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COLUMN [Guild Story] - Say We Loving New : Artwork (Pre: Epicentre) 11. Jan. 2022 Views 3987



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1. Pre-Guild Name (~until January 2022 Update Patch Start)















2. Post- Guild Name (~After January 2022 Update Patch)














3. Please write down the reason why you want to change your guild name in English. (e.g., goals for 2022 etc.)






Guild Master: MintCafe / Inquisitor





Hello everyone, This Guild Master Epicentre "MintCafe" This is an interesting event to talk about. why ? because it's a miracle that we can start a new chapter that accompanies us going forward, from a mistake in making a guild name to wanting to recreate the meaning of a union so that every member feels comfortable what they know from that meaning. wished there was some form in the guild renaming coupon, but it couldn't materialize. because it was difficult to match a name that was already on the guild list. I hope the goals of this sheet can be realized so that players feel the sensation in 2022. So much from me, thanks. Thank you also for the service Dragon Nest Team SEA Love u All :3 ..









4. For those wandering adventurers who are hesitant to join the guild, say something to promote your guild in English! (No text limit)





Are you hesitant to join a guild? calm down in a guild there is someone who teaches you how to play and work together to start a game that is worthy of a big challenge. you don't need to be afraid of anything, do it and start being confident about what you want to form a party in the future, and laughing happily while playing in a guild association if there is an unwanted threat, let's invite to share infomarsi in another guild. Happy Gaming Nest, Players :3 ..