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UPDATE [Patchnote] August Patchnote 05. Aug. 2019 Views 50483

[1] Updates

1. Black Dragon Nest Time Attack

2. Best Friend System

3. Oath System



[2] Changes/Additions

1. World Daily, Weekly Task Changes

2. Gosuk's Precious Box



[3] Event

1. Storm of Time and Space - Alpaca Pasture

2. Everyone's Banquet

3. August Attendance Reward

4. Other



[4] Cash Shop  UPDATED 

1. August Costume : Duke Synthesis Costume 2.0

2. August Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box Update

- Maple Wing/Tail/Decal

- Blue Ocean's Wild Goose Spirit

- Red Lotus Ring/Earring/Necklace




[1] Updates

    1-1. Black Dragon Nest Time Attack



     Entry Info  



[Entrance Ticket]

You can obtain [Contaminated Black Feather] x2 upon defeating Green Dragon Karahan in Green Dragon Nest Time Attack.
Contaminated Black Feather can be traded or sent to server storage.


1. Time Attack


The [time limit] now applies to each gate checkpoint, not the entire Nest.

You will have 30 seconds to reach the next checkpoint once the [time limit] runs out, after which you will have failed the Nest challenge.






2. Warrior Revival at Gate Clearance


All ghost warriors will be revived upon [clearing a gate].

For example, if seven of eight party members are killed but the remaining hero defeats the boss, all seven perished warriors will be revived.





3. Revive Count Limit


[Hope Flowers] can be used to revive warriors up to 25 times.





4. Growing Distrust


When each warrior dies, the entire party will be inflicted with an irreversible [ATK down debuff].


The [debuff] can be stacked a maximum of 5 times, but the stack number will not increase again if another warrior is killed within 5 seconds of a debuff (five second grace period).


The [debuff] will last in perpetuity until a gate is cleared. It will disappear and the stack number will reset when the gate is cleared.






◆ Gate 1 - Centurion Ogre Baopar


You will battle the Centurial of the Black Corps blocking the Saint Haven South Gate bridge. Centurion Baopar is hungry for revenge against all humans.





◆ Saint Haven Underground Prison


The long-abandoned Underground Prison of Saint Haven is widely rumored to be teeming with the vengeful spirits of dead prisoners. However, it is through there you must tread in order to gain entry to Saint Haven, which has been attacked by a dragon.



※ The Underground Prison has no time limit or death penalty. You will get a reward at each gate.




◆ Gate 2 – Engata General Umbala


You have nearly made it to the city. But it seems likely the Black Corps who attacked the city will have something up their sleeves to eliminate the warriors causing them so much trouble all this time.






◆ Gate 3 – Black Ring Punisher Meluka


Saint Haven has been completely destroyed. Its remaining soldiers are fighting to the death to resist the invasion. It is time to turn the tides of battle against the minions of the Black Dragon who have terrorized this once peaceful city.






◆ Gate 4 – Chiliarch Titanion


The Heavenly who swept through Saint Haven now have their eyes on the royal castle. They have summoned monsters born of a twisted power to create a final line of defense preventing the warriors protecting Saint Haven from entering the castle.




◆ Gate 5 – Black Dragon Feder


The past history of the invasion of Saint Haven repeats itself in the form of a nightmare. Before this ungodly nightmare is able to completely devour all reality, you must plunge headlong into the battlefield of the past to turn the tides of battle and slay the nightmare’s incarnation, the Black Dragon.





    Black Dragon Nest Time Attack Mission 

The Black Dragon Nest Time Attack mission has been added to [Mission(L)-Nest-Dragon Nest].





Black Dragon Nest Time Attack-related missions added are as follows:




    Inner Gate Rewards 

You will receive a reward for defeating the bosses appearing at each gate within Black Dragon Nest Time Attack. 

[Black Dragon accessories]

Each accessory has a low drop rate after a gate boss is defeated. However, even if you don’t get an accessory directly, you can collect the [Black Corps Nameplates] acquired upon defeating each gate boss and trade them for accessories in the [Dragon Scale Shop].
Accessories can be enhanced to +20, but currently cannot be upgraded. However, in a future update we plan to enable upgrades using the component materials acquired at each gate, just like with Green Dragon Accessories.
The [Legion Malachite Ring] and [Punishing Obsidian Ring] have the same basic stats, but the additional stats acquired upon future upgrades are expected to differ. 

[Accessory Disassembly]

Upon disassembly of a Black Dragon Accessory, you will receive the same component materials acquired from each gate boss.

    Black Dragon Feder Kill Reward 


[Black Dragon Feder Kill Reward]

After defeating Black Dragon Feder, who appears at the final Black Dragon Nest Time Attack gate, and clearing the Nest, you can receive the following rewards:

[Black Dragon Only Mount]

The [Proud Black Dragon], a Black Dragon only mount with a very low acquisition rate, can also be obtained as an achievement reward for completing the achievement [Clear Black Dragon Nest Time Attack 15 times].
§Before right-clicking to take possession of the mount, you can move it to the server storage.

[Black Dragon Armor]

Corrupt Black Dragon Gloves and Shoes can be acquired upon defeating the Black Dragon at the final gate. They can be enhanced up to +4.

Though Corrupt Black Dragon Gloves and Shoes have a +4 enhancement limit, these equipment items have high ATK and very high DEF.
[Corrupt Black Dragon Gloves Boxes] and [Corrupt Black Dragon Shoes Boxes] acquired at a low probability rate from Golden Chests/Silver Chests can be traded/moved to server storage. However, once the boxes are opened and the gloves/shoes are acquired, they cannot be traded/sent to server storage.

[Enhancing Armor]

Enhancement of Corrupt Black Dragon Gloves and Shoes requires Lebrium Points, Corrupt Black Dragon Scales and component materials received at each gate.
[Corrupt Black Dragon Scales] can be acquired upon defeating Black Dragon Feder at the final gate. 
[Component Materials per Gate Boss] can be acquired upon defeating the bosses of gates 1-4.

[Armor Disassembly]

Lebrium Points can be acquired through disassembly of Corrupt Black Dragon Gloves and Shoes.

Best Friend Who Couldn’t Be Closer

- A best friend system within the game where two users become closer than just casual friends. Limited to one person.

- Upon becoming best friends, you will receive best friend buffs, titles, rings and other rewards.

- You can leave messages when your best friend is offline by using best friend features and make an oath to stay forever.



Making a Best Friend

- When logged into the game you can become best friends with any other player who doesn’t yet have a best friend.

- You can only have one best friend.

- To make a best friend, you need a [Best Friend Registration Pledge].

- [Best Friend Registration Pledge] can be purchased in the Community Shop using Community Points and gold.

(Though you cannot make any more best friends if you have one already, you can still purchase [Best Friend Registration Pledge]. Be sure to check your best friend status before purchasing.)





[Making a Best Friend]






Best Friend Rewards

- Upon making a best friend you can acquire special titles, buffs, and rings as rewards.




[Title Reward]                                 [Buff Reward]                                     [Ring Reward]

Titles boasting best friend                   Buffs exclusive to best friends                     Accessories offering desired effect

intimacy level                                                                                               Use of ‘best friend ring boxes’ allows you to select one of five ring boxes




     Info on Best Friend Features 

- You can send private messages to your best friend even when they are offline.

- You can see basic info about your best friend, and make an [oath] that deepens the relationship even further.


[best friend]






    1-3. Oath System












Oath Points
- Oath Points are points you can obtain through Party Play with your fellow oath-taker.
- You can obtain Oath Points by doing the following in a party with your fellow oath-taker:

* Some early stages do not provide points.



- Oath Points will be reset to 0 if you break your oath. You can begin collecting points again after taking a new oath.
- You can purchase a variety of items in the [Oath Shop] using Oath Points.
 -We may increase the number of regions where Oath Points can be obtained in a future update.



Oath Shop
- The Oath Shop can only be used while an oath is still active. Access the Oath Shop by clicking the [O] key to enter the [Oath] tab, then pressing the [Oath Shop] button at the bottom of the screen.
- We may increase the number of items for purchase at the Oath Shop in a future update.
- Love’s Remedy is an item that allows you to obtain at random various potions and elixirs including recovery potions/stamina potions/attack elixirs/defense elixirs/hold elixirs/stun elixirs/CRT elixirs/movement speed elixirs/bighead potions.
[2] Changes/Additions

    World Daily, Weekly Task Changes

One (1) type of World Daily Task was added, along with Weekly Task and reward additions.




    2-2. Gosuk's Precious Box


Partial changes made to the contents and acquisition rate of Gosuk’s Precious Box.

The Deep Twilight Box (class-specific) from Gosuk’s Precious Box provides an armor or accessory item specific to the character's class. A Sunset Corridor Key is required to open it.
You can obtain a LV 95 Unique or Legendary grade Warrior Enhanced Jade from the Sealed Warrior Enhanced Jade obtained from Gosuk’s Precious Box.
You can obtain a LV 95 Rare grade Warrior Enhanced Talisman from the Sealed Warrior Talisman obtained from Gosuk’s Precious Box.

[3] Event

    3-1. Storm of Time and Space - Gosuk's Precious Box


◆ [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space has changed.


August [EVENT] Storm of Time and Space – Alpaca Pasture



• Use the powerful Alpacas to slay the wolf Lycanthrope!
• Wolves are weaker when they've been stunned. Wait until the wolf is stunned and has fallen to give it a beating it won’t soon forget!
• The Alpaca Ranch door will open upon ringing the two bells on opposite sides of the ranch.
• When you stop the wind from blowing something good will happen.
• A mysterious Alpaca might appear, who knows...?
• Success: Defeat the wolf within 5 minutes
• Failure: 5 minutes have expired or just 1 person dies



[Storm of Time and Space] - Changes


[Bacchus × Bacchus × Bacchus] removed, converted to [Alpaca Pasture].

    Entry Info 
- Entry level  :  LV 93 or higher
- Entry capacity: 1-2 people
- Weekly clear limit: 7 times
- Revive disabled

※ You must have an Entrance Ticket to enter the Everyone's Banquet.



   Entrance Ticket 

- Acquisition area: Temple Knight Training Area [Dimension Rabbit] - [Everyone's Banquet]
- Can be purchased 1 time daily per character, and Entrance Ticket must be used within 1 day.



    Guide Quest 

- Remote Quest > [LV 93] Everyone's Banquet

 ※ Can be received by pressing hotkey ‘U’ to open the quest window, then click ‘Remote Quest’ tab at the top.




    Stage Details 


<Stage Objective>

- Challenge the highest floor to receive better rewards.

<Stage Rules>

- User HP, MP restored upon clearing normal stages
- Dead players will be revived upon clearing boss stages
- Stage will end when all players perish.

<Reward acquisition conditions>

- First treasure chest: Clear boss stage (4F)
- Second treasure chest: Clear boss stage (7F)
- Third treasure chest: Clear boss stage (11F)
- Final treasure chest: Clear boss stage (12F)


<Changes this Season>

- [Delightful Banquet Hall Benefit] buff’s speed up effect has been reduced: 30% → 15%.
- The HP of all monsters has been increased.


※ User stat revisions will be applied to this content.

※ Mercenaries, pets, and potion items cannot be used.

※ After our comprehensive revision, the following skills and equipment skills have been disabled:


- Skill Dragon Jade
- Costume Normal Skills
- Costume Transform Skills
- Fragment of Will, Nice Premium Benefits
    Stage Composit 
- Upon normal stage entry, you will be randomly sent to one of two stages.
- The stage clear count will increase after clearing 3 floors.




    Reward Info 


Everyone's Banquet rewards

- Upon clearing Everyone's Banquet 4F, 7F, 11F, and 12F you can acquire a reward item from a chest.

- When challenging the Everyone's Banquet with a party of two (2) people, the number of cube fragments acquirable on each floor may differ per person.

 However, the number of party members has no effect on the maximum and minimum amounts of cube fragments that an individual can acquire.

e.g.) After clearing 4F, party member A may get 2 fragments, while party member B gets 9 fragments.

- There a small chance of acquiring Lapis, Dark Stones, or Golden Goblin Coins from the reward chest after the final floor, 12F!





Everyone's Banquet Shop

- The Ancient Element Cube Fragments received in the Banquet Hall can be exchanged in the [Dimension Rabbit - Open Banquet Shop] for Ancient Element Enhanced Talismans, Ancient Element Cubes, and Premium Ancient Element Cubes.






    Talisman Enhancement (Ancient Element Cube) 

- The [Ancient Element Enhanced Talismans] available for purchase at the Everyone's Banquet Shop come with four elemental properties: fire, water, light, and dark.

- The initial stats for each elemental property of the [Ancient Element Enhanced Talismans] purchased in the shop will be 0.5%. Each property can be developed up to 5.5%!

- [Ancient Element Cubes] can be developed from 0.5%-5.0%, while [Premium Ancient Element Cubes] can be developed from 5.0%-5.5% (grows 0.1% each time one is used)

- Cubes will disappear after a single use.





    3-3. August Attendance Reward

It will be updated soon!





    3-4. Other

- The June Board Game Shop has been removed.






[4] Cash Shop

    4-1. August Costume: Duke Costume (Synthesis Costume)


 New Synthesis Costume Update + Previous month's Costume remains in Cash Shop

- July's costume, the Oriental Vampire Costume, will remain in Cash Shop for August. 


 New Costume Update:

- It's the Duke Costume with shiny effects!




    4-2. August Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box Update

▶Maple Wing/Tail/Decal




▶Blue Ocean's Wild Goose Spirit




▶Red Lotus Ring/Earring/Necklace