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COLUMN Come to My Dragon Nest - M1koSakura 22. Nov. 2021 Views 498










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Q1. Please introduce yourself with your IGN.  





















Q2. Please explain what made you play Dragon Nest!    







First time I played Dragon Nest was because of my friend who introduced it. That time should be around Sea Dragon Nest era. Though we are not really hardcore players, hence it get bored over time because all we do was dungeon and nests but not raids. And there weren't many events back then. After that I joined a guild, and that's where the fun begins. I have quit Dragon Nest few years back and just came back about a month ago, the main reason I came back is because of Genshin Impact. When I saw that game, I was thinking that if I wanna play that game, won't it be better to just go back Dragon Nest? And at that moment, I have a kick to go back to Dragon Nest just to experience again the fun moments of playing with guildmates and going raids with guildmates. 




















Q3. Do you have the best moments while playing Dragon Nest?    








As how I keep mentioning about guildmates in Q2, I would have to say the best moments were when playing with guildmates. Doesn't matter whether it is just doing quests together or going raids or just kicking each other asses in PVP, we always have laughter. Those undoubtedly are the best moments. As I have only return to Dragon Nest recently, I have joined a new guild as my old guild was considered disband (all mates had quit). Hopefully I can have more best moments in Dragon Nest with my new guildies :3 And also hoping Dragon Nest would give more awesome freebies as getting freebies are on of the best moments for all players, ain't it? xD















Q4. If you have your own know-how to enjoy Dragon Nest even more, please share! 






I do think one way to really enjoy Dragon Nest is to have friends. By joining a guild can really make a lot of friends. Friends that you are close to even after being offline. From gaming friends to real life friends. Without friends in Dragon Nest, it would be dull just to play by yourself or go with public party. If you are an introvert like me, going public will definitely not be our choice. So try to break out of the shell and join a guild. You will see some guildmates are very friendly to newbies/returnees :3 And never be shy to ask those pros/old players on any advises while playing/gearing, cause they are a lot more knowledgeable than any newbies would do.