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UPDATE [Patchnote] December Update (Modified on 30th Jan) 07. Dec. 2018 Views 68924

[1] Updates

1. Fission Maze

2. Fission Nest Area 2

3. Lebria Heraldry Quest



[2] Changes/Additions

1. Forest Dragon Equipment Enhancement Applied

2. Changes in Converters

3. Changes and Additions to Lv95 Equipment (MODIFIED)

4. Names Changed for Labyrinth Relic Materials

5. Changes in Long-term Guild Mission

6. Victory Dragon Jade, Talisman, Heraldry Added

7. Store Revamp

8. Tasks Revamp

9. Golden Goose Guild Membership Guide

10. Others



[3] Event

1. Sea Fishing is the Real Fishing !   [Click to go to Sea Fishing Timetable]

2. Christmas Event!

3. New Year's Event!

4. Others



[4] Cash Shop

1. Winter Costume

2. Christmas Treasure Box

- Wings/Tail/Decal, Spirit, Mount




[5] Web Shop

1. Web Shop Opening







[1] Updates


1-1. Fission Maze






 Fission Maze Nest Mission Added 


[ Achievement (L) – Nest ]’s Fission Maze Nest Mission has been newly created.

One Mission and one Title have been added to Fission Maze.

Newly added Mission and Title are as follows.






 Points Dropped By Middle Boss 


If you play [Fission Maze] which consists of random Nest areas, middle boss will drop additional rewards.









1-2. Fission Nest Area 2



◆ Discovery of New Fission Nests 


With the Labyrinth growing stronger, more Fission Nests have been found.






◆ Fission Nest Area 2 


1. Previous Fission Nests - Volcano, Guardian, Mist, and Chiron Nests will be called “Fission Nest Area 1” from now.


2. The newly discovered Fission Nests - Typhoon Kim, Professor K, Granom, and Serpentra Nests are called “Fission Nest Area 2”.


3. Fission Nest Area 2 has the same characteristics as Fission Nest Area 1.







◆ List of Fission Nest Area 2 



Typhoon Kim Nest





Professor K Nest





Granom Nest





Serpentra Nest






 Fission Nest Area 2 Nest Missions Added 


[ Achievement (L) – Nest ]’s Fission Nest Area 2 now has new Nest Missions.






 Missions and Titles 


4 Missions and 4 Titles have been added to the Nests of Fission Nest Area 2.

Newly added Missions and Titles are as follows.






 Fission Nest Area 2 Nest Rewards 

- Rewards have been added for the Nests of Fission Nest Area 2.

- These Nests will take after the Labyrinth floors and drop the same rewards as the 4 existing Nests.






 Labyrinth Nest / Stage (Abyss) - Point Drop Added 

- When you clear Labyrinth Nest and Abyss level stage, you can get [Nest], [Wonderful], and [Nightmare] points.











1-3. Lebria Heraldry Quest












[2] Changes/Additions


2-1. Forest Dragon Equipment Enhancement Applied


■ New enhancement type has been applied 

- The new type of enhancement may destroy the item but it also has a huge growth potential that makes up for the chances of destruction.

- The new enhancement requires less commission compared to existing enhancements (tiered item).

- The new enhancement method can be used on Forest Dragon equipment and Goddess equipment.







2-2. Changes in Converters


■ New Converters have been added or some Converter functions have changed.







2-3. Changes and Additions to Lv95 Equipment


■ [Skila Equipment] Added

- Lv95 Legend [Skila Equipment] has been added!

- Now you can use [Equipment Converter - Legend] item that can be crafted at the Blacksmith to upgrade [+20 Calypse Tier 3 Equipment into +0 Skila Equipment].

- For each Skila equipment, you need 3 Special Storage Ticket to store it in the Special Server Storage.


MODIFIED=> ■ [Skila Equipment] Enhancement Information

If Item Protection Magic Jelly is not used, there is a chance of destruction in enhancement level within the range of 10 to 20 enhancement level. (ADDED)

- When enhancement fails, there is a chance of a drop in enhancement level within the range of “minimum drop in enhancement level to maximum drop in enhancement level”.









■ Changes in Enhancement

- Gold and Lebrium Points needed for Level 95 Tier equipment (Epic: Neris to Legend: Calypse Tier 3) will be changed.

- Enhancement success rate for Level 95 Tier equipment (Epic: Neris to Legend: Calypse Tier 3) will be changed to 80%. (Exception: Calypse Tier 3 +10 → +11 will have 100% enhancement success rate)

- Following the changes in the amount of Lebrium Points needed for enhancement, the amount of points acquired when Tier items are disassembled will be changed as well.





※ Developer's Comments

Previously, the enhancement of Tier equipment required low cost at low enhancement levels and high cost at high enhancement levels.

We structured it that way in order to calculate the cost based on the stats that increased with enhancement.


However, with the addition of new Tiers in the long term and in order to lower the entry barrier, enhancement cost has been reduced constantly

and that resulted in a disparity in equipment’s growth through enhancement and enhancement cost compared to what we intended.


To solve this issue, we have made changes to make the enhancement cost (in Gold and Lebrium) gradually increase for all Tier equipment (from Epic to Calypse)

and restructured the commissions to make it suit the level of growth.


Additionally, the [50% discount in enhancement cost], which was the biggest benefit among the benefits that were removed due to the removal of Golden Goose Membership,

is now applied to all enhancement levels so that would solve the problem of users enhancing their equipment only when they have the Golden Goose Membership.

Also, apart from the 50% discount of enhancement cost, total amount of Gold needed to reach Calypse Tier 3 +20 has been lowered by about 15% compared to the past to reduce the burden on cost.


We have made the improvements based on the above intentions.

However, that has brought about an increase in the cost for lower Tiers.

This might seem like a loss for users in the short term but with the lowered cost for high enhancement levels, the overall cost has not changed much.


This update’s cost revamp has been carried out in all levels so we feel cautious about that.

We will continue to do our best to bring satisfaction to our players.

Thank you.



■ Enhancement Details












2-4. Names Changed for Labyrinth Relic Materials


With the addition of Limit Break Nest, names of [Fissioned Crystal] items that contain Nest-related names have been changed.






2-5. Changes in Long-term Guild Mission


- With the addition of Fission Maze, some of the Long-term Missions have changed.

- Accomplishment count for the missions that you have already started doing will remain.







2-6. Victory Dragon Jade, Talisman, Heraldry Added


■ Victory Dragon Jade has been added

- Victory Enhancement Dragon Jade consists of Epic to Legend Grade.

- Victory Enhancement Dragon Jade’s stats are 100% to 70% of the stats of Hero’s Enhancement Dragon Jade stats.

- You can get Victory Enhancement Dragon Jade from Mysterious Enhancement Dragon Jade Box sold at the Nest Points Store.

- Victory Enhancement Dragon Jade cannot be traded.



■ Victory Talisman has been added

- Victory Enhancement Talisman consists of Magic to Rare Grade.

- Victory Enhancement Talisman’s stats are 100% to 70% of the stats of Hero’s Enhancement Talisman.

- You can get Victory Enhancement Talisman from Mysterious Enhancement Talisman Box sold at the Nightmare Points Store.

- Victory Enhancement Talisman cannot be traded.



■ Victory Heraldry has been added

- Victory Enhancement Heraldry consists of Epic to Unique Grade.

- Victory Enhancement Heraldry’s stats are 100% to 70% of the stats of Hero’s Enhancement Heraldry stats.

- You can get Victory Enhancement Heraldry from Mysterious Enhancement Heraldry Box sold at the Wonderful Points Store.

- Victory Enhancement Heraldry cannot be traded.






2-7. Store Revamp





 Seasonal Points Store

Seasonal Points Store’s Saint Haven Defence tab will become inactive.

It will be reactivated when the next Saint Haven Defence is held.






2-8. Tasks Revamp


■ Changes in Daily and Weekly Tasks

Some Daily Tasks and Weekly Tasks and their rewards will be changed.








2-9. Golden Goose Guild Membership Guide



- With the removal of Golden Goose Guild Membership benefits, you will be compensated with [Golden Goose Guild Compliment Badge] based on the duration of your membership.

- The price of Golden Goose Guild Compliment Badge sold at the store has been changed. ( Magic : 1 Gold , Normal : 50 Silver )

- Membership benefits are as follows.



You can also check the details through the notice section:  CLICK 





2-10. Others


■ Equipment Collection Guide

- Skila equipment has been added.

- Victory Dragon Jade, Talisman, and Heraldry have been added.


■ Calypse Equipment

- Calypse’s Origin that appeared when Calypse Tier 2 +20 Equipment was disassembled will no longer be dropped. (It has been changed to drop Lebrium.)











[3] Event


3-1. Sea Fishing is the Real Fishing !



Click here to go to the Bonus Sea Fishing Event, "The Hero and the Sea"!



 Sea Fishing is now open!! 


Tired of hunting? Fishing event is back!!

Who will become the [Legend of the Sea] who catches the most fishes this time?




Saint Haven East Gate ▶ Bonus Island Fishing Ground

Saint Haven West Gate ▶ Bonus Island Fishing Ground

Saint Haven South Gate ▶ Bonus Island Fishing Ground






 What is Sea Fishing? 


Unlike Fishing in the Farm, this is a Fishing Tournament where you can only enter during the event's opening hours.


1. Characters above Level 24 who have acquired [Secondary Skill]-[Fishing Skill] can do Sea Fishing for 30 minutes in [Bonus Island Fishing Ground] for each account.

2. Fishes caught in Sea Fishing will be accumulated in the Ranking and Top 10 players who have caught the most fishes can get ranking rewards.

3. Ranking will be calculated for each season and rewards will be sent to the mailbox at 9am.


• One season is divided into 2 parts. (Please refer to the schedule for more information.)

• Each account can participate for 30 minutes in one season.


                   [Sea Fishing Timer]    





 How to Enter Sea Fishing 


You can only enter Sea Fishing from Saint Haven's South Gate. Click [Bonus Island Fishing Ground] to see more information.

You will see how full the currently available maps are, the opening hours, and the rewards you can get.

If the event is ongoing, select a Fishing Ground to enter and click [Enter] to enter the Fishing Ground.






 How to do Sea Fishing 


Any player above Level 24  who has acquired [Fishing Skill] can participate.

Just remember to bring along [Fishing Rod] and [Bait]!

Also, empty your bag to store as many fishes as you can!


* You can get [Fishing Skill] and [Fishing Equipment] from Farm Manager NPC in front of the Farming Area by doing a [Quest].


[Manual Fishing] is more efficient than [Auto Fishing] in Sea Fishing!





 What's Special About Sea Fishing 


You can catch HUGE fishes in Sea Fishing.

You will see a special effect when you catch a big Sea Fish.


* Take note!

Q : How do I know how many fishes I've caught in the current season?

A : You can see a total sum of the size of the fishes you've caught at the right hand corner of the screen.


The total size shown is only for one season and it will be initialized when a new season begins.






 Sea Fishing NPC 


You can get ranking information and buy fishing-related tools from Sea Fishing NPC Fishing King Salman located at [Saint Haven Southern Gate].





 Sea Fishing Ranking 


After talking to Fishing King Salman, select [Sea Fishing Leaderboard] to see the ranking.

Top 10 players based on the [number of fishes caught] and [total sum of the size of the fishes caught] for this season will get special rewards.


You can also buy [Fishing Rods] and [Baits] from Fishing King Salman.






 Sea Fishing Reward 


You can get one of the following items from the reward pouch from the Sea Fishing Event.

For Dragon Jade, you will get 1 random Level 90 Dragon Jade.






 Pouch From The Sea Contents 

Contents of Pouch From The Sea have changed.








The Sea Fishing Event will be accessible during the following times periods. 



Click here to go to the Bonus Sea Fishing Event, "The Hero and the Sea"!

Check out the bonus event to get more rewards!









3-2. Christmas Event!




 Changes in Town & NPC Costume 


All towns will be decorated for Christmas and NPCs will change their costumes too!

(December 2018 update to January 2019 update)


Event Planner Irine and Storyteller Kathy are waiting for you at the festive Saint Haven!






 Christmas Event Story 


Finally!!! Happy Christmas season is here☆★

But Kathy says it’s not all jingle bells and festive mood.


“Santa’s gift delivery is facing a huge challenge!

We need to help Santa.”


Santa has hired Rudolph Ducks as his helpers

but they have decided that they will not be exploited in the arduous gift delivery that has to be finished within a single night!

They have even burnt Santa’s clothes and tore his sleigh license.


What will happen to Christmas this year?





★ Christmas Event! ★


Santa has lost everything because of Rudolph Ducks

and he has nothing left now.

He won’t be able to deliver gifts to kids if you don’t help him.

Please help Santa and make sure he finishes gift delivery.




 Quest Details 


1. Event Quest

 - Level Requirements: 95

-  Quest NPC: Storyteller Kathy


2. How to Participate

 Kathy says Santa is having a hard time trying to make gift deliveries.

 Listen to Santa’s story from Kathy and help him.

 If you lend a helping hand, you can get Christmas presents from Santa.


※ The quest will progress sequentially.





 Quest Reward 


[Quest Level 1 Reward]

You can get Santa’s Gift Pouch No. 1 and Christmas Nightmare Hat.



[Quest Level 2 Reward]

You can get Santa’s Gift Pouch No. 2 and Nightmare Snowman Spirit.


   Cute Santas!




[Quest Level 3 Reward]

You can get Santa’s Gift Pouch No. 3, Christmas Nightmare Bag and Runaway Reindeer Rudolph.




 Say hello to Rudolph Duck! 


[Rudolph Duck in Dungeons!?]

- While you’re taking Christmas  Quest Level 1, hunt Rudolph Duck to get “Premium Rudolph Duck Down” which is a quest item.

- If you don’t accept the Level 1 quest, nothing will be dropped even when you kill Rudolph Duck.

- You can see your Premium Rudolph Duck Down in Inventory’s Quest tab.






★ Santa’s Getaway Stage Event ★



[Getaway Stage has opened!]

  • You can participate in Santa Orc’s Getaway Stage Event.

  • How to enter : Enter Santa Orc's Getaway from Circus Maximus
  • Level requirements : Level 95

  • Entry limit : Up to 7 times a week

  • How to play : Make Santa Orc fall and you can get [Santa Orc’s Gift Pouch]


You can get one of the following items from [Santa Orc’s Gift Pouch] 







★ Play Time Event!! ★

  • Play time event will be held from December update to 31 December.

  • Event’s Level Requirements : Level 95

   • Players who are below Level 95 cannot participate in the play time event.





When you use [Spera Pouch] and [High Grade Powerstone Pouch], you will get a random number of items. 








★ Artbook Event!! ★


  • The event will be held from December update to 31 December.

  • Event’s Level Requirements : Level 95

   • Players who are below Level 95 cannot participate in the Artbook Event. 













3-3. New Year's Event!



★ Play Time Event!! ★


  • The play time event will be held from 1 January to 8 January Scheduled Maintenance.

  • Event’s Level Requirements : Level 95

   • Players who are below Level 95 cannot participate in the play time event.




 Event Store 


You can use [2019 New Year Points] at Saint Haven’s [Storyteller Kathy]’s store to buy costumes.



New Year Gold Dog Helmet and Tail 











3-4. Others



■ Saint Haven Defence : Gorilla from the Star Ended

- Saint Haven Defence after December 2018 maintenance: Gorilla from the Star has ended and cannot be used anymore.


■ Halloween Store Closed

- Halloween Store no longer sells items.










[4] Cash Shop


4-1. Winter Costume


 December Winter Costume 


※ December Winter (Christmas) Costume Package Names:

Archnil Blue/Pink/Khaki Package, Vyle Blue/Pink/Khaki Package, Beliga Blue/Pink/Khaki Package, Nilt Blue/Pink/Khaki Package, Dimona Blue/Pink/Khaki Package, Darly Blue/Pink/Khaki Package, Kandel Blue/Pink/Khaki Package, Kato Blue/Pink/Khaki Package, Mela Blue/Pink/Khaki Package.






4-2. Christmas Treasure Box


 Icy Cold Leaf Wings/Tail/Decal 







 Cocoa Squirrel Spirit 







 Royal Deer Wirt 












[5] Web Shop


5-1. Web Shop Opening



DNSEA will now have our very own Web Shop, opening on 11th December after the December Update Patch!

You can purchase exclusive items, enjoy special deals through the Web Shop.

A Web Shop menu tab will appear on the official DNSEA website after the December Update Patch.