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EVENT Event Details for February 29. Jan. 2021 Views 42032

Please have a look at the event notice and make sure you don't miss out any of the events! 

Note that the event notice could be updated at any time.





Collect Guild Honor Coins                                                     2021 New Year Log-in Challenge                                        

Enhancing Gears!                                                                    The New Year Adventurer




FTG Discount Bonanza                                                          Conversion Special Armor Cap +1 Changes
Conversion Special Armour Limited Offer                          Keep Your Eyes on Crazy Duck
Engraving Scroll Package Deals                                           Sharing Well-Wishing Words Event
Dragon Nest Log-In Relay



   FTG Discount Bonanza  


Please refer to the event note that is previously up at here!


FTG discount event is back again! Are you tired of getting tired because your Fatigue consumed so fast? It's the time to enjoy Dragon Nest every weekend during the event period.


[Event Period]

After the January 30, Saturday 1900 HRS ~ until the March 7, Sunday 2300 HRS (GMT+8)


[Time and date]

- Time: 1900 HRS to 2300 HRS (GMT+8, SGT)

- Date: January 30 to 31 / February 6 to 7 / February 13 to 14 / February 20 to 21 / February 27 to 28 / March 6 to 7




   Conversion Special Armor Cap +1 Changes  


Check out the updated Conversion Special Armor within the Conversion Special Armor Box!


Please refer to Patchnote for the item stats.




   Conversion Special Armor Limited Offer  

[Event Period]

After Update Patch on February 2nd ~ until the March Update Patch on March 9th (GMT+8)


[Sale Item Details]




   Keep Your Eyes on Crazy Duck   



Defeat Crazy Duck appearing on stages for the chocolates that PM Lisa and Storyteller Kathy prepared for SEA players!

In addition, a Stolen chocolate, which can be obtained after killing Crazy Duck, allows to exchange the gifts they prepared at the Storyteller Kathy store.


[Event Period]
After Update Patch on February 2, Tuesday ~ until the March Update Patch on March 9, Tuesday (GMT+8)
* The event store closes after Update Patch on April 6, Tuesday (GMT+8)


[Event Details]
a. Defeat Crazy Duck appearing on stages at certain percentage 
b. Get Stolen chocolate items at 100 percentage from defeating Crazy Duck
c. Exchange items from Storyteller Kathy




- Crazy Duck will appear at a certain probability in any stage
- Please note that we are unable to move the acquired items.
- [Stolen chocolate] items can be acquired until the March Update Patch.
- The event shop will be closed during the Update Patch on April 6, Tuesday.
- The event is available with characters from level 1 to 95.




   Engraving Scroll Package Deals  


[Event Period]

After Update Patch on February 2, Tuesday ~ until the March Update Patch on March 9, Tuesday (GMT+8)



1) DNP is not available to purchase the item.




   Sharing Well-Wishing Words Event  


To celebrate the new year, a Sharing Well-Wishing Words event to tell your friends will be held.

All those who participated will receive a Fashion Cap reward, a symbol of the year of the cow. We will give additional special rewards to the selected 3 players who wrote with their heart!


[Event Period]

After Facebook post is up on February 11, Thursday ~ February 18, Thursday 2359 HRS (GMT+8, 1 week)  


[Reward Date]

During the scheduled maintenance on February 23, Tuesday (GMT+8)

* The reward expiration at Special Storage is for 1 week, until March 2, Tuesday 2359 HRS (GMT+8).


> DN Fashion Cap



- Event rewards will be sent through a special storage during the scheduled maintenance on February 23, Tuesday.
- Rewards will be sent on a per-account basis, but it can only be received through a level 95 character.
- In the case of using explicit sexual expressions, swear words, profanity, and slang words that may cause general disgust, the in-game account may be restricted.
- If the tagged friend's IGN does not actually exist on DN SEA, the participanhts may be excluded from the winner list.
- The tagged friend's IGN doesn't include GM/PM accounts.




   Dragon Nest Log-In Relay  


You can get all the rewards below by just logging in Dragon Nest everyday! Dragon Nest login relay has started!

[Event Period]

February 11, Thursday 0000 HRS ~ Febraury 25, Thursday 2359 HRS (GMT+8)



[Event Note]
- Rewards will be given ACCOUNT BASIS to your Special Storage.
- Each day’s reward will be collectible during the 0000 HRS ~ 2359 HRS (GMT+8) time period.
- Rewards will be collectible for character with a level 95 character.
- Rewards that are not collected and have expired will not be resent or reimbursed.





All of the DNP will be removed on during the March Update Maintenance as a monthly DNP reset Policy. So please make sure you purchase as many items as possible with your DNP before the Update date.

Reset Date: During Update Patch on March 9th