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COLUMN Come to My Dragon Nest - QunnGunn 14. Sep. 2021 Views 449






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Q1. Please introduce yourself with your IGN.  







Hi this is QunnGunn, a Inquisitor of the Guild Asmodeus. Just came back after 2 month of rest and hoping to go all th way.











Q2. Please explain what made you play Dragon Nest!    









Dragon nest is the best MMORPG for me to date. I've played many games like it,but it suites me the best. It's medieval,futuristic setup and the raiding concepts captivates me and of course, the community. It's amazing that you meet new people, laugh, cry with them, and then the next thing you know can't live with them. I've played dragonest since 16 max, hence the beta stages, and I've seen how dragonest progressed, good or bad, made me quit a couple of times, but it's the only game that made me come back every time I left. For me, the best thing about dragonest is having a family, that sticks with you thick and thin. 












Q3. Do you have the best moments while playing Dragon Nest?    







It was way back 70 max(I can't remember the year or month). I was helping with my brother leveling up the guild by recruiting new members for the guild exp (that was the time when you need to run dungeons/nest with guildmates to lvl up the guild) I was just having a normal time helping newbies and then I met her. She was just another player for me to help grinding levels, going with her in dungeons for the guild exp, until we got closed personally. I remember it clearly that she was getting bullied by my other guildmates because she walks slow towards the portal and is constantly going AFK, But I found it really cute how she reacts with just smiles and puts it all off. Then after that I decided to help her all the way, not just leveling,but with gears also. We grinded, talk- like a lot!, Laugh, and curse the admins for trash events (it was addison kang at that time) and it was the best.  Until such time I eventually ask her to be my girlfriend ( yes I ask her out) and she said yes! It was my happiest moment in Dragonest. After that moment going with her grinding isn't the same as before, the talks getting cheesier in every moment, just like lovers do(haha). Our fav spot talking/spending time with was outside the house on lotus marsh town. It was the best, but happy moments don't lasts forever. One day, she stopped logging in, without any reason or notice, I tried reaching her fb but no reply. After that moment I decided to take a rest( My first leave), but eventually came back 80 max. And that's all 😊 thanks for reading till this far☺️☺️.

P.S if this gets posted my IGN before was SHARanne06, hoping that she might be playing again and remembers this ign. 














Q4. If you have your own know-how to enjoy Dragon Nest even more, please share! 








It's not that "Good" but after all my experience in Dragonest I can only say one thing, If you ever feel burned out about the game, berlin breaking you gears, not getting your desired enhancements, wasted all mats for enhancing, and not getting tombs,or any heartbreaks on the game, PLEASE remember that there's always tommorow, maybe today is not your day and God is just testing you. Who knows tommorow could be it 😊 so just stay cool on town or grind your ass off in nests/dungeons 🤣 peace ✌️