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EVENT Event Details for November 02. Nov. 2020 Views 64329

Please have a look at the event notice and make sure you don't miss out any of the events! 

Note that the event notice could be updated at any time.






[Upgraded] Grubby Key Package                                                           Gosuk Grubby Key Promotion
Congrats, 3rd Year Anniversary!                                                            Let's Kill This Missions



Pandora's Growth Spirit Box                                                                   Black Friday Deals

[INGAME] Ultimate Gigantes Mission Box                                            Play Day Giveaway Event

Costume Design Preference Survey






   Pandora's Growth Spirit Box  


[Event Period]

After November update on November 3rd ~ (GMT+8)


Please refer to Patchnote







   Black Friday Deals  



a. Cash Consumables on Sale up to 80% during the event period

Event Period: After the 3rd November Update Patch until the December Update Patch date


Sale Items List & Discount Rate:

 Item List                                                                       Discount Rate 
Skill Up Heraldry                                                          70%
Potential Heraldry 3 Slots (90 days)                        60%
Talisman Slot Expansion Coupon (90 Days)          70%
Trading House Ticket (30 days)                               60%
Unlimited Skill Initialization Scroll (1 day)              70%
Job Change Scroll (2+3)                                            60%
Horn of Life (30 Days)                                                60%
Change Character Name Card                                  70%     (Purchase Limit: 1 per account)
Lv.95 Jumping Potion                                                70%
Premium Storage Coupon (24ea)                            60%
Adventurer Registration Application                       60%
FTG Fatigue Potion (1500)                                        80%
FTG Recovery Potion (6000)                                     80%
Mystical Magic Wand                                                 60%




▶b. Gestures released in Cash Shop

Robot Dance, Fake Juggling Dance, Monkey Dance, Cowboy Dance, Ghost Move, Gift, Crab Dance, Pretending to be a Dead, Chug-Puffs-Train Gesture, Capriole, Build a Snowman

Event Period: After the 3rd November Update Patch until the December Update Patch date





▶c. Epic Pet Package newly released

Buy 2 Epic Minions and Get One! And plus, Super Pet's Boom Boom Beverage will be included in the package (WOW!).

Event Period: After the 3rd November Update Patch until the December Update Patch date


Exchangeable Pet with Epic Pet Exchange Coupon:

 Item List                                                

Curious Conan
Wishful Flying Pengu
Blossom Sasha
Sunshine Eddie
Nana the Bear
Furry Casper
Waddling Quacky
Forry Fox



- The [Epic Pet Exchange Coupon] will be deleted during Update Patch on December 8th.
- The [Epic Pet Exchange Coupon] is not usable via Storage or tradeable.
- Super Pet's Boom Boom Beverage is not tradeable but can be moved to the Server Storage.






   [INGAME] Ultimate Gigantes Mission Box  

Please refer to Patchnote



- Mission Boxes in all stages will be all deleted during Update Patch on December 8th.






   Play Day Giveaway Event  

We are fully aware of how difficult it is to enjoy Dragon Nest due to the unstable server issue. Although we are doing our best to resolve the issue, we have prepared the event for users who are experiencing inconvenience.


[Event Period]

After the 3rd November Update Patch ~ until the December 27th 23:59 (GMT+8)


[Event Details]






   Costume Design Preference Survey  



- Please select the option you would like to be released or re-released among costumes that were already released. Please note that questions with a choice of less than three (3) total will most likely not be offered. The results of the costume design survey may determine the release month of future costume sales, so please make a more careful selection.

- But, even if a costume is selected as the best, we ask for your understanding that some costumes of recently released characters may be excluded.

(***As in the initial announcement, we wanted to target the costumes released in the last year, but for a more detailed survey, we would like to inform you that the target was changed as all costumes which were updated after Eyedentity Games re-launched.)


Among those who participate in the survey, a maximum of 100 players will be selected randomly and rewarded. Based on the selected costume design, the priority of the costume sale release may be determined in the future. 



[Event Period]
 Once the posting is up after November 25th ~ until December 9th 18:00 (GMT+8) 

[Event Rewarding Date]
 During the scheduled maintenance on December 22th (Tues) (GMT+8) 

[Event Details]
 Costume Design Preference Survey 

[Collected data]

1) Email address IGN (In Game Name)/Class

2) Vote of the all costumes which were updated after Eyedentity Games re-launched.

3) Reason for voting

4) Improvements related to the Dragon Nest costume, etc. 






1. Reward will be sent on account basis to Special Storage.
2. Reward can be received as a character level 80 or higher.
3. The number of winners may differ depending on the event achievement status.
4. The reward expiration at Special Storage is for 1 week, until December 29th (Tue) 23:59 (GMT+8).






All of the DNP will be removed on November 3rd during the Update Maintenance as a monthly DNP reset Policy. So please make sure you purchase as many items as possible with your DNP before the Update date.

Reset Date: November 3rd (Tue) 2020 During Update Patch