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COLUMN Come to My Dragon Nest - Izerioun 01. Sep. 2021 Views 622









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Q1. Please introduce yourself with your IGN.  








Hi, I am known as Izerioun, the most hardworking Sting Breezer in Lagendia.










Q2. Please explain what made you play Dragon Nest!    







Well, It was funny actually since I never really thought back then, that I would be able to play Dragon Nest since I just found about it during a playthrough of my friend, and it was very complicated to understand with so many keys to press, but as soon as I tried it out, I started being panicky, or I would be scared to go alone in a dungeon, and would invite a random player to join my party begging them to go with me because I can't do this alone, as the day goes by I never realized that I was hooked in the game, not just because I had to, because it was a reliever of stress for me, whenever I feel bad, or gloomy, playing Dragon Nest was a distraction for me to not feel down.


















Q3. Do you have the best moments while playing Dragon Nest?    








Of course, the best moments in playing Dragon Nest is most likely the thrill of cooperating with a party or a raid party, helping one another to survive a stage, healing teammates, teaching the mechanics of a nest/dungeons, these things brings out our inner helpfulness not just towards other players but also to ourselves which makes us feel like we are living the best moments during gaming in Dragon Nest.

















Q4. If you have your own know-how to enjoy Dragon Nest even more, please share! 





Yes, Dragon Nest isn't just a game of grinding materials/equipments or slaying monsters and stuff, but a way of connecting with other players throughout the globe, forming friendship or alliance you never knew that you could obtain in an MMORPG, and that kind of reward is irreplaceable than any amount of gold you obtain in grinding.