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Q1. Please introduce yourself with your IGN.  






Hello fellow Dragon Nest players, I'm Klausve, an old returned player, despite the years that i haven't played dragon nest, im still expecting to meet my OLD Dragon nest friends. you know, i starteg playing dragon nest when i was 15 years old, and i have met a lot of friends from the game. and again, even by having just a slight chance of meeting them again, im still hoping to see them because they're the one that made my Life really better when i was depressed.















Q2. Please explain what made you play Dragon Nest!    





I wan't to share this because i wan't other people know that this game, isn't JUST only a GAME. For some of us, mostly with Family Problems, Stress, Anxiety, DEPRESSION and etc.


This beautiful Game became our way to escape the hardness and rudeness of the reality, we run and play this game just to feel better, we play this game, to get our time pass more faster just to make ourselves feel lesser pain brought by the reality. And this game, really helped me to relieve the Depression that has consuming me all through time.


Before, i came to the point that, i don't want to wake up, because everything is a mess, that i have no goals, i have no will, i have no friends, i have nothing. but when i saw this game, i gave it a try, and by then, i loved it. You know, typical role playing game, where i can change myself, i can control my world, i can do whatever i want to my very own character without judgement. and i got really addicted.


Months after, i have met a lot of people in this game, Good, Bad, Neutral, Horny, Crazy, Funny, and including Depressed people like me. We got to know ourseleves, give ourselves some life advice, we sometimes comfort ourselves when we are on a brink of exploading. 

The thing is, this game made me realize that i am not alone, that even tho some people telling us that it's JUST a game, FOR ME, IT WASN'T, this game literally making me see and meet a lot of people and different scenarios. That's when i know that i'm hooked up, and will surely never forget this game's existance.















Q3. Do you have the best moments while playing Dragon Nest?    






I really do have a lot of best moments while playing. I did learn how to communicate to other people, im a very Introverted person back then, but this game taught me how to speak to other people. By creating Team Strategy on how are we going to defeat bosses in Dungeons and Nest, on how are we going to level up faster, some tips and tricks to make ourselves get stronger everyday. We definitely help each other out through this game with the with Respect, Trust, and Discipline.



I also had a mentor from China, his IGN back then was ShinkuOuma, he was a Moonlord and i was a Filipino player lvl32 Engineer class back in 2015, i also have our picture saved in my albums if you want to see. Before anything else, he is one of my wishes when i came back to this game, i want to find him, and thank him for one last time. He helped me when no one wanted to, he's there boosting my level for free, he also give me items and heroes back then without expecting anything in return. 















Q4. If you have your own know-how to enjoy Dragon Nest even more, please share! 






You can enjoy anything, when you put your HEART into it. Play with smile, full of love and understanding, always try to be nice, because as i said a while ago, i was a depressed player back then, came to this game and changed. Always try to be nice to other people because we don't know the battle that they're facing through. Respect, Understand, Discipline and LOVE everyone, and in a glimpse of gaming you will just feel enjoyement and you can resonate it to other player as well. That's all. Thank you so much. Hope some of you can relate to my story. Again, i'm Klausve, an OLD Returend Player from 2015. <3 <3 Love everyone.