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COLUMN Come to My Dragon Nest - Yuyuie 22. Jul. 2021 Views 267




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Q1. Please introduce yourself with your IGN.  





I am Yuyuie that really clumsy sniper who walks around the map inspecting others equipment just so that i could admire how much they have farmed. 
















Q2. Please explain what made you play Dragon Nest!    







Imagine it was 2013, you're in the classroom , class just ended and your 2 bestfriends ask you to come with them to the internet cafe. you sit down and they tell you "play dragon nest". helping you  to register and you did. But that very moment you logged in and created your character... you were immersed into that fast paced adventure, you feel the adrenalin kicking in , where each and every nest you go into was a puzzle where you learn, that fantasy you could only watch in television, you were in it. every single day during class all you talk to your friends about were mechanics on each nest and how to conquer them. Each week you had to reach for that entry cap in the nest to farm and create your gear. Everyday was a yearn to login and start that adventure.

That was what it was for me. Dragon Nest took me into that boundless fast paced adventure where no other games could've.


















Q3. Do you have the best moments while playing Dragon Nest?    






Yes, the moments where you run with your guildmates and get one hit KO'd by the mechanic but all of you laugh and tell each other " we'll get em next time" .












Q4. If you have your own know-how to enjoy Dragon Nest even more, please share! 






Always play with friends, add some strangers into the party. as the saying goes " if you want to go fast, go alone . If you want to go far, go together."