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GENERAL [GM's Life Moment] GM Studying What? 22. Jul. 2021 Views 879



Hello everyone! [GM] This is Loren.

These days, after workingout and playing games, in my spare time, I study to learn simple Bahasa expressions.  ⸜( ˙˘˙)⸝



Surely, I was able to say very simple greetings before, but I wanted to communicate with you in a slightly longer sentence, so I opened the book again.

I'm older now (?) and even though I'm still at the beginner level, I'll study slowly and steadily! :)



Honestly I had plans to travel to Southeast Asian regions last year, but due to the pandemic, it was canceled all year. Q_Q

I really want to achieve the goal of doing Dragon Nest SEA in SEA regions someday!



Please give a lot of support