limit)






Everyone is welcome to join our DN family... "We are unity in diversity". We are a family built with love, trust, faith, peace, respect, and camaraderie. Let us make the game enjoyable and a safe space for everyone to play. We grow through what we go through together, because coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. Let us all unite in strengthening our guild and create memories together. Help us build a better place for one and all. Come and join our guild, C00LKnightSinternational. Come one, come all, and together we rise.