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EVENT [UPDATED] Event Details for February 03. Feb. 2020 Views 53247

Please have a look at the event notice and make sure you don't miss out any of the events! 

Note that the event notice could be updated at any time.





Lucky Unlimited Mission Box                                                                          New Year Sale: Conversion Weapon Package

New Year Participation & Gift Event




Ladder 4 Season Beta Event                                                                            Find GM's Cherished Item and Get Sweet Present

Skila Armour Full Set Mission Box from PM Lisa   REVISED                      High Purity Dreamy Core Pouch at Cash Shop

Valentine’s Day Gift for Dragon Nest Heroes                                                Top Up Welcome Promotion Event

Top Up Promotion Event   UPDATED 






   Ladder 4 Season Beta Event  


[Event Period]

During Ladder Season 4 /  Season 4 Schedule:  12nd Feb, 2020 ~ 23rd Feb, 2020


[Event Reward]


> Goddess's Blessing Muffin



*Please understand that as this is a Beta version of this updated Ladder system, there are further things we are working on. The Ladder event will be updated and improved.


[Reward Date]

During scheduled maintenance on 3rd March (Tue), 2020



- You can receive the reward per character basis.

- The reward will be delivered to Special Storage.

- The previous 1:1 Rank record will be updated one day after the start date of the Ladder. (13th Feb, 2020)





   Skila Armour Full Set Mission Box from PM Lisa      REVISED 

*The event name (Skila Full set Mission Box from PM Lisa) has been changed as the rewards don't contain weapons.


It's your chance to receive Skila Armour full set with just the 5 mission boxes clear!


[Event Period]

After the 11st February (Tue) Update Patch ~ until the 10th March (Tue) Update Patch starts (GMT+8)

After the 11th February (Tue) Update Patch ~ until the 17th March (Tue) Update Patch starts (GMT+8)



[Note]   REVISED 

- Mission Pouch from PM Lisa (Step 1) can be picked up by all characters’ level 95 or above, per ACCOUNT BASIS.

- Mission Pouch from PM Lisa (Step 1) is receivable via Special Storage after 11st February Update Patch.

- For online mission, the cumulative online time of the character (which received the mission box) with the mission box will be calculated.

- All step mission boxes will be deleted after 10th March Update Patch.

- All Skila items will be provided with no enhanced stats.

- All Skila Pouch rewards can be used via Storage and Server Storage, but not Special Server Storage. 

- All stages do not require a specific difficulty to clear any of the mission boxes above.





   Valentine’s Day Gift for Dragon Nest Heroes 



The Sunset Cloister Map reward as sweet as the chocolate will be given, if you just log in during the event period! It’s as simple as that!


[Event Period]

Valentine’s Day 14th February, 2020 00:00~23:59 (GMT+8)



Sunset Cloister Map (5)



- Attendance reward can be collected anytime during the event period (00:00~23:59, GMT+8)

- Reward can be received by all characters’ level 80 or above.

- Items that are not claimed and expired will not be reimbursed.





   Find GM's Cherished Item and Get Sweet Present (CLOSED)




[Event Period]

14th, February, 2020 10:30AM ~ 21st February, 2020 10:30AM (7 days, GMT+8)


[Event Mechanic]

- The quiz image will be uploaded with opening the official event Forum page. (Click to Forum Page)

- You can upload the answer from 14th February, 10:30 AM (GMT+8).

- The answer will be released at the same time as close to the event.

- Among those who write their IGN and answer correctly, GM will select randomly 3 event winners.


★TIP: How can I register the Forum and write the comment? (Click)



[Event Reward List]

- Captivated Rose Trinket (1)
- Special Recipe Premium Chocolate (20)

- Magic Wand (25)
- Hero's Gold Coin (10000)














[Reward Date]

21st, February 2020 18:00 PM (GMT+8)


[Event Winner Announcement Date]

21st February 2020 10:30 AM (GMT+8)


[The Number of Event Winner] 5



- Rewards will be given per character basis and participant character level limit is above 20.

- Not allowed to participate on behalf of other players.

- Inappropriate IGN (In-Game Name) might not be eligible to receive the rewards.

- Players who use language that encourages disputes, such as profanity or verbal abuse, may be sanctioned. (Ref. No: DN-COM-02)

★ TIP: [PM]Lisa's item has included as well. Take a guess! :)

- Hints may be added if the quiz is monitored as not clear on the way.

- GM's decision is final.



[Updated as of 21st Feb] Happy to announce the GM Event Winner!








*Please refer to the event forum page for the event quiz answer. 





   High Purity Dreamy Core Pouch at Cash Shop  


[Selling Period]

After the 11st February (Tue) Update Patch ~








   Top Up Welcome Promotion Event  


[Event Period]

After the 11st February (Tue) Update Patch ~ until the 25th February (Tue) scheduled maintenance starts (GMT+8)


[Event Mechanics]
1) The account should have already been created on 31st October 2019 or prior.
2) The first top-up history on the account should be made during the event period.
Or, the account has no charge history during 3 months (1st November, 2019 ~ 10th February 23:59, 2020), and did top up on 11st February 2020 after a long time.


[Event Reward]


> Magical Transformation Portion (Events Planner Irine)




[Reward Date]

During the scheduled maintenance on 3rd March

*The reward can be collectable for 1 week, until 10th March 2020 23:59 (GMT+8)



[Note] [Revised as of 12th Feb]

- Rewards will be given per account basis to Special Storage.

※ Rewards are NOT accumulative, but highest amount top up basis.

Ex) During the event period if you top up twice 1) 30 000 Cash, 2) 100 000 Cash, 

Tier reward for 100,000 will be given on the rewarding date.




   Top Up Promotion Event      UPDATED 

Top Up this month and receive these amazing rewards!


[Event Period]

13th February 00:00 ~ 21th February 23:59 (GMT+8)


[Event 1 Details]

> Please refer to the Patchnote for Sweet Candy W/T/D details


[Event 2 Details]

Cloister Map Bundle (x60) (1) will be given to the five users who spent the most during the event period above.


[Reward Date]

* Rewards for Event 1 and 2 will be sent out.

During the scheduled maintenance on 25th February, 2020

*The reward can be collectable for 1 week, until 3rd March 2020 23:59 (GMT+8)



※ Rewards are accumulative.

 => If you top up 200 000, total amount of reward you can receive: Love of friend Pouch (1) and Sweet Candy W/T/D



   DNP reset  

All of the DNP will be removed on 11st February during the Update Patch as a monthly DNP reset Policy. Please make sure you purchase as many items as possible with your DNP before the Update date.


Reset Date: During Update Patch on 11st February (Tue), 2020