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EVENT Event Details for March (Updated as of March 23rd) 05. Mar. 2021 Views 48431

Please have a look at the event notice and make sure you don't miss out any of the events! 

Note that the event notice could be updated at any time.







FTG Discount Bonanza                                                          Conversion Special Armor Cap +1 Changes
Conversion Special Armour Limited Offer                          Keep Your Eyes on Crazy Duck
Engraving Scroll Package Deals                                        






Unlimited Box to Help You Grow                                          Vernika's Treasure Box Promotion
Happy Dragon Nest Hours                                                     VIP Accessory Box Changes
The first Top Up Promotion Event                                        Spring Extravaganza






   Unlimited Box to Help You Grow  


Unlimited boxs with updated rewards are back with March update!


The more you play, the better the rewards! Don't miss out the great chance!




[Event Period]

After Update Patch on March 9, 2021 (Tues) ~ until the Update Patch starts on April 6 (GMT+8)



[Event Detals]   *Select one of three mission boxes below  

The box is open once every 7 World Daily Tasks are completed!





- You can receive only one Unlimited Box of three boxes per account.
- You can start the mission box event anytime during the event period. But, all of the unlimited mission box will be deleted after April Update Patch.
- Unlimited Box can be received from Special Storage as a level 95 character.
- We cannot assist you with moving items after you have received them, so please be sure to pick up the box as the character you want to open.








   Vernika's Treasure Box Promotion  



[Event Period]

After Update Patch on March 9, 2021 (Tues) ~ until the March 26, 2021 (Tues) 23:59 (GMT+8)





> [Hero] Sweet Love Vernicka




[Reward Date]

During the scheduled maintenance on March 30, 2021 (Tues)



- The reward expiration at Special Storage is for 1 week, until April 6 (Tues) 23:59 (GMT+8).
- Rewards are accumulative per account.
=> Total amount of reward you can receive:
[Hero] Sweet Love Vernicka (1), two items out of Sweet Love Vernicka Wings/Tail/Decal/Necklace/Spirit








   Happy Dragon Nest Hours  


Enhancement rate boosting is back! The boosting event will be affected only 2 days, don't forget to log in and check if your gears are waiting for you to be enhanced!


Enhancement Rate will be increasing +20% during the event period.


- Event Period: 10th to 12th March 20:00 ~ 24:00 (12 hours)








   VIP Accessory Box Changes  



  Updated as of March 9 


We are sorry to inform you that we will temporarily postpone the start of the item sales.

▶ Event Link :




(It is the same as the March Patchnote.)



Prime Hammers updated to VIP Accessory Box!



[Event Period]

After March update on March 9, Tuesday, 2021 ~ until the April Update (GMT+8)


[What to do with the box?]

1) VIP Accessory Box will be available at Cash Shop after the March Update Patch on March 9, Tuesday 2021!

2) Each time a VIP accessory box is opened, one of six components of [Composed VIP Accessory Box Item List] below is provided.



3) When gauge point is full 100%, you will receive a VIP Accessory Exchange Coupon that is exchangeable as one of Argenta/Geraint Accessories or Hammers.




[How to make a Prime Accessory?]




1. Purchase a Prime Hammer with a VIP Accessory Exchange Coupon you have already earned from [VIP Accessory Box] item.




2. To make a Gold/Silver Dragon accessory to a Prime accessory, right-click a VIP Accessory Exchange Coupon.




3. If you wish to change your Gold / Silver Dragon accessory to an updated Prime accessory, click [Change].





[Status - Prime Dragon Accessory]

- Prime Dragon Accessory can be evolved by using a Prime Hammer to Gold / Silver Accessory. (Set effect will be applied)










   The first Top Up Promotion Event  



[Event Conditions]

1) The account should have already been created on March 9th 2021 or prior.
2) The first top-up history on the account should be made during the event period.



[Event Period]

After Update Patch on March 9, 2021 (Tues) ~ until the Update Patch starts on April 6, 2021 (Tues) (GMT+8)


[Reward Details]



> [Gesture] Heart of Love



[Reward Date]

During the scheduled maintenance on April 13 (Tues) 2021 (GMT+8)


1) The reward will be sent per ACCOUNT BASIS to Special Storage.
2) The reward expiration at Special Storage is for 1 week, until April 20 (Tue) 23:59 (GMT+8).








   Spring Extravaganza  




(Click to Bingo page)



[Event Period] 
- After the scheduled maintenance on March 23 ~ until the Update Patch on May 11 (GMT+8, 49 Days) 
* The event page is open until May 25 09:59 (GMT+8)  

[Event Details]
1. 'Event Webcoin' 1ea will be given once you clear any one of the stages. 
2-1. Use required numbers of Webcoins to select the bingo number that you prefer. 
2-2. Use 2 Webcoins to have a random number, and obtain the rewards if it is still unopened. Please try again if you get a duplicate number, and good luck! 
3. Selected bingo number/reward will be sent out directly to your Special Storage. 




[Bingo Details] (Update as of 23rd March)




























[How to check your coin history?]


1. Click the plus button after login into the page.










2. Pop-up windows will be shown accordingly.















1. The event will be done by account basis. (Rewards will also be sent by account basis) 
2. The character level limit for receiving event rewards is 80-95
3. You can earn up to 10 web coins per day / But, no limit on using web coins per day. 
4. All event rewards are non-tradable. 
5. The event reward expiration date at Special Storage is May 25 09:59. (GMT+8).
6. When you have all bingo lines completed, you cannot re-participate in the event. 
Stage clear history is based on data from 00:00 a.m. to 23:59 p.m. the next day, and the data will be reset at 7:05 a.m. (GMT+8) every day.

7. We highly recommend all players to receive the rewards in less crowded channels or towns where other players are not crowded as much as possible especially peak hours.








All of the DNP will be removed on during the March Update Maintenance as a monthly DNP reset Policy. So please make sure you purchase as many items as possible with your DNP before the Update date.

Reset Date: During Update Patch on March 9, 2021