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EVENT [Updated] Event Details for April 01. Apr. 2021 Views 30317

Please have a look at the event notice and make sure you don't miss out any of the events! 

Note that the event notice could be updated at any time.







Unlimited Box to Help You Grow                                                  Spring Extravaganza

VIP Accessory Box Changes                                                        The first Top Up Promotion Event 






Moonlight Mission Box                                                                  April Login Hot Time Event

Weekly Special Reward is Back                                                    Enhancing Gears! Season II UPDATED

Gosuk Grubby Key Promotion                                                       Oath Scroll Promotion







Moonlight Mission Box




[Event Period]


After Update Patch on April 6, 2021, ~ until May 11, 2021 Update Patch starts (GMT+8)




[Event Details]








-The Mission box (Lv.1) will be distributed to all accounts in the SEA server and can claim it with level 95 character.

- You can start the mission box event anytime during the event period. But, all mission box regardless of level will be deleted after May Update Patch.

-For Daily Missions, Special Missions (eg. Co-op), Stage, and Nest clear, mission achievement is counted based on the character holding the mission box.
- We cannot assist you with moving items after you have received them, so please be sure to pick up the box as the character you want to open.








April Login Hot Time Event



You can get all the rewards below by just logging in Dragon Nest everyday! Dragon Nest login relay has started!



[Event Period]


The first & second week of April:

Saturday ~ Sunday 00:00 ~ 23:59 PM (GMT+8)


The Third & Fourth week of April, first week of May:

Friday ~ Sunday 00:00 ~ 23:59 PM (GMT+8)




[Event Details]







- Rewards will be given ACCOUNT BASIS to your Special Storage.
- Each day’s reward will be collectible during the 00:00 HRS ~ 23:59 HRS (GMT+8) time period.
- Rewards will be collectible for characters with a level 95 character.
- Rewards that are not collected and have expired will not be resent or reimbursed.






Weekly Special Reward is Back




[Event Period]


After finish April Update patch ~ before start May Update Patch





[Event Details]



※ Over the event period, you can get the following special event rewards by clearing weekly mission, Storm of Time, and Space.

※ Dimension Stone (Gale, 1day) (1), High-Grade Alliance Attack Elixir (5)











-Only level 95 characters can participate in this event.









Enhancing Gears! Season II




[Event Period]

After April Update Patch on April 6 ~  before start April 13 scheduled maintenance
*usable for 1 month until coupons are received*




[Package Contents]




High Grade Strengthening Package :

7 times purchasing limit per account ->3 times purchasing limit per account



*Enhancing Gears! Season 1 Package Contents







- DNP will not be usable to purchase the product.
- Package Coupon will be sent out during April Update (6th April) to your Special Storage. And it will be collectible for 1 week, until 13th April, 2021 23:59 (GMT+8).
- If you right-click the coupon, it will direct you to "Sale List" in Cash Shop. Then you are ready to purchase the package with sale price as long as you have the coupon.
- The package coupon itself can be used for 1 month, after it is received.
  For example,
  If you received the coupon on 6th April, 2021 16:00 (GMT+8), it will be expired on 5th May, 2021 16:00 (GMT+8).







Gosuk Grubby Key Promotion




[Event Period]

- After April Update patch ~ before the start, 11th May Update Patch starts (GMT+8)





[Event Details]

- Purchase a grubby key with EYET during the event period and get the special rewards!






[Reward Date]

- Reward will be sent during the 18 May Scheduled Maintenance (GMT+8)





- This promotion is based on charge (top-up) EYET only.

- Rewards will be given by account basis and available to participate 1 time.

- Rewards that are not claimed and expired will not be reimbursed.

- Promotion rewards are accumulative.

- Rewards are collectible until May 25th, 2021 23:59 (GMT+8)







Oath Scroll Promotion



Welcome to spring and make an Oath with your loved one! A total of 2 oath packages are available at up to 26% off!



[Sale Period]

6th April (Tue) after Update Patch ~ 11th May (Tue) Update Patch starts (1 Month, GMT+8)



[Package Details]