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COLUMN Come to My Dragon Nest - YuinaIce 01. Sep. 2021 Views 303










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Q1. Please introduce yourself with your IGN.  
















Q2. Please explain what made you play Dragon Nest!    







My brother invited me to play dragon nest! And I am totally hook up with it. I remember playing DN during Level 24 cap! And it is really nostalgic and intense already! 















Q3. Do you have the best moments while playing Dragon Nest?    






Yes of course! My best moments while playing dragon nest is when DN releases the Character’s Second Job and their respective EX skills! My “gamer self” grind all my characters that I have to level 60 to tryout those new flashy skills!!! And its awesome!! 😁















Q4. If you have your own know-how to enjoy Dragon Nest even more, please share! 





Enjoying your own pace in playing dragon nest is my number one priority! Because of that, even though dragon nest is pretty long on its run (Player since 2011 here) the new contents that DN releases keeps me excited as well as to engage more in the game!